Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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6 months ago when Phoenix threw Caesar in the river

A child was playing by the river near his cottage.

"Father! Father! Look theirs a dog in the water," the child yelled.

The father looked up from his book and indeed saw a large dog in the river paddling up stream on the same bank side they were on. The dog emerged from the water and saw that it wasn't a dog but a wolf.

The father leaped into action and ran towards his son. "Erik! Get away from the wolf!"

But he was to late, his son was to close to the wolf. The wolf quickly ran up to the boy killing him.

He met eyes with the wolf as it came closer to him. The wolf bit into the father's head crushing his skull.

The wolf panted hard looking angrily in the distance. And then started to laughing like a mad man.

"Oh Phoenix well played."

He calmed down staking closer to the cottage.

"Well played in deed, but don't think it's over yet. The game has just begun..."


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