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After a nuclear bomb test had failed everyone died by the bomb or the blast. A few groups survived and now it's their responsibility to save Christmas A group with a man named Dutch have to find Santa and bring him back in time for christmas. Will they do it?

Adventure / Horror
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“Hello, welcome back by the survivors podcast! Today is day 684. I’m Heather and with me is my brother Joshua. Today I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time” “Shut up with you’re once upon a time, just tell the story!” “Would you let me finish?! Once upon a time there was a group who had to survive after a nuclear bomb test failed and it hit the earth. People that died turned into zombies but the rest who didn’t are now survivors, but do you know what is ironic about this? It all happened on the Black Friday (The busiest day of the year). The bomb landed on the biggest mall in America so a lot of people died. The blast also wiped out the rest of the world. It’s been almost two years now. Christmas is coming in about 2 months and last year we had to ‘cure’ santa.” “His reindeers were still alive though.” “Most animals died by the blast so I’m suprised they were still alive” “Our dog Sparkie also survived, he seems to be immune.” ’Yea or he survived because we hid him in the basement.” “But last week he bit a zomie till the zombie didn’t move anymore and then he ate his fricking arm and brought the bone from the zombie home.” “I know, that was so discusting, I think Arthur actually vomited from the bad odor and the way the bone looked.” “I almost laughed my butt off when I saw the younger ones run away in fear and then Sparkie chasing them with the bone in his mouth wich made them run faster” “We had to clean him up fast though. If he licked someone that person would get infected so yeah that wasn’t as funny as the rest.” “I’m happy that no one was infected, we were lucky that time. We aren’t always that lucky.” “Well, Sparkie is Okay and we are okay so I’m happy.” “Okay, well I’m not happy to say this But that’s all the time we got for now, so sit back and enjoy some music people and remember try to survive! Peace out!”

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