Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 2: Who Says Werewolves Can’t Fly

I was so confused at what Chela was, that I didn’t realize that she picked me over her shoulders. I looked up to see the bull chasing us. Chela was telling me something over and over again, but I didn’t really pay attention.


I shook my head slightly, “I’m sorry what?”

“Did your aunt tell you anything, anything about werewolves?! Even if she said it was just a story?! Like you know how to shift?!”

“What the hell is that?! And do you know that bull thing is following us?” I yell over the rushing wind.

“Well no shit Sherlock,” Chela replies.

Language. Something said to me in my mind. I chose to ignore it.

She then started to curse a lot in Spanish. Her curly black hair kept getting in my face. She was so fast that the bull was a little black dot.

We enter the forest that was next to the city. When we entered it, it seems like my senses increase a lot. I hear what seems to be ants chewing on leaves. I smelt something delicious in the forest. My stomach starts to ache, because I was on my stomach on Chela’s shoulder.

“You can put me down now,” I grunted.

Chela didn’t hesitate on throwing me to the ground, “Come on then, rápido,” she said.

I stood up from where I was thrown, I cross my arms over my chest, “What the heck just happened?! First I get in trouble at school, then a freaking bull thing murders my only living family member, and now your expecting me to follow you a half wolf hybrid thing deeper into the forests?! NOPE! I need answers,” I yelled.

“Shhh! Do you want to draw more attention to us?! Look I will explain everything, once we get back to camp? Okay?” Chela said to me grabbing both of my shoulder looking down at me. Since she got out of that wheelchair she was very tall. She probably stood up to be 6 foot, it made me look shorter then I am, me only being 5 foot 1.

I gave her a good stare down, before letting go of the breathe I was holding then nod, following her.

I didn’t stay quit for very long though, “If your a werewolf, how come your like that? Like half human half wolf? Can’t you change back the bottom portion to human,” I asked.

She glance down at me for a split second, and look straight again. “Werewolf poison, and no I don’t mean Wolf Bane. Someone made it,” she replied.

I wanted to ask how and who, but I didn’t want to keep butting in her personal life if she didn’t want me to.

Just ask her you dang fool she won’t care, she’s our friend , the same voice came into my mind. Still deciding to ignore it, thinking I was going insane, and continued to follow her.

“A newly Hunter, not by blood he chose to become one when finding out about our kind, caught me in wolf form when I was young. He kept on demanding me to switch back to human, but I didn’t want to. So he decided to make a poison that would forcefully change you back. It only halved work and I couldn’t change back, to a full human or a full wolf. That’s when I lost her,” Chela says looking away from me to try hiding tears.

“Hunter? What’s that? And who did you loose?” I ask softly. She was about to reply, when she lifts her nose in the air and took a big whiff, she then froze.

“Damn it!” Chela whispered yelled.

LANGUEGE! the voice hollers in my mind.

Chela grabbed my wrist and started to run, she stopped when we hear a large thud. Chela stopped infront of a bush and pushed me in it. I wasn’t really ready for it, so making me fall face first right into the prickly bush that had mud under it. Chela usually did stuff for a reason, so I stayed in there what seemed like forever, till Chela joined me in the mud, much more gracefully then me, without getting a scratch on her.

She brought her right index finger to her lips, making sure I didn’t make a sound.

I heard more thuds, seeming to be heavy foot steps. Then the thudding stopped.

“What the hell!” said a stranger, his voice, well I think it’s a him, it was very squeaky.

“We lost them!” said his companion, he had a deep bulky voice.

“Diego, if boss finds out, we’re dead!” the first voice squealed making an unnatural noise at the end. It was so high pitched that I had to cover my ears.

“Calm down John. He will probably be mad at us, but he wont kill us...hopefully,” Diego reassured his friend in a soft soothing voice. “And if he wants to try to kill you then he has to get threw me first, alright.”

“O-Okay,” John replied. I heard their heavy foot steps faded in the distance. As soon I was sure that they we far gone. I got up from the mud and walked out of the bush with some cuts on my forearm, it hurt and the mud wasn’t helping at all.

“Stupid bush, stupid mud,” I mumbled to myself.

Chela emerged from the bush, brushing of some of the mud that got on her, “The stupid bush helped us from not being seen and the stupid mud helped mask our scent.”

I just glared at her, she shrugged and continued our travel to the camp. We didn’t run into anymore trouble the rest of the day, but we needed some rest so we decided to make came to rest and continue in the morning. Before going to dream land I sighed, “What did I get myself into.”

“HEY!” Chela yelled and laughed, “Do you know where you are sleeping?!”

With my eyes still closed I replied “Five more minutes please.”

“Amiga mira where your sleeping,” Chela said with more laughter. I sat up and rubbed sleepiness out of my eyes. I was about to yell a remark at her, but then noticed how far away she was. I was on a branch of a freaking tall pine tree.


That’s what you get for ignoring me all day yesterday. I let you leave a care free life for 15 years. And I decide to talk to you and you ignored me.

WHAT ARE YOU?! I asked the voice in my head and sure enough it was ignoring me now.

I hugged the branch tightly. I heard Chela laughing, “Now you find out that your in a tree, can you get down or did your wolf do that so you couldn’t get down at all?”

I was about to reply when I heard a snap, then a crack. Next thing you knew it, I’m falling towards the floor, “HOLY GUACAMOLE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Even though this is funny, I don’t want you to die. Let me take control.

What!? What do you mean?!

My arms where everywhere. Before I knew it I was on the ground, bouncing everywhere. Wait bouncing, what the hell is even happening.

Oh my god! I’m able to get out again, being cramped in there sucked, even though I could’ve emerged whenever, but I’m not that mean to your aunt like that, she raised us.

What the hell? Why am I, or we, a wolf?

Cause we are right now, any you have no idea how to take back control so you have to wait, like I did, but shorter. LETS GO FOR A RUN!

As I started to run off, Chela pounced on me and pinned me to the ground, I let a growl escape my lips.

“No, we need to go back to camp now,” Chela says to me getting off of me in the process. I growled up at Chela. I was taller then normal, I was like a few more inches taller then Chela now.

I gave a soft, but strong bark at her, she held her gaze firmly to mine. As if saying, I could do this all day.

I gave another growl and summited to her. She smile and started walking me following her close behind.

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