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"A bucket list isn't just a list you think you'll get to eventually. It's a code you should live by and once you do that you'll realize what life is." What is life when the one you should trust the most betrays you? How do you cope with it. How do you move on? It's different for everyone. Let's join Mia on her journey as she learns to move on from the betrayal in her life.

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1 - The engangement

Mia was currently seated in a restaurant, the one she was quite acquainted to for the last five years. It was the same restaurant she met her boyfriend, Nathan, of five years in. She still remembers their meeting like it was yesterday. She visited the restaurant with her two childhood best friends, Olivia and Christina, for their annual outings. They decided to try out the food because they stumbled upon the restaurant and it just had a welcoming vibe, which Mia enjoyed very much. When Mia was returning to their table that night after visiting the restroom she stumbled upon a very handsome young man who caught her attention instantly and she knew the feeling was mutual. They hit it off instantly and Mia invited the young man to their table and had a lot of fun that night. Little did she know that night that, the same young man would end up steeling her heart. So here she was again five years later in the same cozy restaurant opposite to that same young man, smiling as they make small talk during their date. After they finished their lovely meal she noticed something off with the way her man was behaving.

“Is everything okay, Nate?” Mia inquired.

“Yes Mia, everything is perfectly fine. I’m just a little nervous.”

“Why would you be nervous. It’s not our first date.” Mia laughed as she eyed him suspiciously as Nathan took a deep breath and stood up from his seat and came in front of her on one knee with a red velvet box in his hand. She started getting nervous now, she didn’t know how to react, her mind was running a hundred miles an hour and her stomach was making somersaults.

“Mia Bennett I’ve known and loved you for the past five years. We met in this same restaurant five years ago and I know it holds a special place in your heart that’s why it felt fitting to propose here. Every day with you is a new adventure and it would be an honor for me to continue this adventure with you as your husband. So will you marry me?” By now Mia and Nathan had captured the attention of every on present in the restaurant. She felt all the eyes on her as everyone was waiting for her to give an answer but it felt like she had lost her voice, this all was so sweet.

Finally she let out a yes and everyone cheered for the newly engaged couple. Nathan slipped the ring on her finger and she planted a kiss on his lips, their first kiss as an engaged couple. When they broke up their kiss Mia received a large bouquet of red roses, her favorite flowers, from her fiancé and she noticed a violinist by their table who was adding a dramatic flair to everything. They exited the restaurant not long after and Nathan dropped her home after driving around. That night was the most special night of her whole life till now.

That night when Mia arrived home she held herself back from calling her friends and spilling her guts to them. Mia’s parents were in town so she decided to tell everyone at dinner the next night. She would call her best friends over to join them. So she arranged everything as soon as she woke up the next morning with the help of her theía, Lara. Lara was the head housemaid in the Bennett house hold for years and she was also Mia’s nanny when she was little. Her parents were out of the country a lot so Lara and Mia developed a close relationship, a relationship she didn’t even have with her own mother. Mia started calling Lara theía since she knew it meant aunt in Greek. With everything set for dinner Mia just hoped everything would turn out good.

When everyone arrived that night she had dinner served. “I would like to make an announcement before we start dinner.” Mia said, catching everyone’s attention. “Nathan proposed. We’re getting married.” With that she stunned everyone to silence. She tried to read their expression but it was unreadable.

“Are you sure you want to get married to him?” her father finally asked. She knew her parents weren't found of Nathan because they thought he was unfit for their company. But you know the saying the heart wants what it wants. So she said she was certain and it shut her parents up after murmuring a congratulations towards her.

“Don’t you think it’s too fast?” Olivia asked. “I mean you just finished college. Do you want to jump straight into marriage?” Christina nodded in agreement. Mia expected this reaction from her parents, but she at least expected her friends to be supportive. She was disappointed with their reaction, but she masked it well. With a smile on her lips she continued the rest of the meal.

Mia’s parents traveled a lot due to the company they build, Bennett Architecture and Constructions. As the only child she wanted to help in the family business when she graduated so she took up Architecture as major on the university. She was a shy girl and didn't talk to a lot of people. She was also lonely a lot when she was growing up, the only persons who she could ever confide in were her theía and Olivia and Christina and since 5 years or so she also had Nathan. Being left alone was always compensated with overly expensive things.

A couple weeks had passed since Mia became an engaged woman and she continued her normal routine. She still needed to sit down with her fiancé and discuss the finer details of their future but he was out of town for a couple of weeks for some office work. Mia was getting bored out of her mind so she decided to visit Olivia, knowing she would be home this time of the day and Christina would be at work. When Mia arrived at Olivia’s apartment she noticed the door was unlocked. She walked in thinking she must've forgotten to lock it. As she was searching for her friend she heard moans coming from the bedroom. She smiled thinking she should leave the lovers alone. She turned around to leave but when she heard the other voice she stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes widened at the realization of what was playing out in her friend’s bedroom, but her heart refused to believe it. She finally mustered up enough courage to peep through the crack in the bedroom door, praying that what she thought was wrong. But when she finally looked in the bedroom her whole world crumbled around her.

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