Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 5: Meeting Someone New

I tore threw his throat with only one bit, and stomped on his head, I grabbed a hold of his body and started to shake it around making blood splatter on my midnight fur.

I went for his abdomen and tore off apart and ate it. I stopped and heard more rustling and ran toward it. I wasn't even out of breath when I got the next one, she seemed like an offspring, barely a pup even. She curled up below me her hands above her head.

"Please! Don't kill me! I'm barely twelve! I don't want to die young," she sobbed. Before I could even react a log was thrown to my face. I stumbled slightly.

I shook my head and growled looking at the direction where the log was thrown from, there was another one she looked like the pup that was below me but older.

"That was for my brother, bitch," she yelled and started to charge at me full speed. I went full speed at her as well. As I lunged so did she and she shifted into a light brown wolf.

She gave me a good fight till she landed wrongly, this time I didn't hesitate. I grabbed the same log she threw at me with my teeth and brought it down hard against her rib cage. And I heard cracks, she whimpered in pain.

I heard crying and screaming from the little girl.

I readjusted the log in my mouth and kept doing this to her till she was motionless and had lots of blood seeping out of her body.

A boy got on my back and held a silver chain around my neck. It was burning me, and my fur started to sizzle. I hated this.

I started to try to buck the boy off but he had a strong grip. I got more and more angry and frustrated I couldn't get him off of me. I started to reach my head around to try to snap at him. I kept missing till I got a piece of his clothing in my mouth.

I then yanked him off and held him to the ground with one paw. I then shook the chain off of me and grabbed it with my mouth. Although it hurt, I ignored the pain. I then brought it up to the boys neck and held it there with one paw. He was struggling desperately to get out. His skin started to have burn marks, he cried and cried. Till he stopped moving.

It went on like this for forever, chase, kill, eight, fight, kill, seven, get wounded, kill, six. And so forth till there was only the weeping girl and the 3 climbers.

I slowly walked to the little pup, blood was now covering the front of my fur and most of my muzzle.

Her teary gaze met mine. My tail twitched side to side. As I was about to bring my mouth on her, I stopped and froze. I smelt the air, it was an Alpha sent.

I went into a fighting stance, I saw the leaves moving in slightly. And out went the Alpha and his pack members.

He looked at the scene around him, his eyes widened in shook at how much blood there was. They haven't yet noticed me.

"Who did this?” “My bet is Cesar," the girl next to him replied to him, her bottom half was wolf.

"GET OFF THE GROUND NOW! OR SHE'LL KILL YOU," one of the tree climbers yelled down at them.

They looked up to them confusion on their faces. I took this opportunity to attack the Alpha. I then leaped out of the bushes and tackled him snarling.

His pack members had all their weapons pointed at me ready to shoot.

The Alpha help a snarl of his own, he then took a sniff and his eyes held sadness, "Oh no, Phoenix, what have you done?"

The half wolf lowered her weapon, "Phoenix?"

She took a step towards me, I directed my attention to her and growled loudly. The man below me didn't take his eyes off me and held his hand to the side in a stop motion.

I took this as a threatening sign and was about to snap at him. Daylight started to deep in threw the forest and I stopped my jaws from clamping down...on Benton's neck.

I backed away from him, I was confused. "Benton?"

He got off from the ground, I was taking a step towards him but stopped when my paw hit something, I looked down to see a mangled body, I backed away quickly.

"Oh god who did this?" I questioned looking around at people.

Benton was approaching me slowly like I was some sort of cat. "Phoenix eyes on me, okay? Don't look anywhere else," Benton put his hands up.

I was confused and scared of what was going on. I turned around to see many body's that were bloody and dead. I stared at it in horror.

Who would do this?

Phoenix I-I'm so so sorry, I couldn't control myself, the moon-the moon Accirrah sobbed

My eyes widened in fear and realization, I looked down at my fur. I wanted to throw up, I was so disgusted.

"Oh god, I-I did this, didn't I?" I questioned.

