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Chapter 15: England- Friday night

Just like they agreed Mia and Natasha went to the club Friday night. By the time they arrived the club was already packed. Sweaty bodies were grinding on each other. The music so loud you couldn’t even hear your own thoughts, it was the perfect escape for someone who wanted away their reality and their mind. The air was filled with a mix of alcohol and smoke. Just standing would get you intoxicated. While they walked in Natasha suddenly stopped in her steps as she was staring at someone. Mia also looked curiously where she was looking. That’s when she saw the guy Natasha bumped into on her first day in London. She nudged Natasha.

“Did you come here to stare at him all night? Come on let’s get a drink.” Mia said and Natasha seemed to snap out of her daze. She hooked her arm into Mia’s and they walked to the bar and placed their orders. “So what’s the deal between you two anyway?” Mia asked as they walked away from the bar when they received their drinks.

“He just gets on my nerves every time we have an encounter. The first time we met I dropped my coffee on him and we have been on each other’s throat since then.” Natasha shrugged but she was still staring at the guy. Mia noticed how Natasha looked at him and she knew there was more behind her story, but she chose to let it go for now.

After the 4th drink the girls had they started feeling a little loose. Natasha dragged Mia to the dance floor and they let all their inhibitions go. During the whole night Natasha kept steeling glances of her neighbor, Christian Hale. Even his name sounded sexy, that was the very first thought she had when she heard his name. Natasha wanted to get her mind off of him so she ordered two more rounds of shots and went on the dance floor again. The girls were having a great time. Till a group of guys started coming closer to them and attempted to dance with them. It was working on their nerves so Natasha snapped at one of them. “What the hell do you think you are doing? Back off.”

“oohh feisty. I like my girl’s wild. Come on baby I’ll show you a good time.” He grabbed Natasha’s wrist. She tried loosening up his grip but he was too strong. Then she felt someone yanking her away from the guy and standing in front of her. It was Christian. He threw the first punch and they started fighting. As soon as the guys started fighting Mia pulled Natasha away from there and held her. Soon the bouncers came and threw the group of guys out of the club. Natasha didn’t notice Mia was holding her till she spoke up.

“You okay?” Mia asked and she nodded absentmindedly. “I think it’s time to head home.” She said and Natasha agreed. They walked out of the club and saw Christian pacing outside. When he saw them he stopped and looked at Natasha.

“Are you okay?” he asked with a concerned voice. She nodded.

“Thank you for that”

“Well that wouldn’t have happened if you wouldn’t have lead them on.”

“I didn’t lead them on!” Natasha’s anger started boiling up.

“Yes, you did. Dressing like that and dancing like you were, would make any guy think you want them.”

“Just when I thought you were a little decent you had to open your mouth and ruin it. Come on Mia let’s go.” They started to walk away but he called out again.

“I’ll drop you. Those guys can come back.” Natasha didn’t have it in her to argue anymore and she was afraid that he was right. So they walked to his car. Mia sat in the back and Natasha sat in the passenger seat. There was an uncomfortable silence the whole ride home and no one dared to speak up. They reached their building and he walked them up after parking his car. When they reached Natasha’s door Mia walked in instantly after thanking him. But Natasha stayed back for a while.

It had been a few days since the incident in the club and Natasha didn’t seem like herself. Mia asked her several times if she was okay but Natasha just shrugged it off. Until one day Mia forced her to tell her what was going on with her. Natasha gave in and started talking.

“Christian Hale, that’s his name. He lives in the apartment right above mine. The first day I met him I bumped into him and spilled coffee on him. I apologized and tried to be nice to him but he behaved very rudely. I saw him again that same night. My upstairs neighbor was playing music loudly at 1 a.m. I decided to go up and give the person a piece of my mind. I didn’t know it was the same guy. When he opened the door he was in a towel and there was water dripping down his body. We ended up having another fight. Every encounter after that ended up in heated discussions between the two of us.” Natasha said.

“Yeah I somehow feel there is something else going on.” Mia said suspiciously. Natasha sighed.

“That night when we went to the club. When you left us alone outside. We kissed.”

“WHAT. Wow how was it.” Mia asked with a smirk.

“The kiss was amazing. And it has been driving me crazy. I don’t know what to do.”

“Have you considered talking to him?” Natasha just stared at Mia blankly. “Go talk to him. Running away won’t help. You can’t control how you feel but you can control how you act towards those feelings. Life is never easy that’s what makes it worth living. Listen to your heart it knows what it wants but your brain keeps tricking us, letting us believe we don’t know what we want.”

“I still feel so confused.”

“Talk me about it, maybe I can help. Or at least saying everything out loud can provide some clarity for you.” So Natasha poured her heart out to Mia and she listened patiently. After the talk with Mia, Natasha felt much better. After a couple of days she finally went up to talk to Christian.

Mia was watching TV when she heard the front door slam hard. Natasha stomped it to the living room and started pacing around.

“Hey, what happened? Is everything okay?”

“Just peachy.” Natasha answered with a fake smile. She returned to pacing and mumbling something under her breath.

“Tash talk to me. What happened?” Natasha stopped pacing. She let out a deep breath and sat down beside Mia.

“That arsehole just told me that kiss was just a drunk kiss.” Mia pulled her in a hug. “It didn’t feel like a drunk kiss to me.” Natasha mumbled under her breath.

“That guy is an idiot.”

“I agree.” Natasha said. “Major idiot.” She stood up after a while and walked into the kitchen. When she came out she had a wine bottle in one hand and two coffee mugs in the other. She sat down and poured the wine in the mugs and handed one to Mia. The girls drank wine and watched TV as they talked and passed out in front of the TV.

For the next few days Natasha returned to herself. At least it seemed like it. One day she came home with tickets and bookings in Scotland, she gave them to Mia and told her to go there for a couple of weeks. Mia didn’t want to leave Natasha alone in her emotional state but Natasha pestered her until she gave in.

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