By Blood Thirst part one: Rage and Fury

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"my dear son the moment you give up life is the moment you take them." that's what I heard before he died A day to die for. my dad says that every day when he comes home. He works as a warrior for the kingdom of Antonia. King Hugo the fifth made him the main knight. we all were happy for it until one day he got sick from stroke. He died saying a few words: 'the moment you give up life is the day you begin to take it.' I was confused by his words but I was so sad I forgot about it. Maybe it meant something but I did not know what........

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The beginings

Hi my name is Grimley Hills. Today I was to be inspected to fight for King Hugo the fourth. He was a over 90 year old man and his son the fifth was a mid forties man who my dead father worked for. the royal guards grabbed my hand and carried me to the palace. confronting the throne I felt pain in my arms from the grip force so I kicked them both in the face and they were out cold. At a point I enjoyed it. Soon I realized that the retired king saw me in action and known I had obtained one of my fathers best traits: Martial arts.

He asked me to stand outside and he’ll meet me there. When I went outside, I could not believe my eyes. It was as big as the Olympian track master field. I remembered entering the games. I also remembered I was second out of ALL 200 teens there. From 12-19 year old's. I'm surprised too cause I am only 15. Soon I saw king Hugo with five other teens. The first one I saw was a guy who bullies me in school named Mike so I didn't care a damn about him. The other was his little brother Leo who follows him everywhere but he isn't so bad just a little talkative. The next person I saw was April, one of my moms students she is very cute but I stayed firm and serious to impress her. Then the next ones there Milly and Pat the twin were there. Milly is a mean girl who dates Mike. Pat on the other hand is a very nice and he's my best friend. Soon the inspection started.

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