Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 7: Who Wants Caesar Salad? I Sure Don’t

Caesar was leaning up against the tree with his arms crossed, he had a slight smirk on his face. Before getting another good look at him I was shoved more behind Benton.

"Your not welcome here," Benton yelled.

"Ah well I'm just here to collect what's mine, and I'll be on my way," Caesar said. I screeched when I felt someone grab me from behind and place a blade against my neck.

Everyone turned to me, Benton's eyes widened when he saw in what position I was in.

Cathal growled lowly, he tried to move towards me but was pushed back by Benton. The person behind me pushed me forwards towards Caesar with the blade still against my neck.

Caesar smirked, "Oh and probably most likely to take Phoenix as well while I'm at it." He stood straight fixing his clothing on him.

"Your not taking anyone! Not your daughter, not your foot soldiers, not even Phoenix, you sick bastard," Cathal yelled, his eyes began to glow again. Benton put a steady hand on Cathal's chest.

Caesar scoffed, "To hell with those soldiers of mine. They couldn't bring me a damn half-breed to me. I have no use for them if they can't do something as simple as that. Kill them for all I care, I have more to replace them, better ones at that."

John's eyes widened, "No, please sir! Take us back! They will for sure kill us!"

Caesar's eyes held no emotion for him. He just gave him one glance and then turned back to me. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Now how did little you kill my soldier," Caesar said tilting his head slightly. His eyes bore deep into mine, his eyes weren't any normal color, they were scarlet red. Which frightened me more.

Don't be frightened, you need to show your strong

How can I be strong if I'm not

Act it then

Doing as my wolf suggested, I stood high and held his gaze. "I killed them with no mercy, as I will with you," I raised my voice.

What angered me more was that he smirked more. "Precious little pup, you have spunk. Just like your mother right before she faced death in the face," he smirked more.

How badly I wanted to kill him for speaking about my mother so freely, him knowing that he killed her.

"I see I hit a nerve," Caesar smiled and move back. In the corner of my eye I could see Benton moving forward and stopped a few feet away from me.

"Let her go Caesar, now," Benton commanded.

"Like you tried to let go of me? Or Beto? I knew you always had eyes for Beto, and after he stopped hanging out with us, you fancied me. Don't think I never noticed how you look at me, truly I'm flattered," Caesar faked a shock and flustered look.

Benton growled loudly, his eyes glowing icy blue. "Let Phoenix go before we attack you, you're greatly out numbered sadly."

"Or is it you that is out numbered my old friend," Caesar asked.

Benton's growling turned into snarling, as the man behind me put the blade closer to my neck drawing blood.

"How bout this, a trade? Phoenix in exchange for my daughter," Caesar said easily.

He said that so quickly and fluidly.

Did he expect to get caught?

If so what is he playing at then

Maria Lee looked at her father, "I will not go with you, father! If you won't take your loyal foot soldiers then you won't take me!"

Caesar for the first time became angry, "Are you stupid girl? If you stay they'll kill you!"

"I rather die beside loyal people then the likes of a low life father like you!"

"Then die with those swines! I'll have another one of my children to replace you as an heir! You were always too soft hearted, just like your mother!"

His glowing eyes came back on me, then looked at the guy behind me. "Kill the girl now, I have no use for her," he said to the man and turned to walk away.

"No!" I heard Benton yell. His piercing icy blue eyes stayed as he lunged towards the quiet man.

Half way through his lung he shifted to his wolf, the fur was light gray and white, like a husky coat.

The blade grazed my throat as Benton tacked the man. As soon as Benton made a move on him, some of the camp started to run where Caesar walked off to.

As soon as they left, the noise in the camp was over thrown with the noise of gun shots. I tried to run where Benton was, but was blocked of by a white wolf with black tipped ears and dark green eyes.

"Don't spoil his fun, well his steaming off time," the wolf spoke to me with a familiar Irish accent.

"Cathal, that you," I questioned. He nodded, looking back towards Benton.

Benton was on top of the man that shifted into a brown wolf. The fight wasn't long, and as soon as it began it ended.

Benton held a limp wolf in his jaws. He let go of the wolf and howled. The rest of the camp howled in return.

Benton trotted to Cathal, "Did he get away," he asked urgently.

"Yeah, not track no trace, like he wasn't even there in the first place, damn fool is crazy but he's hella smart," Cathal yelled over the howling.

Benton turned towards me, his eyes held fear. "Are you injured badly," he questioned.

I touched my neck lightly and felt the need to flinch at the pain it caused me, but didn't. "No it's not deep, just a scratch," I replied to him lightly.

He nodded his wolf head, his wolf was as tall as me. "Good that was close. Cathal from this day forward you will be a mentor towards Phoenix, teach her all she will need to know to survive this world," Benton looked up at Cathal.

Cathal's wolf was humongous, probably a couple more inches then mine. His eyes widened, "Are you serious?!? Shouldn't a Sigma or a Phi teach her that stuff?!? I'm a Beta for crying out loud! Not a Sigma," Cathal yelled at Benton.

