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Chapter 13: Greece- The last weeks

Time passes quickly when you’re having a good time, before Mia realized it her week in Santorini with the group was over. On Sunday they went sight-seeing as planned by Lucas. They toured many beautiful buildings and old castles. It was just breath taking. Monday they went shopping and in the afternoon they started diving lessons. Tuesday during the day they had a boat tour and at night they went to a club. After a full night of drinking and dancing Wednesday they had a culinary journey along the south coast of Santorini. Thursday they went scuba diving. The view brought tears to Mia’s eyes it was such an exhilarating experience. Friday they explored some wineries in Santorini. Saturday they packed up and were back on their way to Kavala.

It’s been a couple of days since they returned from Santorini and Mia starting to miss the group. She didn’t get to see them much even though they kept contacting each other through the phone. In the short time she spend with them she got attached to them. They added her to their group chat. God know what they talk about so much, some mornings she woke up with 1000 unread messages. Lydia told Mia that they were staying for 2 weeks more then return home. So everyone decided to spend their remaining 2 weeks exploring Greece together. They visited the “Sifnos Trails” and explored seemingly forgotten chapels, ancient temples, quaint villages, farmhouses and olive groves all backed, of course, by majestic views of the Aegean.

In Nisyros they walked in the hydrothermal craters of the volcano and got lost in the delightful narrow alleys between pristine white homes. And enjoyed a refreshing glass of iced soumada (a sweet, almond-based drink) at a traditional café, hike along the extensive network of old farmers’ paths. Mia’s feet hurt so much from walking that day she had to soak her feet in warm water for almost an hour before she could walk again.

Natasha was most excited for Athens. Athens is famous for its archaeological ruins and monuments such as the famous Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and the Theatre of Dionysos just to name a few. However, Athens is not just about ancient ruins. This bustling city is also an important center for business, culture and nightlife. After visiting Athens Mia fell in love with it. The architectural history was fascinating for her and except for that it was just magical for Mia.

They also went to the significant ruins and structures at Delphi included the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, the theater and hippodrome that once hosted events of the ancient Pythian Games.

Crete was also on the list of places they visited, it still bears archaeological traces of the many civilizations that inhabited it down through the centuries.

Mia fully enjoyed these 2 weeks with them. Currently they were at Aria’s house. They had a small get together before they all went back into their daily lives again. Mia was a little clueless what would she do without them. She got used to having them around. They all consumed a fair amount of alcohol so they just slept at Aria’s. Mia woke up again during the night due to her nightmares. She wondered when she would be able to get a goodnight’s sleep without nightmares. She sat in front the large window and looked out at the stars. She heard someone walking around in the kitchen, it was Natasha.

“Hi. Can’t sleep?” she asked.

“No, not really and you?”

“I just wanted a drink. So what are you planning to do once we are gone?”

“Uhm I don’t know. I didn’t really think about it, so I don’t have plans after you all leave.”

“Do you want to come to London with me?” Mia looked confused at her. “Uhm you have seen most places in Greece don’t you want to explore another country? It’ll be fun. You can stay with me and I could show you around. You bucket list won’t be complete without visiting the big ben. Think about it okay?” Mia nodded. Natasha had her drink and went back to sleep. Mia stared into the night as her thoughts took over her mind. Maybe she is right. How long will I stay here? I can visit London and expand my bucket list with more experiences. It also gives me an excuse to stay away from my parents longer, I’m not ready to face them yet.

The next morning at breakfast Mia told the group that she will be joining Natasha. Enzo made Mia promise him that she would visit him in France after staying with Natasha. And Lydia and Lucas insisted she visit Mexico too. Archer just made sure she would contact him when she arrives in Maine so they could catch up. After breakfast she went home to pack all her things. She called Mara to tell her that she would be leaving tomorrow. Mara came by the following morning to collect the keys, Mia said good bye to her and gave her 6 weeks rent money. Mia didn’t expect her to let her stay there for free. She was on her way to London the same way she was on the way to Greece. Without a concrete plan or proper purpose. But at least this time she had someone she trusted a bit and someone who could help her with the way around.

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