Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 3: Stories Almost Never Have Happy Endings

I was looking around my surroundings while still following Chela. As we entered camp everyone was staring at me, I let a low growl escape my curled lips.

Why can we change back right now? I complained to voice.

Sure be my guest and TRY to form back, if you do that though, your going to be ending up naked with strangers you don't even know.

Wait, we shredded my clothes when we shifted? What happened to my black leather jacket! Please tell me it isn't shredded, its the only thing we have of mom.

Don't worry, made sure you took it off before shifting. I got you, even though your a pain in the butt. Now shut up for now.

We walked more towards the middle of camp, everything was becoming more quiet while they just stared. It was pissing me off, I barked and snapped my jaws at them, causing them to step back from me slightly. Grinning to myself seeing their reaction.

I continued to walk without looking where I was going, I stopped suddenly running into Chela's back. She turned around and put her hand up in a 'stay' jester.

What the hell?! Does she think we're a dog?! Wait, we kind are huh...

I sat on my haunches, indicating I will not follow her in the big tent we stopped in front of. With that Chela walked in the tent.

Waiting here seemed like forever and I was getting thirsty. I glanced around the area trying to find a water source, my eyes landed on a man made pond, with coy fish swimming around. Getting up from where I sat, I made my way to the pond and lapped the water.

In the refection of the water was a black furred wolf with rich golden eyes. My fur seemed to be so black my eyes shown bright.

I heard the flap of the tent open, turning around I see Chela's head out of it, "You can come in."

I made my way over to her and entered the tent, the out side looked plain, but the inside was so breathe taking. Gold could be seen every where, actual gold coins, gantlets, and golden rug. It was like King Midas came in to decorate. The only thing that wasn't gold was a chair that was tucked behind the golden desk. The chair looked to be wood and platinum mixed together.

An older man was leaning on the golden desk, he seemed to be in mid or late 40's. Along his midnight black hair he had some grey hairs. As he neared me, I had the sudden urge to bowl my head in summation.

"No need for that, pup. My name is Benton, I'm the alpha of this pack. And you are different from all the werewolves in this camp and any other camp," Benton said. I brought up my head, to meet his striking blue eyes. I barked indicating I needed help with my situation of still being in wolf form.

Benton smirked and grabbed a big blanket and draped it over my body, "Close your eyes Phoenix, and gain back control over your wolf," Benton said with a soft voice.

Listening to his instructions and closing my eyes, slowly gaining my control over the wolf.

If you want to know the name's Accirrah.

As I shifted back to human, I clung to the large blanket around me. I was on the ground sitting, facing up to see Benton with black sweat pants and a grey sweat shirt in his hand. Taking it out of his hands, muttering a thank you, and put on the clothes under the blanket.

"So Phoenix, how was the first shift like?" Benton asked as soon as I stepped out of the blanket and handed it to him.

"I guess it was fine, but Accirrah can be a little annoying from time to time, she's my wolf right? And why do we have a wolf, I thought it was you that was in control twenty four seven," I asked him.

"Usually we don’t say our wolves name in public, werewolves now and days think it’s weird to openly say them. It’s like sacred in a way. And it wouldn't make sense if it was like that, Phoenix. If it was us in control twenty four seven then how would we have our nature born skills of hunting, fighting, killing, protecting, when we are in wolf form. Even though we have our natural born skills we need to learn how to use them and control them in and out of wolf form, to make us stronger as well. Our wolves can have different emotions then us. They guide us to the right path, but very rare the wrong ones. In a way you can say that they're our guardian angels in away," Benton explained.

I was so intrigued on what he said I almost forgot what I wanted to ask him and then I remembered, "Oh Benton, by the way, what did you mean I was different then other werewolves? Different how?"

"You have mixed blood of a hunter and a werewolf, werewolves that have mixed blood with anything are sometimes called a mutt. Your the first ever to have hunter and werewolf blood. That's why you have golden eyes, no one ever has gotten golden eyes in wolf form. Most has blue, green, brown, silver, and sometimes red. Your also larger then most werewolves too, probably because of your genes," Benton replies to me.

"Benton, what's the deal between werewolves and hunters anyways?" I asked, I was so eager of learning about my heritage. All I wanted to do was learn more and more about this new world I was introduced in.

"A very long time ago, even before I was born or my great grandparents were born. Our ancestors still had a lot of learning about what we were, so they didn't really know what happens when we are angered, or hit with Wolf Bane. Back then when humans openly knew of our kind, a young boy and a young pup with a little anger issues, got into a fight resorting in the young pup killing the boy by accident. The boy's father didn't like the out come and made it his life and his families mission, to hunt werewolves if they get too close to a human. Or coming too close to them."

I stared blankly at him, and hummed to myself.

"Okaaay, um then how did my parents fall in love then," I asked Benton. He shrugged his shoulders. "I have no clue, I wasn't with him at the time him and your mother met, but one of your fathers best friend at the time was there. You should ask her, she'll happily tell you. She always wanted to meet you after your father told her about you," Benton replied.

"Okay thank you so much Benton, I really appreciate it," I said bowing my head before leaving.

Ha! Stuck up

You shut up

As I walked out, Chela trailed right behind me. I stopped at the pond again to look at my reflection. I was back to normal, brown messy hair, brown eyes, tanned skin. Chela's curly black hair and her white face came into view in the pond.

"Look your 'normal' again, ha! That was some experience wasn't it amiga," Chela chuckled. I crouched down to the pond and check my teeth as well not fully believing I was in the clear.

"Yeeeah I guess, do you know who Benton who talking about? He forgot to give us their name," I asked her standing up again. Chela's mood changed, she held a sour look on her face. Her nose scrunched up and held a heavy frown of disgust.