I didn't get a reply before a silver spear pierced my back. I whimpered in pain and dashed out of the clearing. My eyes were blinded with tears as I dashed threw the forest.

There was a small hill that tumbled down. It snapped the spear in half. I kept rolling and rolling till I met the bottom. At some point I must have turned back into my human form again.

I thought the pain was over but I felt something clamp down on my right ankle. I cried out in pain. I looked down to see a snare clamping down on me. And it was silver which didn't help my situation.

I tried to pry it open but it was to strong for me. Tears started to roll down my face slowly.

Great we're somewhere in the forest, naked and injured for everyone to see.

I would help you but the silver is also coated in wolfsbane.

I slumped my shoulders, "This can't get any wor—"

It started to rain right when I was starting to say that. I groaned in frustration.

I could tell you dad jokes to past the time

"Please god no!" I yelled.

I heard rustling threw a few trees on my left. My eyes widened fearing what's behind the trees. A young adult came out, he looked about early twenties. He had a flashlight in hand. He had a dark green rain coat on, faded jeans, and black converse. His eyes were light blue and light brown hair. He was had ivory skin and light freckles scattered across his face. He held an aid kit in his other hand. I have to say the guy was cute none the less.

"Oh dear you got caught in a bear snare. Here let me help," he said trying to take a step towards me.

"You come close to me and you'll die," I stated. It was already embarrassing that I didn't have any clothes on.

He thought for a second why then it clicked. He took off his rain coat, and held it out for me to take, "Here have it."

He closed his eyes as he got closed. I grabbed the raincoat and slid it over me.

"Okay you can look now," I yelled over the rain to him.

He turned around and walked towards me, he wore a white shirt that now stuck to him because of the rain. He was semi well built like her just started to work out.

"My name is Nicolas Falls, you can call me Nicolas or Nick or Nico, what ever you like. I'm a certified doctor, well junior doctor. So I can help—"

"Yeah can you skip the introduction, I'm kinda loosing blood and the will to live right now," I reply threw gritted teeth. Nicolas blushed slightly. He rubbed a hand behind his neck softly.

"Uh right sorry," he said kneeling down to the snare.

"This seems different from an actual snare, it seems stronger, but something this strong can cut off an animals paw. How did u get stuck in here? And how is your ankle not completely ripped off," he said looking at me in the eyes.

I shrugged, "I kinda fell down the hill and I just have good luck?"

Pfft good luck my butt

Hey shut up he's not a werewolf, what did you want me to say

Something not dumb that he would question

Nicolas studied the snare before standing up, and ran off towards where he emerged. helpful

Shut up you don't know he left fully

You could be right but who knows

After a couple minutes he emerged with a miniature chain saw. My eyes widened and u tried to scoot away.

"What the hell are you going to do with that!?!" I questioned.

"Relax I'm just going to saw threw the snare, but you can't move or else I might accidentally hit you, just trust me for this, okay," he looked at me in the eyes softly. I stare at him for a minute still thinking if I should trust him or not. I let out a breathe and nodded.

He brought down the saw towards the snare and started it up. It took a few minutes to actually get it finished because of me yelling at him that he's cutting it close and him trying to calm me down.

When it was done I stood up, "Thanks for that I'm going to go now," I started to head off but my ankle didn't let me as I then fell towards the ground.

My ankle was still bleeding badly and had burns on them. Nicolas rushed towards me with his kit, his hair stuck to his forehead and his pants were now dark blue cause of the rain that still was falling.

"Let me at least patch that up for you," he said opening his aid kit. As he was doing this I was looking off into the distance.

"I never got your name miss," Nicolas was finished and help me on my feet.

I smiled at him, "The name’s Phoenix," and I walked back into the forest. Before going to far, I heard him whisper my name as he was trying it out. I don't know why, but I blushed at how adorable he was being.

Don’t you dare

What do you mean?

Start to get feelings for the human

And so if I do?

You’ll get consequences later on Accirrah growled.

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