Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 1: Day One Already Done

14 years later

“Have a good first day at school,” my Aunt said to me as she gave me a kiss in the forehead and gave me my lunch.

“Thanks Auntie, love you,” I said back. I walked to my best friend’s house which was three houses down from mine and began to wait outside for her. There was a ramp in front of her house because when she was little she messed up her legs permanently, so she has a wheelchair.

I took out my wallet which had old photos of two people, me and my best friend. She and were very different from each other, personality, looks, what we wear, and how we acted. While I had wavy brown hair she had very black curly hair. Me being tan and she being white. I have hazel eyes, she has very dark brown eyes also looking like obsidian.

With clothing choices, I was very plain. Either black or white converses, any kind of jeans, plain nice shirts and my black leather jacket that used to be my mothers. While Chela had different boots, slightly baggy pants, different nice dressed up shirts or sweaters, and a skull ring she got at Chucky Cheese, she claims it makes her look bad ass.

As I heard the front door open, I stuffed my wallet in my leather jacket.

“Hola Amiga!” Chela yelled as loud as she can, she threw her arms high in the air. I laughed softly at her silliness.

“Hi Chela, do you need help going down from the ramp?”

“I’m fine Phoenix, I’m handicap not handi-incapable. You worry to much amiga,” Chela says.

At times she’s very nice but most of the time she’s very sarcastic. I rolled my eyes at her “And you worry too little, remember that time I asked you that famous question parents ask their kids for no reason, ‘If your friend jumps off the bridge, would you too?’ And I quote exactly what you said, ‘Hell yeah I would as long as we make it very dramatic, like wearing suits and you do a back flip off and me rolling backwards with us flipping everyone off.’ You like to take to many risks,” I exclaimed laughing.

"Well life isn't worth living without some risks," Chela said serious, I was shocked because she was hardly ever serious. Chela gave a small chuckle and continued down the ramp.

As she made it to the bottom we continued to walk to the high school we’re going to now. We barely made it past middle school, with all the dim witted kids there. I don’t even know how we’ll be able to survive high school.

As we were walking we where joined by someone very quit. I wanted to say hi, but I thought maybe she’d rather stay quit, but Chela had other plans

“Hola! I’m Chela and this is me amiga Phoenix,” Chela said.

The girl ripped her gaze away from the ground and looked up to meet our eyes.

“OH MY GOD! Are you Phoenix like thee Phoenix Phoenix,” the girl asked excitedly.

I was tempted to say no, but I was curious to know what the hell she was talking about.

“Uh yeah I am, and how exactly do you know who I am? And what does ‘thee Phoenix’ have to do with anything,” I asked.

“Your so famous! Your the only one in your family to survive that break in and murder! You know the cabin in the woods,” She said too excited for comfort.

“Uh sorry kid that ain’t me, sure my parents were murdered, but my Aunt told me I was with her at the time,” I said to the girl hoping to let her hopes down. I look at Chela who seemed to be to quite.

I’m telling the truth, right?

The girl just had a soft smile, she reached in her backpack and pulled out a newspaper cut out and gave me it, she looked at me sadly. “Then sorry my friend, someone has been lying to you,” she says.

I grab the newspaper cut out from her hand which had an article titled ‘Young Girl Escapes Murder!’ by Philip Falls published on January 2005

I scroll down and read ‘A young girl age of one survives a break in and murder that killed both her parents in 1995. Police yet are still looking for the corporate. The young girl, named Phoenix age ten now, is being raised by her Aunt for, we fear the the murder will come back for her and try to finish the deed. Stay tune in HighWay News Line for more information about Phoenix.’

I hand the newspaper cut out back to the girl and stay quiet the rest of the walk to school.

How long has everyone I known lied to me?

Chela knows, she wouldn’t look at me in the eye.

My aunt sure as hell knows.

