Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 4: Hey Full Moons Don’t Bite, But I Might

I looked at her shocked, my mouth hung open. All that was on my mind right now was that her own mate would kill their dearest friends. I heard my wolf howl in sadness in my mind.

How could someone do such a thing? Killing theirs and their mates best friend? He is a sick bastard.

Who ever does that is already a sick bastard, he should be dead already.

"Amiga, you alright," Chela said crouching right in front of me. I barely noticed she was there. Her hands where on each of my cheeks. She rubbed her thumbs on my cheeks, trying to cool me down.

I shifted my eyes to where Moon sat, her eyes on her hands that were in her lap.

"How the hell could you be with someone like that," I questioned my eyes getting watery.

"I rejected him after he decided to go rogue, and that was like around two years before you were even born. Trust me I feel already crappy as it is, don't make me feel worst of what happened," Moon had a hit of anger when saying this. She got up from where she sat and made her was out of her tent.

I grabbed both of Chela's wrists and brought them down gently, and followed Moon outside where she was watching the sunset.

I went up next to her, I saw sadness in her eyes, her arms where crossed in front of her chest tightly.

"He wasn't always like this you know, he was kind, sweet, gentle. I couldn't have asked for a better mate. But something happened that made him snap, I guess. He became short tempered, he snapped at anyone who got in the way. To the point where I had to reject him for two reasons, because he wanted to turn rogue and to protect myself," Moon said, her pale skin shown brightly in the sunset aura.

"What do you mean you had to protect yourself? Mates don't hurt their other half, right?" I question, Moon chuckled lightly.

"O heavens no, he wasn't that cruel, well to me at least. A week or two before he mentioned he was going to turn rogue, I found out I was pregnant with his child," Moon said sadly.

"I didn't tell him, I wanted to care for it myself, and love it as much as two parents would a pup. But he found out, he demanded that once the pup was out that I would give it to him. He threatened war on the pack if I didn't oblige. I still didn't want to give in, but the pack feared that we will all die if we didn't. So after I gave birth to it, one of the nurses stole it from me! Even before I was able to know what it was or even name it!" She halved scream, her hands balled up into fists. She let her fists free and smiled to herself.

"When Benton found out, he kicked out the nurse from the pack, and sent out a search party. There wasn't much he could do since it was his first year as Alpha and didn't have much experience. I was so depressed for a very long time. I found out the gender, it is or was a girl. I asked one of his rogue followers that if they could at least name her Maria Lee, so if I could ever meet her by accident I would know who it was just by the name," she said. I placed my hand oh her shoulder for a sign of comfort. She smiled softly in my direction. She look up at the now dark sky.

"We should start heading back. You need all the rest you can get. Training for you should start soon and you have a lot to catch up on," Moon then turned around to her her tent, she then threw her hands up and started cussing in Spanish at Chela.

Chela happily replied with even worst cuss words. I laughed then lightly jogged to the tent.

After the encounter with Moon, we headed back to the Alpha tent, Benton aloud Chela and me to sleep in his tent for tonight so I could set up my tent tomorrow. After going saying good night to Alpha and Chela, I fell asleep quick.

I was in a white endless room, it was bright white as well.

"Hello?" I called out, I took a small step forward spinning slowly around in a circle.

"Hello? Anyone here," I questioned. After doing a three sixty around. I saw two people standing before me. A man and a women.

The women was short, she looked to be around five foot exact with, black hair that was braided, falling down her back. She seemed to be slim but also a little fit. She carried two thigh holster, that carried two silver guns. She had a black leather jacket on her. She wore dark green pants and black combat boots. She held a bow in her hand and had a quiver of arrows on her back. Her skin was fair, she was gorgeous. Her brown eyes bore into mine. She had a light smile on her face.

The man was way different from the women, he was about six foot probably even more. He had tan skin blue bell eyes, and brown hair. He was really well built, like he went to the gym often, but he didn't look sickly fit. He had a regular plain blue shirt that matches his eyes. He wore light tan pants with also black combat boots. He too was wearing a light smile, his eyes held sadness in them.

"My baby girl," the women said, placing her hands on her heart. "Oh look at you! You're all grown up! I wish I was there with you!"

The women dropped her bow and ran to me and hugged me tight. Even though I didn't know the women, I felt security in her arms and I let her hug me. I got out of my trance when the mans laugh bellowed threw the white endless room.

He placed his hand lightly on my shoulder, "Oh the moon goddess, did many wonders on you. You look beautiful, my daughter," he looked lovingly in my eyes.

My eyes widened in realization, these two were my parents.

As I was about to say something, my fathers eyes shifted from blue bell to hazel quickly. He took a sharp breath in. His eyes held worry in them.

He grabbed both of my shoulders tight, not to tight where it would hurt or bruised though.

" Phoenix! You must wake! Something is happening while your asleep," he frantically yelled at me.

