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“Dutch!” Ashe called looking around. Dutch came walking towards her from the stables. “Yeah?” “Will you take charles and Nia inside? It’s going to rain” “Okay, Nia! Charles! Cmon were going inside.” Charles and nia came running over from the stables. Dutch left and Charles and Nia followed him. A few minutes pass and Ashe also comes inside. “The animals are okay they won’t get wet.” Ashe went into the kitchen and started to make dinner. Dutch turned on the news:

“It’s the black Friday, you know what that means! The busiest of the year! Omg people. I’m just being told that there might be a slight problem. We will update you in a few minutes.”

“That’s weird” Nia looked at the news waiting screen. Charles got up and went to the attic. He looked out of window in the attic. “Dutch! You gotta get up here! Now!” Dutch could hear a bit of fear in Charles his voice and Charles is never afraid so he got up and ran to the attic. “What is it?” “Look at the sky. It shouldn’t look like that. It’s turning orange and lighting up.” “DUTCH, CHARLES! COME DOWN THE NEWS IS BACK AND THERE IS SOME TERRIBLE NEWS!!!” They both ran down and they were in time to hear the news reporter say:

“So…A bomb test failed and…” The guy sighed. “It hit the biggest mall in America….we don’t have long. It won’t take long until the blast will hit us. In about 2 minutes. People who are still okay, get somewhere safe! Hide in you’re basement and don’t get out. It’s been a great time.”

The news again turned on the waiting screen and Ashe was already starting to get food and water, all the stuff you needed to the bunker they had. They ran out of the house and into the bunker. “Wait, hat abut the animals?” Charles looked worried. “They’ll be fine” “Did you close the windows of the stables when you left?” Nia looked at charles “Yes nia, I did.” “So now we just gotta wait.”

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