At school I got lost on campus and got to first period late. I entered the classroom explaining what happened. She forgave me since I was only a few minutes late to class. I looked around for a seat. And saw one next to a group of guys who were already looking at me hungrily. I groan and sat next to them. I laid my head on my hand, and stare out the window, while the group of guys were cat calling me.

When the teacher started to call roll and came to the H's which has me in it, every single damn person in this room looked at me with either wide eyes or lustful eyes. I rolled my eyes and groan.

If i new that these high schoolers read the newspaper, I wouldn't even be here. This is going to be fun.

The bell for nutrition time rang and kids started to file out of their classes, I walk by clusters of people who were talking to each other, or like the boys messing around with each other.

I see Chela at the benches, and she waved at me to come over. I smile and made my way over to my gleeful friend. “Amiga! Have you tried the coffee cake at the school! It’s amazing!”

I took a seat next to her, “Yeah any school coffee cake, I enjoy. I’m surprised that you like this schools coffee cake though. You usually dislike anything sweat,” I say, pulling out my snack favorite snack, mango.

I was about to take a bit out of one when this girl came up to me. She looks just like a beaver, I probably should insult beavers like that, but she looks just like one because she had to big ugly crooked front teeth. I could bet you twenty bucks that she even had a tail under her ugly skirt.

“Hello, what’s her name. Oh okay, Ms. Hue. Come sit with us the cool and beautiful kids. You don’t want to sit with the crippled and lame one,” she said in a very high pitch voice with a hint of sass in it. Her not very natural blonde hair looks very to be horribly bleached, her skin to pail that she looked like a vampire that came straight out over a horrible movie.

I crinkle my nose in disgust, “Um no thank you. I can tell who’s the cool and gorgeous, let’s see, oh yes definitely not you and especially not the gorgeous part either,” I reply with a growl.

Where did that growl come from?

Her smile turns to a frown and her eyes twinkle in hatred, “You’ll pay for this bird brain! You think your so special, 'cause of that stupid story. The only thing that’s special about you is that you have no parents, and you’ll forever be a damn orphan! No one will ever love you!” the chick yelled in my face.

My face turned red in anger, I stood from where I sat, “Listen here Beaver breathe, I really didn’t want to make a scene, but if I have I will. A Phoenix is an intelligent and majestic bird. While you are the only dumb witted animal here in this area. You might think your all high and mighty, well your not! So far in my years of being alive your the most vile thing I laid my eyes on ever!” I yelled, pushing her to the ground and punched her face right on her nose.

She tried to punch me back, but I dodged the through, I got off of her and sat back on my seat, looking over my shoulder to see her with a heavily bleeding nose.

“Good thing your nose isn’t broken, Beaver,” I said then turned around to continue with my snack. I noticed everyone staring at me, but I didn’t care. All I want was to eat my snack, not make a scene.

I felt someone’s hand on my left shoulder. I turn to see Chela’s hand on my shoulder, her face filled with pride and happiness. I gave her a small smile in return and continued to eat my snack.

During fourth period, I was called to the school office and I knew she told on me. I was sent home early with an angry Aunt next to me in the car.

“What the hell were you thinking,” my Aunt yelled at me.

“That’s the thing I don’t think! I act, that’s what I do. And you have no excuse to yell at me! Why the hell did you lie to me about my parents?!”

“The less you knew the more I could keep you safe,” my aunt said taking her eyes off the road. I was about to reply to her when something was coming up from the road in front of us.

“LOOK OUT!” I yelled, as the figure comes closer I realize that it was a bull charging towards us. My aunt didn’t have enough time to put on the brakes, the car swerved sideways as she tried to slow down the car in a hast. The bulls horns pierced the car doors on the left side.

I look at my aunt, she was lifeless and blood oozed out of the side of her stomach.

“Noooo!” I cried, I was so angry at the bull that I didn’t notice someone grabbing my arm.

“Come on, hurry! They’ll be coming,” a girl yelled at me. I looked up and saw Chela, but she wasn’t all human, her bottom half was a dog. No, not a dog, a pure white wolf bottom.

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