I shook my my head, "No! I don't want to go yet, I just met you guys! I don't know if I'll ever see you again," but when I'm saying this my vision became more and more blurry.

I could slightly see my fathers mouth move but I couldn't get many words in it. All I caught was 'Full Moon' 'Halfbreed' 'Danger' 'Shift' 'Killing'. And with that I woke up.

My eyes snapped open, and I was about to call out to Benton, but I realized that I had a gag in my mouth. My hands and feet were also tied up. I looked up to see that we were in the very deeps of the forest when the moon light couldn't hit.

Oh shoot what's happening?!?

We got kidnapped, can you believe that! Wow first day on being actual werewolf and we managed to get kidnapped, just fan freaking tastic.

Hey I didn't ask for this you butt head.

Warthog breath.

I rolled my eyes at her comment. I started to struggle, trying to get out of my binds. My captures finally noticed I was awake. The dropped me on the forest floor roughly. I grunted landing badly on my side.

"Should we sedate her," a familiar voice says, then I remember this was that John dude, that most likely killed my aunt.

I saw there was two other shadows, one was a man, I assume Diego. I had a feeling they go everywhere together and a female.

"Nah she's fine, she doesn't even know how to properly shift I bet," the girl said to them. Her voice was raspy, she had pail skin and light brown hair with obsidian eyes.

The boys sat down on either side of me. "My feet hurt, how much longer," John complained.

The girl looked around and sniffed the air.

"Eh I have no clue, but let's just let boss send people to us. You know how he gets impatient a bunch," the girl then also sat down.

They three of them started talking, I was bored out of my mind. I tried to lean back on the tree comfortably, but then something sharp jabbed at my back. I was about to muffle a substitute curse, but then it dawned on me. I could use it to cut away the binds.

They were too busy talking to notice what I was doing. First I did my binds around my ankles and slowly the ones around my wrists. I glanced up ever now and then to make sure they weren't paying attention. After I did one last light tug on the binds on my wrist, it broke.

And that's when they noticed, "SHES OUT!" yelled one of them, but I didn't care who, because I was already running away from them. I quickly took the gag out from my mouth.

I had no idea where I was running, but I saw some of the moon light shinning threw the leaves and decided to follow it. I was out of breath but kept running as fast as my legs can carry me.

I heard rustling from behind me, I knew they would catch up to me in no time. I kept pushing, as I neared the light of the moon, it felt like I was being called to it and picked up my past.

I don't like the feeling of the moon being this strong to us

Me neither but it's our only shot for going back to the camp

There was a circular clearing a few yards away from me, and I pushed harder.

I heard howling and laughter from behind me. I glanced up to see the moon was full, and it was coming into better view as I neared the clearing.

I took my eyes off the ground for too long and tripped over a root falling into the clearing, I was winded.

I heard the rustling of leaves and I turned to see over 12 people that emerged from the trees, they all seemed to be teens.

I quickly got up from where I was. My stance wobbled a bit. I was huffing, my vision went in and out for some reason.

"Wow! That was fun! For someone who hasn't trained at all can put up a good chase," a new guy said, he was a tall and muscle with blond hair, a black guy slight shorter then him came up beside him nodding and laughing his head off.

"Man, boss will sure be happy to see you! Isn't that right Roger," the black guys said to the blond boy.

"Hell right Christ," Roger said taking a step towards me. I growled lowly, no one heard but John. He looked confused at me and just tilted his head.

The strange this was I wasn't frighted by them, I was just annoyed and angry.

Before Roger could take another step towards me, the girl stepped in front of him.

"Stand down Rog, boss said no touching her."

"Awe come on you don't know how to have fun! Just 'cause your princess doesn't mean you can boss me around or protect this mutt," Roger stated.

I started to chuckle lightly and then laughing like a maniac. I bent over as if trying to catch my breath. All the attention was back on me again.

Roger didn't like that I was laughing. "Mutt what you laughing at?! There ain't nothing funny here!"

I was still looking at the ground, beads of sweat was trickling down to face to the ground beneath me. I had a small smile on my face.

"I think that it's funny you believe I need protection, from you guys," I looked up at them with hollow eyes, and with a small smile placed on my face.

Some of the people backed up, even the girl but she didn't seem scared, she seemed curious. The only one who didn't back down was Roger, he took a step towards me.

"Listen up bitch, if you want to fight let's fight!" Roger said pushing me back. I let out another laugh.

Roger's eyes started to glow green, "Come on Phoenix the great! Fight me!"

I cocked my head to the side, "Oh no, my friends call me that. You can call me Accirrah."

I felt my eyes glowing, I saw people starting to run, the only smart ones were the girl, Daniel, John, and Christ who were climbing the trees. Rogers eyes shrunk in fear as I shifted.

"Let's see who needs protection now," I growled then pounce to rip his head off.

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