"Sadly I know who he's talking about I really don't like her that much. But come on let's go," Chela turned her back and started to walk in large strides. Keeping up with her was a big challenge it's self for me. We were walking for like a minute or two till we arrived to a tent that looked like it was about to fall apart.

"Is this the right one," I whispered to Chela. She didn't answer me and just nodded.

"¡Idiota! Salir tengo alguien que te encantará conocer!" Chela yelled to the tent flap.

"¡No! siempre me engañan! usted tendrá que luchar ser antes de que incluso pisar el pie por ahí otra vez perra!" a female voice called out.

I held a face full of confusion, because I had no idea what they were fighting about.

Chela rolled her eyes, she placed one of her hands on her hip. "Que era una vez, y bien si no quieres conocer a la hija de Beto eso es en ti. Come on Phoenix let's go," Chela stated to me, turning around ready to walk away.

As I was about to follow her. The flaps of the tent opened quickly, "Why didn't you say so in the first place! Oooh look at you! Your so grown up, tu es muy bonita si? Ah Beto would have been so proud of you," the women says holding my face gently in her hands. She seemed to be in her 40's same as Benton.

The women held soft gazing eyes, she had long black hair cascading down her back. She had pale skin, but not to pale she looked sick. She was well built. Her hazel eyes held a motherly gaze in them. On her face was scattered scars, the one that brought most of the attention to me was he one on the side of her left eye, it looked like a crescent moon.

She reminded me of my aunt. I knitted my eyebrows together and shut my eyes tightly, trying to stop tears escaping. I let a shaky breath out and reopened my eyes to meet her hazel eyes again.

She looked at me with sadness, she brushed her thumb under my eye. "Ay mija, your life as barely started and you already suffered so much, ven ven, come in. I was getting coffee ready. My name is Luna, but most people call me Moon," Luna said walking back into the tent.

I brushed one of my hands under my eye to get rid of a tear. I felt a comforting hand on my back. I turned to see Chela with a sad smile on her face, understanding what I was thinking about. She nodded her head towards Luna's tent. I take a breath in and followed Luna in.

The inside of the tent was cozy and felt like homely like. It smelt of cinnamon and honey. The tent it self was surprisingly big, inside it held one cot on the ground and a small table with two cushions on the ground for seats.

Luna was already sitting on one cushion with three cups of coffee on the table. She glanced at Chela, "Sorry I only have one cushion left dumb," Luna said smirking.

Surprisingly Chela just shrugged and held her own smirk, "Je me fiche de ta salope." She just sat down on the floor between the cushions. Luna had an angry look in her eyes and she set her cup of coffee hard on the table.

What she say?

HA! If you knew you'd have her head, I know what she said! That was rich and funny! I love that. You should be more like her! More daring

Haha very funny, I guess I shouldn't know, that bad?

Take one of her usual cussing and times that by ten thousand


"I have no idea what the hell you said! But I will find out you stupid son of a bi—," Luna started. I sat down with my hands raised interrupting Luna, "Calm down the both of you! Please I just want to know how my parents met," I said sadly.

They looked at each other and huffed an apology. I looked at Luna sadly, "Luna?"

"I go by Moon, I have no clue why my parents named me that, that's for the lead female of the pack, it gets confusing a lot so just Moon," Lun-Moon said while taking a sip of her coffee.

"Okay, uh, Moon? I heard that when my father and mother met you where there, how did they meet," I asked taking a sip of my coffee. I have never liked coffee, it was always so bitter. I didn't feel like telling her or declining the coffee, I was just sucking it up.

Her eyes gleamed and she put down her cup of coffee on the table. She lightly chuckled to herself as if remembering the good old times. "I remember that day if it was just yesterday. Me and your father were just a little older then you now, we were I think seventeen or eighteen. And we in the games 'Hunter and Hunted', you'll know what that is when your in it. And we where the border patrol to make sure no one goes out the game lines. And then your mother came across us, bow and arrow in hand. Ready to look for a fight, she was fifteen at the time. And she was about to shoot us. We knew the truce and I guess she didn't, she seemed new at it. Like it was her first hunt. While I was ready to fight back, your father held a kind voice explaining the truce and that we wouldn't hurt her if she didn't hurt us. And they became closer and closer to the point where me and Agatha had to cover up there where abouts!" Moon chuckled lightly as if she was at that time again. She took another sip of her coffee.

"O everything was great and fine, till word got around that your father shot down his true mate. Everyone went ballistic asking him why, how could he do that to her. He accidentally let the truth come out when they started pushing his buttons. That's when all hell went loose. And when they found out who the hunter was, they were more upset that she was going to soon have a baby. After awhile they just ignored the situation and let them be, except for a small handful. After a year you were born, the leader of them ordered a hunting party on the three of you. They tortured your mother before killing her with bullet shots all over her torso. And they killed your father right in front if Agatha's house. When I found out what those barbarian where going to do, I was to late. I saw the body of Beto there on the grass, he was like a brother to me. After everything me and Agatha arranged that, you will go into hiding with her, and I never actually saw you that day. And in till now. Oh how gorgeous you have gotten," Moon finished tears were in the brink of her eyes.

My hands were in fists in my lap, angry tears in my eyes, "Who?" I questioned looking at Moon again.

"Who in hell would kill my parents?"

We'll kill them in return


Moon looked saddened then had anger in her eyes, "He's a coward, your fathers bestest friend before me. He knew everything about your father, his strengths and his weaknesses. He used everything against him with that knowledge." Moon paused taking a moment to breath.

"He was my mate, Cesar, that's the bastard name."

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