Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 18: To Win Battles Doesn’t Mean To Win War

My jaw snapped around his neck and quickly snapped it. Caesar's body shifted into a young tanned woman.

Dammit! A witch!

"You really think it'll be that easy to kill me? Well your very unfortunate in this situation," Caesar voice echoed around the camp.

Everything was silent till a loud screech came from in front of us.

"Bottom Feeders!"

The smell of rotting flesh hit my nose before the sight of the Bottom Feeders coming out from the shrubs.

They had silver armor on them making it harder to find an opening to seize fire on them. Witches, Warlocks, Hunters, Werewolves, Trolls, and even fox shifters.

I hurled myself to the Bottom Feeder on my right, jumping on its back trying to dig my claws into the armor it had on not caring for the sizzling that came from my paws as it touched the silver armor.

It's neck was long enough to turn all the way around stare straight in my eyes.

It started to snap at me, I quickly snapped my jaws around the top of its snout bringing it down with me.

It fell towards the forest ground trying to release itself from my hold. It made nasty animalistic growls and whimpers.

I brought my paw towards its open neck and dug my claws in to it. It started to trash vigorously and bright red crimson blood oozed out of its neck. It slowed down its thrashing till it came to a stop.

I released my hold on the Bottom Feeder and looked up blood dripping down my chin.

Hank had shifted back into human form with only a pair a sweats on and machete's in hand. He was back to back with Lukas who held a cleaver in his hand.

"Don't you love it that I wanted to be a cook when I was younger? I sure am or I wouldn't have gotten a cleaver on me! To your left," Lukas yelled out laughing lightly, Hank only rolled his eyes at his brother's lame joke.

"Oh come on! It was funny! Don't tell me you—ew! Got evil werewolf blood in my mouth! Ew!"

I ran towards a larger battle fight and continuing to help out.

A Hunter's blade wizzed pass me almost cutting off my snout.

I looked up to see where it had come from, an older man with grey streaks in his black curly short hair was in a throwing position. He looked to be the one who threw it. He had glasses that were at the edge of his crooked nose.

I growled and was about to run towards him and about to pounce but stopped when Chela appeared out of the blue and tackled him.

His eyes widened, "¡¿Chela?! ¿Es tu? ¿Cómo has girado?"

"¿Por qué crees que mamá tuvo que irse? ¡Era un hombre lobo antes de matarla!"

"¡No! ¡Tu es no hija de mío! ¡Eres un niña del demonio!"

"Bueno, entonces no tengo problema en matar a mi padre—perdon queria decir desconocido. Después de todo lo que me hiciste así, me hiciste un demonio. Adiós Abraham," with that she jerked his head sideways quickly ending his life.

Chela turned to me nodding slightly. I stared at her and mouthed a 'sorry'. She again nodded and ran off to help the others.

I jumped over the dead body and continued to run across the camp. Cathal was on top of Caesar pressing against his head hard to the ground. He growled in Caesar's ear lowly. Cathal opened his jaws and snapping it around Caesar's face ripping his head off his shoulders.

Again, like the other body was transformed to a person, this time an older man. Cathal growled in frustration.

He's not in the fight. That coward

What do you expect from him? Let himself do the dirty work

I ran up to him, "How many have you killed that looked like him?" I looked around him seeing a bunch of dead bodies with no heads, some with no limbs.

"Over seven, I'm starting to think he isn't even here," Cathal growled angrily.

"The spell he was doing! Maybe he went to complete it! Bastard," I yelled, I was about to run to where the fire was but was stopped when the fire grew higher.

"What the hell," Cathal murmured.

The ground beneath my paws shook as something heavy took a step towards us. I looked up trying to see past the wall of blazing fire. A large claw like paw went threw the fire wall. A big wolf dragon hybrid came to view.

"What the fuck is that! Did Godzilla have a niece," Lukas screeched.

"Not a what but a who," Caesar's voice appeared behind the leg of the hybrid. "All though this is not the myth story Lycaon first ever werewolf, no, this was the first ever wolf dragon hybrid."

I'll be sure to attend your funeral

You do realize if I die you die to right

Eh we are a halfbreed so I'll take my chances

"How did a wolf mate with a dragon?!? That's my question!"

"Lukas it's not the time right to freak out," Cristina said.

The wolf dragon hybrid brought down its head snapping up some werewolves and a few hunters, it tilted its head back eating them up. A few screams were heard as it ate them.

I stared at it with wide eyes. "Everyone run," I yelled out run away from Lycaon. Everyone ran away from Lycaon even most of Caesar's followers.

