Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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I walked into the nursery den, where all expecting mothers go too. I see a little dark ashes fur pup by himself on some soft leaf bedding. I smiled softly and trotted to him, the little pup wiggles and cried softly, “Hello little pup, the name is Phoenix, and I’m here to tell you little one of a story,” I say in a soft gentle voice as if not to scare the little pup.

“And this story is unlike any other, and it’s a young girl on a journey to prove her worth to her own kind. But it doesn’t start off there. It starts off how her life began. With her parents on the run from the people from the Deathly Fear Camp, it starts off with my father,”
Today is my daughter's first birthday. A birthday was supposed to be amazing a time where you getting gifts, but at las no..., something terrible is happening. They found me, they found us. I'm running as fast as I can, I glance back to see a young women huffing slowly. I paused to wait for her to catch up.

"Come on Lily, we're almost to your sister's house," I say my back pressed against a tree.

"I-I can't...take our child and go," Lily says to me and giving me a small baby brunette girl in my arms. My eyes widened. I look up for the beautiful baby in my arms.

"I-I can't leave—" I started to say, but then was cut off by Lily.

"I SAID GO! I’ll hold them off," She screamed at me, while taking out two silver gun out of her thigh holsters. I took off running, holding tight to the bundle of joy we created.

I kept running and running not stopping for a second, and then I heard bangs of guns going off. I stopped and turned around with my eyes widened. Tears threaten to fall from my face.

They killed her. They kiLLED HER. I thought over and over again. I forgot all about what I was running from and looked down at the crying baby.

I snapped out of my daze and continued to run threw the forest.

I was in the small city near the forest now. The sun slowly was coming up from the horizon. The light was so beautiful, so breathe taking. I look down at the baby in my arms.

It's alright princess, Daddy's got you. He won't let you get hurt. I promise you that.

I saw Lily's sisters house coming into view. As soon as I reach the porch and was about to knock on the door, I heard a gun cock. I froze, I was absolutely still.

"Beto my friend give me the child and I'll let you live," said the voice behind me, I knew that voice all to well. It used to be a friendly voice a person he could trust.

Setting down the baby on the front porch of Lily's sister, Agatha's, house and knocked on the door lightly.

I kneel down to my baby girl and smile softly, "I'm sorry baby girl, I could only have saved you this far. I'm sorry what fate I brought a pond you. Please forgive me," I say in a low whisper to her and kissed her forehead.

I stood up and turned towards the men who wanted to kill my baby girl, my princess, my only child. I stepped off the porch and looked at the one who was talking to me, I began to smirk.

"I can't wait to see you rotting in hell," I say and began charging at him ready to shift.

He wore a blank expression, "So be it," he says before aiming the gun at my heart and pulled the trigger. Before everything went black, I could see my beautiful baby girl being taken inside.

Take care my little angel.
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