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Dear diary

One beautiful sunny morning on the 18th of July, mom woke me up and said “wake up its time to go New York city”. I froze in astonishment. The big day was finally here, Ajaree’s god mother, Aunt Karen booked us some tickets to New York, The Bronx so we can spend time with her. Mom and dad got the suitcases packed while Ajaree and I go ready for the ferry.

We got our things in the car and went to blowing point seaport. When we got there dad said ,“Sorry but I cannot come with you guys I have to work” We were sad but that was ok. We got on the boat to go St Maartin, the ride was very fun but I got a little sea sick on the way. We got out the sea port in St Marten and dad got us a ride to the airport. We got to the airport and dad went back home.

Mom checked in our suit cases to flight gate 23 to the Bronx. We got onto the plane for four hours and in half the time Ajaree made new friends: two kids from Guyana.

We got off board the plane and went home in Aunt Karen’s car. Before long in her apartment I vomited in her toilet from all the motion sickness. After I cleaned myself out I fell asleep. The next day mom Ajaree and I went from shop to shop for clothes and shoes for our school and also looking for baby clothes for sis TJ’s newborn son

We bought a few shoes and baby clothes. We’ll find school clothes some day. Later that day Aunt Karen brought us out to an Italian pizzeria for diner, it was amazingly delicious. As soon we came home Ajaree fell asleep so I joined in

The third day mom Ajaree and I went to the game shop and bought two new games and went to the hobby store for parts and battery for dad for he is an RC racer. We came home and Aunt Karen brought Popeye’s chicken home. It was all too crunchy but yummy

The fourth day Aunt Karen Brought us to staples to collect materials for me and Ajaree for school. We got pencils, glue[wet, dry and sticks], a glue gun, erasers, sharpeners Ect. So we were over prepared

That night we skyped dad to tell him how much fun we had . He did not feel bad because his Juvay morning will be better than our trip

The fifth day Aunt Karen got us to go to the zoo. The zoo had some epic creatures. It had reptiles rodents birds monkeys and most of all a posing gorilla that had every one laughing

some reptiles I saw were Komodo dragon [my favorite] Gila monsters, Anacondas

, and crocodiles with alligators and Ajaree’s favorite the ground lizard.

The next day we went to joy’s place for two days. It took 3 hours to get there since she lives in Washington DC. She brought us to a go cart race track I crashed a couple times but I got hang of it. Then she brought us to Dave ‘n’ busters, we had a lot of fun there.

The seventh day we went to the pool with joy and her Aunt Kathy at the pool. Ajaree and I learned how to swim. We went to TGI Fridays for dinner and I fell in love with the Jack Daniel BBQ sauce. They Showed us the monuments of America

The eight day we left Joy’s place and went home. Aunt Karen got us to go to the museum with her friend Debra and her grandchild Ajrian. We went to the train station and waited for Debra and Ajirian to come.

A few minutes later they came and we went on a 15 minute train ride to the museum in movie about it. We saw dinosaur bones and animals. And not to mention ROCKS !!!!! {especially Crystals} Aunt Karen, Val and Kim planned a surprise birthday party that day And I was so happy.

Days later we came to Debra’s to go swimming it was fun for an hour until the pool was contaminated. We left the pool and went to the play ground close to it and it was just as fun.

We got to one of Aunts friends to have brunch with us. We also went for ice cream at Baskin Robins. That night we had dinner at Kim’s home and played monopoly there. I usually win this game but Mr. Richard beat me .

Close to the end we got to Val’s to go swimming Again! But this was the best one. While swimming we met two kids who were nice and made friends with them and played games with them.

The second to last day we went to the fire station for a tour and gave the fire fighters some fruit and a lot of cookies. They showed us how to put out a fire with a floppy shovel and then we went home.

The final day we packed and went back Anguilla with a few tears. And that was the Best. Summer. Ever!!!

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