Lycaon let out a deep mellow roar shaking the trees and stuff around it. I saw a burning large tree that was a thick and a few feet bigger then Lycaon.

"Where's the Gammas and pups," I asked running beside Cathal.

"In the den nursery, underground. They're safest there. Why," Cathal huffed out.

"Needed to make sure they were safe before doing this," I replied. Before he could ask I sprinted towards Lycaon.

"Phoenix! No," I heard Cathal screaming at me.

I leaped over fallen trees and weaves around the fire patches. Lycaon roared again taking another step. Its body was still in the fire and not close enough to the burning up tree.

"Hey! Giant lizard! Over here," I yelled at Lycaon. It turned its head down to me and snarled showing me its pearly white teeth. "Yeah you didn't your mother teach you to play nice with others?! Well this isn't really playing nice!"

Lycaon roared and started to keep a steady pace towards me. Good just a little closer.

Lycaon's paw, claw whatever it's called, stepped onto one of the burning tents and it roar again in triumph. Yeah right, like you won.

As Lycaon was busy roaring I ran to the burning tree putting my forelegs on the burning bark. I leaned back on my hind legs and bringing my body back to the tree ramming myself to it. I heard the tree breaking ever so slightly each time. At my fourth attempt the tree finally gave way and began to fall down.

Lycaon stopped its roaring and looked above to see the tree falling down towards it. Lycaon opened its jaws trying to grab the falling tree in mid air but was unsuccessful as gravity pulled Lycaon to the ground as well. Its and the trees body hitting the ground made the earth shake to its core.

I sprinted towards Lycaon's head and tried to claw at its neck but it's hide was to thick to pierce with just claws.

I heard yelling howling and thundering of paws and feet on the ground running in my direction. I looked at where the noise was and saw a sea full of werewolves from my camp with weapons in hand going to Lycaon's fallen body readying to pierce its hide.

I stepped back away from the body and looked around to still see people fighting and bringing others down with them. Blood was spattered everywhere along with ash from the dead trees and ground.

I spotted a shadow leaving the fight and decided to follow it. I kept a steady pace away from it. Close enough to not lose it but far enough where they aren't able to see me.

The shadow stopped moving and brought down their hood. I was shocked on who I saw underneath it.


"My love, my moon, my star, my sky, so glad you can make it," the chilling voice, I grew to knew said.

"Caesar, what do you want, why did you ask of me" Moon asked.

There was a pause, I shifted myself on where I was crouching so I could see Caesar's face as well. For the first time it didn't hold anger or an evil smirk. It held a sad sorrowful smile.

"Oh how long I've wait to see you again," Caesar said, he took a step towards Moon, she took a step back.

" are a bastard! How could you ruin the lives of so many! Even brought back that-that monster! Why! Why did you do all those things," Moon yelled. Caesar face held pride as he stood up tall.

"Yes my glorious victories. Just imagine when we wipe out all the halfbreeds, hunters, and humans, we can rule it all! I would be the king...and you my queen. You my love were meant to stand by me to be my right hand man. To stick with me threw all eternity. We will be unstoppable," Caesar explained. He was now holding her hands softly.

Moon ripped her hands out of his hold. "So this was what all of this was about, huh? You couldn't stand to be below an Alpha so you want to rule all of earth? That. Is. Insane! Why couldn't you just be happy on how things were?! Why must you always get your pride, hatred in the way of happiness! We could've raised a beautiful pup together! But no she was raised by an evil father that went around sleeping with whoever would spread their legs for him!"

Moon paused holding herself quietly, "I loved, love you Caesar. And for whatever damned reason I can't stop loving you, and I hate it. Just...leave me be," Moons voice cracked.

As she was about to turn away Caesar grabbed her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Moon melted into his embrace. Caesar got a syringe and poked it threw her arm. She gasped and leaned back to look at him with wide eyes.

Caesar petted her head softly. "My love I knew you'd say no, but don't worry I'll make you forget about all the bad things I've done, you'll soon fall in love with me again and you will be my queen for ever and always. You were meant to rule these stupid world," he whispered softly to her.

Moon soon fainted in his arms. "You done watching the show Phoenix," Caesar asked. Two other werewolves came into the area got Moon and walked away with her.

"Who knew the serpent had a heart," I sneered coming out of my hiding spot.

"Who knew the bird had a brain," Caesar calmly came back.

"What's your game?"

"If I told you it wouldn't be fun now would it. Then again you are as dull as your father, never wanting to know why something would always happen."

