Phoenix Adventures and the Rogue Camp

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“Phoenix I'm—we're sorry we couldn't find your pups at all. It's been a whole week and a half. I must cut off the search parties, you understand.” Two years have passed since Phoenix has last encountered Caesar. Everything started to slowly calm down and not much has happened. Till a new rogue camp has started to take over the part of the forest that was dead. The other camps believe this is an omen from the Moon Goddess as of punishment for letting Phoenix be so careless and training to be next Beta. Phoenix encounters someone who is a rogue as well on her camp grounds. What will she do, attack or reason on why it was on the territory.

Adventure / Fantasy
Enchanted Tails
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Many werewolves were trudging threw the forest trying to follow the scent of the pup that were kidnapped from the den nursery, unfortunately no pups were found that night.

Many of the werewolves tried to hear the pups wines and tried to pick up the scent that was no longer existing.

"Phoenix I'm—we're sorry we couldn't find your pups at all. It's been a whole week and a half. I must cut off the search parties, you understand," Benton said to the back of Phoenix's curled up wolf frame.

He had gotten no response from her. He huffed sadly rubbing his hand over his face. He continued to look at her back, her scars clearly visible on her back. None of her fur has grown back on it leaving it to just scar up being noticeable to others.

He felt a hand softly squeezed his shoulder, he turned around to see Cathal with sorrow written in his face.

Benton was deeply angry at his brother for mating with someone so much younger then him. He had wish for it to never have happen, he never expected for his wish to slightly come true. He didn't wish for the pups to perish at all, they weren't in the fall at all. It wasn't their fault so why did they get the punishment.

"What do you want Beta," Benton questioned his brother in a mellow voice.

"I wish to speak to Phoenix alone please," Cathal said to Benton, his eyes hardened as if challenging Benton to deny him.

Benton clenched his jaw, he turned his gaze to Phoenix for a split second before look back at Cathal. "You get five only, no more."

He then left Cathal with Phoenix.

Cathal walked over to Phoenix in her bedding still in the den nursery. Cathal took a seat on the ground leaning on the dirt wall. From his angle he could see the scar that ran down the top of her left face to a little bit of the bottom of her right.

Her front paws were hidden underneath her head that resting on them.

"Phoenix...I'm—I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you to help protect them," Cathal paused waiting for a reply, but Phoenix stayed quit still looking at the wall in front of her. "If I could go back in time I would have saved them in a blink of an eye.

I thought with them I would have a second chance of protecting the one thing I didn't protect back then. But I failed...I am so so sor—."

"Don't finish that damn sentence," Phoenix raised her large head off her paws, showing the damage that has been inflicted on her. "It wasn't your fault, okay. Nothing you could have done could save what has been...lost. Blame the universe, blame the Moon Goddess, blame God, blame Saint but don't blame yourself for something you didn't do."

Cathal stared at her golden intense eyes. He nodded in response. They stayed in a nice comforting quiet.

Cathal remembered on what he was doing in here. He reached into the front of his black jeans and pulled out a necklace.

Phoenix started at the necklace in awe, it was a pure gold chain and what was attached to it was a gold half moon.

"This necklace will help you control your wolf side from the full moon. So as long as you wear it every full moon you'll stay the same," Cathal said in his thick Irish accent. The necklace dangled from his hand.

"How—You—I can't take that from you, you've done so much for me. And how the hell you get it."

"Well a witch owed me a favor for saving their life from one of Caesar's troupes and I asked her to make something that can help you control your wolf side and done worry about it breaking when you shift it's also enchanted to expand when your in wolf form. And if you don't want to have it then take it for the people on this earth," he paused. "Don't want another incident to happen again."

He winked at Phoenix. She for the first time let out a genuine laugh. She nodded her head.

He unclasped the necklace and put it around her neck. And as he said, it expanded on its own.

Phoenix looked down at the gorgeous jewelry that now hung around her neck, it cover the light scar that ran across the front of her neck. The first one she had gotten by Caesar.

"Phoenix no matter what," Cathal paused, Phoenix looked up looking at his forest green eyes.

"I'll always follow you, always.”

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