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Chapter 10: Greece- Selini bar

Every time Mia had a nightmare more and more of her memories were tainted. Once sweet moments turned to horror scenes which ended in all of her loved ones laughing at her with their heart’s content. “Please stop!” Mia cried a wake. Her breaths fast and tears running down her cheeks, she had both of her hands in her hair by her ears she wanted the voices to stop, but they didn’t. It took her a while to realize she was in her room in Greece. She concentrated on her breathing trying to slow it down. She sat up on the bed and unlocked her phone, it was 4.15 a.m. and still dark outside. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore she decided to take a shower. The cold water calmed her nerves and the voices in her head died down. She lied down on the bed again. Olly’s words were ringing in her ears again. Why are my memories with her getting poisoned? Why do I keep getting these nightmares? Every word she says makes my heart bleed. What have I done so wrong that this keeps happening to me? With these thoughts she kept tossing and turning on the bed.

It’s been a few days since the day of the WoodWaterWild festival she went to with Aria and her friends. Mia stayed home these last days. She and Enzo exchanged numbers and they chatted from time to time. Aria chats her now and then too. By 8 a.m. Mia was already fed up, she decided to get out of the house today.

She called a taxi and started her day with visiting Tobacco Museum. The museum has much more to offer ranging from the tobacco processing to the marketing procedures over the past one hundred years or so. The museum underscores the importance of Kavala and its rich industrial past. What’s more, there is a revival since they are working on marketing perfume based on tobacco.

After that she visited Archaeological Museum of Kavala. This museum contained a wealth of information about the archaeology of the region over many eras. It has been a highly strategic area throughout history.

After the tiring morning out she ordered take-out food and crashed on her couch. She stared at the TV while playing with her food. She knew she had to eat but she didn’t want to eat anything. She phone lit up and she saw Aria was calling her.

“Hey Mia, how is it going? What are you up to tonight?”

“Hey Aria, I’m good. Uhm nothing much why?”

“Me and the guys were going to Selini Bar. Do you want to join us?”

“Yeah, sure sounds fun. How late are you guys going?”

“Around nine-ish ten thirty.”

“Okay. See you later then.”

It was 5:30 p.m. so she decided to watch TV a little longer. Around 8 she started getting ready. After a nice long shower she put on a pair of black skinny jeans with a red off-shoulder top and a clutch. Her hair flowed neatly over her shoulders and her make up consisted of eyeliner, lipstick and mascara.

When Mia arrived at Selini Bar it was 10.45 p.m. She went inside and saw the whole crew there except for Archer. She walked over to them, they had a table right next to the sea. It was a beautiful view. They all looked happy and enjoying them self, laughing, having fun.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hi Mia” they said it in unison sounding a little too happy for sober people. Enzo stood up from his seat and walked over to her. O my god what is he doing. So much for pretend it never happened. She thought as panic arose in her and she didn’t know what to do

“You look magnifique, Chérie” he said as he placed a gentle kiss on the back of Mia’s hand. Her cheek involuntarily became a shade of pink. She looked at the rest of the group for a second. They were indulged in what they were doing they didn’t notice Mia reacting to his kiss.

“Uhm thank you Enzo, but please stop calling me Chérie” he looked confused.

“uhm no. I want to call you Chérie so I will. Just like I call Aria sucre, Lydia épice, Natasha beau, Lucas tamia and Archer batman.”

Mia laughed wondering how he said all that in one breath. “Where do you get those nick names and what do they mean?”

“It’s actually a gift and they mean sugar spice and everything nice, chipmunk and well batman.”

Natasha cut in “Please ignore him. Come sit with me. And Enzo stop bothering her. So tell me how are you enjoying Greece till now?” Strangely enough Enzo didn’t say anything anymore. After a few minutes Archer arrived. He greeted everyone and said that he was going to get himself a drink. Aria noticed Mia didn’t have one so she said to take Mia with him to the bar. They both left the table and ordered their drinks at the bar. The walk there was so awkward for Mia, she didn’t know what to say to him. He seemed so closed off. Archer on the other hand enjoyed silence, he didn’t like indulging in small talk.