I growled at his response. "Don't talk about my father like that. You two were friends."

His expression turned sour. "Key word were, him going with that Hunter made our friendship gone. I told him not to but he did anyways, he knew how I felt about hunters but he still went behind my back to be with her that fiend."

Caesar came closer to me with his hands behind his back, I took a slight step back. "And he didn't put much of a fight when he died."

He pulled his hands out from where they were slicing across my face. From above my eye over my eye, over my snout and the other side of my mouth.

I yelped in pain as the wound was deep.

He chuckled darkly. "Now that will leave a scar to remember now would it. Along with the one in your heart with that 'mate' of yours. What was his name, Angel? Started with an N," he pretended to think and snapped his fingers. "Ah I remember Nicolas! He tried to defend you but of course he died along with everyone you love."

I leaped towards him trying to go for his neck. He simply side stepped and shifted to a large wolf almost as large as Cathal's. His fur was ash colored with his crimson eyes glowing brighter as ever.

"You'll have to try harder then that to kill me!"

He charged at me and quickly grabbed my scruff and throwing me backwards to the tree my back hitting it. I groaned in pain but quickly got up.

I leaped onto his back digging my claws into his back snarling and bitting him hard. He rolled over making his large body weight on top of me. I let go quickly as it was hard for me to breath.

I was more beat up and cut up. I huffed and got back on to my paws legs shaking.

"Say your last good bye pup," Caesar sneered he advanced towards me reading to kill me with one snap of his jaws.

I was ready to fight him off when Chela jumped over me and onto Caesar's snout.

"Come on amiga! On your feet, paws, whatever you want to call them! Get too it! Get—," Chela stopped. She looked down wide eye. Her stomach was impaled with an old pipe.

My eyes watered up. "No!"

She dropped sideways onto the ground.

Caesar licked the blood off his lips, "She was getting on my last nerves."

I looked behind him seeing the rushing river. "And your getting on mine," I replied. I knew this wouldn't kill him but for now it would be the best I could do.

I ran towards him fast, before he could even register what was happening I pushed him so hard he fell backwards into the river.

He emerged in the water and for awhile didn't come back up.

Huh...maybe it did kill him

His wolf head bobbed up gasping for air.

Dammit knew it was to go to be true

I looked back towards Chela, she was gasping for air. I quickly limped to her.

"Chela, please don't go," I croaked out.

"'s okay...Amiga I've—I've been meaning to tell you something," she wheezed out, she stopped to catch her breath. "The—the reason why you—you haven't seen me...lately is cause I found my mate—And also I'm gay, woo hoo a big surprise. Hope you don't see me differently," Chela croaked out, coughing vigorously. Blood trailed down her chin.

"Hijo de puto, why does this hurt so much. It was fun while it lasted. Tell ML I love her even though we only knew each other for a little while."

I whimpered as I heard her heart beat slow down. "Please don't go! I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said! Oh Moon Goddess don't take her away from me please!"

"It's alright chica, it was my time. You know what they say they always take the pretty ones first, no wonder your still alive."

I laughed at her joke. She started to shake more and coughing up more blood. She looked at the now darkening sky.

"Mama...¿tu estas aquí? Por favor llevarme hermoso ángel."

She stopped moving her face held a small smile. "! God damn you Caesar! I'll kill you! You fucking hear me! I'll kill you!"

I had long gone shifted back into human form not caring if my bare skin was out for everyone to see.

I opened my eye to see the same tent I have been almost always waking up to. I had a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt on me.

"Great your up," Benjamin said excitedly.

I rubbed my head lightly. "What's wrong with my eye? And what happened with Chela's body?"

Benjamin frowned slightly. "Her body was deteriorating so we had to do our ritual. Sorry you weren't there to see it. She's up in the starts now with Moon Goddess. And as for your eye Caesar did a pretty big cut so I wouldn't be surprised if there was damage to it."

"Oh," was all I could manage out. I touched the patch that was over my left eye.

"Let's get a look at you make sure you are all good and healthy. Don't want to harm the little ones if your not healthy."

I snapped my head up to him. "What," I asked.

"Ah, so you don't know," he said smiling slightly. "No wonder you went into battle not caring if you live or die."

"Wait what do you mean little ones," I asked, a part of my brain knew what he was talking about but was afraid to admit it.

"Well I'm happy to tell you, your with pups! Your going to be a mother!"

At that moment my heart stopped and my brain stopped working. All that was going threw my mind was.

Mother and your with pups.

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