"Yes and I am your Alpha and you'll do as I say. I trust you more then anyone here. So do it," Benton then turned around and walked off into his tent.

I patted my sides awkwardly, "Soooo when do we start training," I questioned.

Cathal looked at me with hard set eyes, he grunted and walked of to a tent with a weird looking B symbol on it.

A few moments later he came back with clothing on and books in hand. He placed the heavy books in my hand. I nearly fell over.

"Start off by reading these, they must be finish being read by tomorrow if you want to start training for tomorrow," he stated and started to walk away.

I stared at him wide eye, "You expect me to finish all of these today!?! Why won't you just talk about them," I yelled after him, but he was already gone.

I heard steps behind me, I turned to see Chela holding in her laughter, "After all that's happened so far your luck keeps getting worst and worst, doesn't it amiga?"

"Tell me about it! I have to read uh let me see! History of the Werewolves, Ranking of the Wolves, Werewolf Heroes, Mythical Species to be Wary of, Werewolf Codes and Rules, Different Camps and Now Alphas, and Past Great Alphas of Talon Camp. That's seven freaking books I need to read by the end of the day," I named off the books in my hands.

"I would help amiga, but I'm on border patrol, Benton's sending out two times the many we do. He doesn't want what happened today happened again. He also put me on prisoner duty too which sucks because, no me gustan los chicos de allí, well good luck. Oh by the way, your still in Benton's tent tonight," Chela said then leaving off in a hurry. I looked down at the books that were in my hand.

Well time to start studying

To think we left school for more work

Tell me about it

I was in the tent looking down at the books before me, trying to decide which one to read first. Deciding to go from thinnest book to largest, I started off with Mythical Species to be Wary of.

As I opened the book it I noticed the original creatures or things people know about, Witches, Warlocks, Dragons, Shapeshifter, Giants, Banshees, Fox shifters, Trolls, and so forth. What it surprisingly didn't have was vampires.

Iwould have to ask about that

And then I came across stuff I've never heard of Bottom feeders, Clactomas, and Screechers.

Looking at the Bottom feeder page was disgusting because of the very detailed picture it had right next to it, on the left of it it had the description of it,

Bottom feeders:

Species of bone like rotting creatures that hunt at night eating anything or anyone that it sees What happens if you are bitten: bitten by one of these can lead to death if not treated in an hour or less, symptoms of the bit causes; hallucination, vomiting blood, feverish skin, becoming very weak, cold sweat, blisters over the body. Chances to survive the bit is 1 out of 100.

What they look like: They have human like bodies their legs and arms are long for jumping from tree to tree and runs extremely fast on land. Hates lakes and rivers, have no eye depends on hearing, smell, and vibrations. Has three fingers and four toes. Runs on all fours.

What their main food source is: Calctomas.

The next page held a cute looking creature, but next to the full body picture had an angry head frame of it.

Clactomas (pronounced, Cal-lack-toe-mas): Where they're mostly found: peaceful creatures that like to hang out in hollow trees

What they look like: furry bodies with either black or dark brown fur. Has glossy fur, long hairless black thick tails. Beady black eyes, rarely blue or green. Even though they are peaceful they have very deadly sharp claws laced with silver in them and has deadly venom glands with silver venom. Small chubby like shape, main food source of Bottom Feeders (see previous page about it), will attack anything if they feel threatened.

What their main food source is: Roots, Bark, and Leaves.

Then there was the Screechers, with no picture of it and hardly any info of it.


Where they're mostly found: unknown but loves to lurk in the shadows

What they look like: unknown but likes to takes on human forms

What they like to eat: Humans, pups, Clactomas, hunters, and rarely Bottom Feeders.

Not much is known about them, but they do screech when about to be killed. They screech so loud it'll make you deaf for a day or two.

The next book I read was Different Camps and Now Alphas. It also turns out that they all named their camps of something that represents one of the elements, like how Talon Camp represents air because birds have talons and what do they do they fly in the sky. The total of known camps were twenty four, not including rogue camps. How the book was laid out normally. I looked up Talon Camp first.

Talon Camp

Element: Air

Alpha: Benton born 1972

Mate: None

Known for: Housing most Half-Breeds because they're near human city. Their loyalty and honor

Location: Canada

All the other camps where laid out the same which was easy to read. It was the same with all the books just reading and reading and reading till Benton arrived in the tent.

He looked tired, but as soon as he looked at me he was shocked.

"Shouldn't you be in bed already," he questioned.

I rubbed my eyes, "Ugh I guess well now yes. I just finished the last book. History of the Werewolves and that stuff."

"Well go to bed now it's three in the morning," he said walking to the light and turning it off.

We read that much damn

At least we can train tomorrow, today was kinda boring

How was today boring? We almost got taken

Pfft as if Benton and Cathal had things in control.

You're right, we'll good night

I went to my cot on the floor and laid there. "Benton you look super old you know," I laugh lightly.

I heard a deep chuckle in the dark. I laughed more with him.

"Thanks for that complement. Good night Phoenix," he said in a slight groggy voice as his started to fall asleep.

"Good night Benton." I said before entering dream land.

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