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Chapter 11: Greece- The trip to Santorini

Friday arrived fast and it was time to head out to Santorini. As Mia closed up the house she heard a car halt in front of the house, it was her taxi. She grabbed her bag and climbed in the back seat of the car as she told the driver to go to the airport. Aria, Natasha and Enzo were seated on a bench in front of the airport. Mia greeted them and sat down beside them. Not long after Archer, Lydia and Lucas arrived too. The whole group checked in and boarded the plane. Mia was looking forward to exploring Santorini. She stared out the window as the plane ascended from the ground, the airport got smaller and smaller till there was only the ocean beneath and the open sky above. Mia didn’t sleep much last night so she fell asleep not long after the plane took off. One of the many nightmares she had in the previous nights replayed.

Mia felt someone grab her shoulders and shaking her lightly. She opened her eyes and saw Aria staring worriedly at her.

“Hey Mia, wake up. You’re crying. Calm down” Aria murmured. She pulled Aria in a hug and held her tightly. Aria gave Mia water and she drank it. Mia calmed down a little. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah it’s just a bad dream don’t worry.” Mia gave her a small smile to convince her. Aria knew something was wrong with Mia but she didn’t want to push her. She was afraid Mia would back away completely if pushed too hard.

They started getting bored so they played truth or dare. By now Lucas had flirted with one of the stewardesses, Aria had to get down on her knee and propose to Enzo in front of everyone, Natasha managed to get the phone number of one of the passengers, Archer told about the time he flirted with his teacher to pass a test, Enzo had to confess his undying love to one of the male passengers and Lydia told about the time she went to jail. It was Mia’s turn and she stupidly picked dare. She waited for one of them to say what she had to do. They all had a hard time coming up with one.

“Make out with one of the pilots of one minute.” Aria says. Mia’s eyes grew wide.

“What no. I’m not doing that.”

“Chicken!!” Lydia started imitating a chicken. They were persistent that that would be her dare. So she finally caved in. She got up and hesitantly walked over to the pilot’s cabin. Just as she approached it, one of them walked out. Mia smiled at him. She straightened her back bit her lips seductively and before he could say anything she held his collar and pulled him towards her as she pressed her lips against his. She didn’t know where this confidence came from suddenly but she enjoyed it. His hand went around her waist and he pulled her closer. It seems he was enjoying this too. Not that Mia had any complains. She heard a noise from the group so she thought that one minute was over. She broke off the kiss. She looked at him and smiled shyly, her cheeks were blushing. She didn’t know how to act in such a situation. He started saying something in Greek.

“I’m sorry I don’t speak Greek.” Mia didn’t give him a chance to reply and walked back to her seat. They were all clapping when she sat down.

“I didn’t know you had it in you.” Archer said. Enzo winked at her.

Lydia said “That looked like you both enjoyed.”

They changed seats from time to time. Upon arriving in Santorini they rented a car and drove to a village named Oia. They had rented a villa there. It was already 7:50 p.m. when they arrived at the villa. They explored it, picked their rooms and freshened up. On the way there they stopped and bought food and drinks. After a nice dinner Lucas suggested to try out the Jacuzzi.

So after dinner all of them changed their clothes and went in, it was so relaxing. After some time Enzo went out and returned with a bottle of wine. They chatted and had some wine. Everyone was tired and one by one they all left and went to rest in their rooms. In the end Enzo and Mia were left.

“Not sleepy yet?” he suddenly said.

“No not yet. I slept on the plane so I’m not that tired. And you?”

“I just wanted to enjoy the Jacuzzi a little longer.” He shrugged. “So how are you holding up?”

“I’m trying my best. Thank you for asking.” Mia gave him a hug. She wanted to be honest with him. She noticed he is one of those people who know exactly how a person close to him feels and does everything in his power to make them happy again. He was someone who always appeared as the strong one. He always joked around. That made her wonder. “How are you doing? And please be honest” he looked confused then smiled shyly.

“Uhm honestly not completely well. The death-anniversary of my mom was a couple of days ago. I know it’s been seven years since she passed away but I still miss her and this time of the year is a little difficult for me. I was really close to her.” He looked sad she went over to him and gave him a hug. He held on tightly.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. Je vous remercie de demander, cela signifie beaucoup belle.” (thank you for asking, it means a lot). He let go and they sat in silence for some time, but it was a comfortable silence. Sometimes you need to ask you strongest friends how they are doing, because they are the ones who are breaking silently. He let out a yawn.

“Go to your room and sleep. If you fall asleep in the Jacuzzi I will leave you here.” Mia rolled her eyes at him.

With a smile he replied “Yes ma’am, bonne nuit”


Mia stayed in the Jacuzzi a little longer. She closed her eyes and rest her head back against the edge of the Jacuzzi. She felt the warm water enveloping her body. Her mind drifted to her most recent nightmare. She could hear her former best friend’s voice full of hate and anger. She could still see the accusing looks she send towards Mia. She heard something and opened her eyes. She looked around and saw Lucas walking to the kitchen, he stopped when he saw Mia still in the Jacuzzi.

“Hey you’re still here. Everything okay?” he walked towards her and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

“Yeah, I’m good. I just wanted to sit a little longer.” Mia replied with a small smile.

“Oh okay. So are you enjoying yourself? In Greece? Here with us?”

“Yes I am. I am really glad that I met you guys and came here with you. It’s the most fun I had. I enjoy being around you.” she said.

“Well I’m glad to hear that. I’m heading back to bed, just wanted to drink water. Owh and don’t stay too long or you’ll get sick.” He walked towards the kitchen.

Mia’s mind pushed back the thoughts of the nightmare and the events that have occurred since she arrived in Greece started to resurface. Al the good times she had between those crappy days she’s been here and how lucky she is to have met these guys. She thought about how she had hesitated to befriend these people and even though they don’t know her that well they welcomed her in their group. They made her feel comfortable around them. Something not many people have accomplished, Something she thought she wouldn't feel for a long time. She felt the stress that was oozing through her body leave little by little. After some time she turned off the Jacuzzi, drained it and took a quick shower. She got herself ready for bed. She laid down with a smile on her lips after such a long time.

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