The Detective of the Missing People

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Mary, Tona, and Jullie are great students, but when a substitute comes in, then this is where the trouble begins. How will the problem be solved? "But it was me, not Joe." said Mary. Tona, Mary, and Jullie are great students. But when a substitute takes over, trouble begins. Mary, Tona, and Jullie try to help when their friend Joe, gets in trouble for talking while the sub was talking. Those great students try to get themselves in trouble, instead of Joe. What will happen next? Will the sub think that it was actually them, or does he think that they are covering for Joe? How will the be solved? Find out while reading The book, "The Substitute".

Adventure / Humor
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Chapter 1: The Vacation Break

It was Monday morning and I was waiting for the bus. When the bus stopped, then I hop on. "Mary, over here. Come sit over here!" Tona whispered. As I was walking through the aisle, Austin decided to push me. "What the heck, Austin!" I said as I looked down at him madly. When we got to school, and I got off to go to class, I noticed that Mrs. Martin wasn't here today. As I went to sit down, The substitute said, "All right everybody, my name is Mr. Lee, and I will be your sub for the next few days. Mrs. Martin is on vacation this week. But you still need to be good because your other teachers can still report you." Mr. Lee said.
As I went along with my day, Landon spoke out, "Would y'all act this way if Mrs. Martin was here?" "Exactly" Colton replied to him. Everybody was just acting crazy. I mean, if I was them, I would have shut my mouth. A while later, Joe started taking to Alex, his brother. "So are we supposed to go to the park this weekend or are we going to cancel?" Mr.Lee didn't know who that was so he asked the class, "Who was just talking? Jada, was that you?" "No sir" Jada said. It looked like Joe was trying to hide his face from getting found but Mr. Lee asked him, "Joe, was it you?" Right then I shouted, "No, it wasn't him it was Me, Tona, and Jullie. "Okay, y'all there are doing Recess Workshop." "What were you thinking Mary? Getting us in trouble!" "I was trying to not get Joe in trouble. I was trying to save him. Wouldn't y'all have done that, too?" I asked them. "Actually, yes we would." "Wait we would?" Jullie asked. "Shut up Jullie. I'm trying not to argue here and trying to make a point here, as you can see." "Well, what had happened was..." said Jullie. Jullie always tries to act like the funny one.
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