Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 6: The Beta Is A Badass… And A Prick

As I arrived at camp Chela jumped me and I fell to the ground in one swift motion knocking the air out of my lungs.

"Chela careful! I don't have anything underneath," I silently yelled at her. She started to scold me in Spanish, and pointing her finger at me with an occasional light hit on the back of my head, repeating the word 'mensa'.

I held my hands in the air as if I was surrendering, I laughed lightly, "I'm sorry I'm sorry."

She held the bridge of her nose and looked at me. "Well at least one good thing of this out come is that you got us prisoners from Cesar's pack. I still can't believe how much of a mensa you were by running off on your own like that, por favor amiga be more careful," Chela turned towards me and put her hand lightly on my shoulder. I winced slightly forgetting that the spear was still there.

"Yeah I'll try, and can you get me new pants. Also getting this spear out will be a great plus for me too," I say half heartily. Chela nodded and ran off to get me pants.

She came back with another pair of loose black sweat pants. I slid them on and rolling up the top a few times.

"Amiga this is gonna hurt," Chela said, she held the end of the spear in her hand. Before I was even ready she pulled it out of my shoulder. I screamed in pain.

“MOTHER FU—,” I was about to scream.

“Ah! No you don’t cuss, I’m the one who usually cusses,” Chela said with humor glinting in her eyes. She started to walk away from me, she turned around and waved me over.

I caught up to her. I placed my hands in the dark green rain coat, I brought up the collar of the coat up to my nose to give it a sniff. It faintly smelt of him, I closed my eyes. A small smile was placed on my lips.

I reopened my eyes to see Chela’s back. She was facing a tent. She turned around and grabbed my hand lightly, a slight blush appeared on her cheeks, I didn’t know why. Probably because it was slightly cold due to the now light drizzle of the rain.

“The captures are in there, no one is allowed to go in, but Alpha, Beta, and you,” Chela stated. “Alpha told me too collect you.”

Chela took her hand from hand and gently put her hands on my back, she pushed me in gently.

I picked up the flap of the semi large tent and walked in. There was the people who kidnapped me, John, Deigo, Christ, the little girl, and the brown haired girl. There was also Benton and another guy he looked to be around Benton’s age. He looked almost exactly like Benton but his eyes were light green while Benton’s was hazel and the man, he seemed more muscular.

Benton saw me come in, he smiled light, “Ah Phoenix glad that you came, this is my Beta Cathal.”

Cathal took one of his hands out of his black pants. “Nice to finally meet you, heard a bunch about you,” he had an Irish accent. I nodded and reached for his hand and shook it.

“Now back to the matter, you all state your names, ages, and why you were sent to kidnap Phoenix,” Benton said his eyes glowed icy blue.

“My name is Diego and he’s John,” Diego said flatly.

“My name is Delilah,” the little girl quietly said. Her eyes were watery.

“That jackass is Christ,” Cathal pointed at Christ. “He tried to steal from me, I caught him and threatened to rip out his spleen and shove it down his throat if he’d ever steal from me again.”

I started at him wide eyed, Okaaay then

HA! I like him

The girl with light brown hair rolled her eyes, “I go by ML and that’s it.”

“That’s your full name,” Benton questioned. She nodded.

“As for us kidnapping Phoenix, is for Ceasar could properly meet her, surly you must have know that? That’s easy to assume, but guess with Alphas like you nothing can get threw your thick skull,” ML said standing up challenging Benton, her eyes turned blood red as though she was about to shift.

Benton grabbed her face roughly and brought her face close to his. His eye brows scrunched up. ML struggled to get out of his hold her eyes still fiercely red, “Cathal look at her eyes who does she remind you of?”

Benton turned ML’s face towards Cathal. Cathal glared at ML. “Yep looks just like Ceasar with her eyes like glowin’ like dat,” he said grabbing the back of her shirt and started to dragging her out of the ten.

“Eh! Everybody look at miss princess,” Cathal yelled still dragging her to the center of the camp. Benton and I hurried to follow them, the other captured followed closely behind.

“Cathal stand down,” Benton calmly said.

He brought ML back up just to put her in a head lock. “Ceasar has done many horrible things, killed countless of others. Now what would make you think he wouldn’t care about me killing one of his many offsprings,” Cathal said keeping ML in a tighter head lock.

She kept trying to fight though her fighting got weaker as she was losing oxygen. More werewolves were gathering around forming a circle.

“That was an order,” Benton yelled.

Still Cathal didn’t budge he just kept tightening his grip around her neck.

I didn’t know but I started running towards Cathal and tackled him.

Why did I do that

He is defying Alpha so we did something

He got on his feet quickly his eyes glowed a darker green, he was beyond pissed. I heard ML getting air back into her lungs.

Cathal growled lightly, “Why did you do that? Her father killed many others, even your parents! He won’t care for this one! He doesn’t care for anyone! So why bother?!”

“Because she is still a person! She hasn’t done anything bad,” I yelled back at him, he came up closer to me.

His eyes still glowed dark green, I could see dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep in years. Yet everything else looked like he was younger like in his early twenties or at most mid.

He had a scar running down the middle of one of his eye brows, it made him look more feral.

He let out a huff of breath and walked past me hitting my shoulder with his. I stumbled at the amount of strength he put in it.

I turned around to make sure he doesn’t try to attack ML. Instead he grabbed both of her shoulder and brought her to her feet.

Her used to be red eyes went back to normal, with a hint of fear in them.

“What’s your real name,” Cathal questioned ML.

“My real name died when my mother left me in a hollow tree when it was raining! I don’t care what you do to me bastard, but leave my pack members out of it,” ML grunted.

“You’re quite the heroic one aren’t yah, but I’ll ask you again, what’s your real name? And no lying to me,” Cathal stated, his eyes turned back to normal.

“Fine! You so desperately want my stupid ass name then here! My name is Maria Lee! You happy!” Maria yelled in Cathal‘s face.

I gasped, But isn’t that—

Moon’s pup!

As if everyone just realized their eyes widened.

“Actually I’m very happy my beautiful daughter. So happy you revealed yourself,” a chilling voice said.

Before I could even see the face that sent a frightful shiver down my spine, I was pushed behind Benton and Chela. Every werewolf in the camp snarled, especially Benton and Cathal.

“Why are you here,” Benton questioned with anger in his voice.

“Why to collect my daughter and to meet the lovely Phoenix of course,” the voice said.

I tried to peak around Benton’s back, but he kept pushing me back.

“I haven’t properly introduced myself, I’m Ceasar and I know who you are,” he said.

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