“So you said you’re from Maine?” Mia finally asked breaking the silence between them.

“Yes. I’m from Blue Hill, Maine. And you? I’m guessing you’re also American” she finally got a chance to look at him from up close. Honey colored skin, brown eyes, black hair. His features were well defined, but hidden under his beard. Also well-toned looking at the muscles of his arms.

“Yeah. I’m from Knox, Maine.” They both started laughing. They grew up not far from each other and yet they meet in a foreign country.

“We lived so close to each other and meet across the ocean in Greece.”

“Yeah” as they chatted they received the drinks and walked back to the group.

“Wait so your family owns Bennett Architect and Constructions?” Archer sounded shocked.

“Uhu. Why?”

“I completed my internship there. And I work there.”

“Ow.” Mia smiled awkwardly. She started panicking a little. That means he knows my parents. What if he tells them I’m here? I’m so screwed. Shit what am I going to do now? What if he goes back to America and back to work and mentions my location to my parents? They’ll know where I am and send someone for me. “Hey Archer, can you come with me to get another drink?” she needed to tell him that her parents can’t know about her being here.

“Can I please ask you for a favor?” he nodded cautiously

“My parents don’t know that I’m here in Greece. So if you get in contact with them can you please not mention me?” Archer looked at Mia with a strange expression. She knew she wasn’t ready to go back, to face them. So she needed him to understand why and she told him half of the truth. “My parents were forcing me to get married to someone I didn’t like so I kind of ran away from home. I needed some time to gather my thoughts before I can face them again.” she looked up at him, hoping it would be enough for him to understand why she didn’t want to be found. He was processing what she just told him

Finally he spoke up “Okay”

“Thank you, Thank you so much” Mia said while giving him a hug.

“Mia you’re killing me please let go. How strong are you woman?” She let go laughing at his joke.

“Sorry.” They got a second round of drinks and headed back to the group. Mia felt so relieved. When they arrived everyone got quiet and stared at them. It was so weird. Lydia spoke up.

“What is going on between you two?” she sounded so suspicious. They were all waiting for Mia or Archer to talk. They just stared back at the group.

“Why are you guys behaving so weirdly?” Archer asked.

“We saw you two hug by the bar. Are you two messing around?” Lydia narrowed her eyes at the two of them. The rest just sat there silently not daring to say anything.

“No” Mia and Archer both said at the same time. “There is nothing going on.” They still didn’t look convinced.

“I was asking Archer not to tell my parents that I’m in Greece” Mia finally spoke up. “I kind of left without telling them”

“So you ran away from home?” Lucas finally said. Mia’s eyes scanned the whole group and finally her eyes locked with Enzo’s. He looked curiously at her.

“Technically yes” she sighed.

They all started clapping and cheering. What is going on? Mia started confused at them. She signaled Enzo to ask him what was going on. He calmed everyone down “In the world there are a lot of people who will try to put you down and show you that you are beneath them. In situations like that you need to stand up to them and show them that they are wrong. You need to face your fears and accept who you are, but you can’t accept yourself if you walk on the path others pave for you. You need to make your own paths and walk on them proudly. By running away you expressed that you don’t agree with them and when the time is right you will make them see that they can’t just make decisions for you. That you are capable enough to decide what you want.” Mia stared at Enzo, she was speechless. “Also we all have done it once” Lucas finished.

“Wow. Okay I didn’t expect that.” she finally said. Trying to process Enzo’s whole speech.

Natasha spoke up too “You can’t develop you’re character if you stay in you comfort zone your whole life. So take as many risks as you need to build you own character.”

“Thank you guys this means a lot to me.” she said with a smile on her lips. She felt like she could trust them.

They started talking about different topics. Having fun, drinking, and dancing.

“Have you already been to Santorini, Mia?” Natasha inquired.

“No, not yet”

“We’re headed there Friday and stay the weekend do you want to join us?”

“Uhm I don’t want to impose”

“O shush you’re not imposing. Right guys?” they all nodded. Even Lydia

“In that case. I would love to” Mia smiled and they all returned a smile.

They enjoyed the rest of the night. When Mia got home she was so tired she passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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