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Chapter 16: Scotland/England - Seven

Natasha send Mia away to Scotland for a few days. Mia didn’t want to leave Natasha alone, but she wanted some privacy so she agreed to go. Mia stayed in a hostel in Scotland with other groups of tourists. It was an amazing experience. The week that she was there they went on train tours and saw several beautiful landscapes. Including Edinburgh castle from the Vennel; Galloway forest park to see the northern lights; Jazz & Blues festival; Canteen street food festival- A street food market in East Lothian, bringing ten different Scottish traders to every session. Live DJs provide a soulful soundtrack in the courtyard and there’s an open air bar serving Archerfield’s signature ales, brewed onsite; Glasgow city sightseeing tour and more.

Mia called Natasha every day to check on her and insisted that she should come back, but Natasha stood her ground and told her to stay. Something about her tone told Mia that she doesn’t want anyone to see her breakdown. When she told Mia about Christian’s confession, Mia told her to think it through carefully and take all the time she needs. After that she hasn’t heard anything from Natasha, when she called Mia’s not in the reach of her phone and when Mia calls she gets her voice mail, Mia could just hope everything is okay till she gets back in England. After a very exhausting week in Scotland Mia went back to England. Mia reached her house and rang the bell. Natasha opened the door and was looking stunning in a black spaghetti strap dress with matching heels and stunning make up.

“Well hello there. I didn’t know I was going to receive such a nice welcome.” Mia said while hugging her.

“OMG Mia welcome back. I’ve missed you and have so much to tell you. But first how do I look? Is it too much for a first date? Damnit I knew I should have worn the blue dress. I should go change shouldn’t I?” Natasha started rambling on as she pulled Mia into the living room.

“Jeez woman calm yourself down before you have a panic attack. And you look very sexy, you don’t have to change.” She smiled in relief. “Someone is getting lucky tonight?” Mia said while wiggling her eyebrow. She blushed.

“O shut up. And stop making me nervous.” Mia laughed and the doorbell rang again.

“Should I open and give him the ‘break her heart and I’ll break you face speech’?” before she could answer Mia got up and opened the door. Mia had to agree he looked smoking hot in his grey suit. He would easily put those male models to shame. “Hi there, I’m Mia. Natasha’s friend and roommate for a while. Nice to meet you.” she extended her hand and he took her hand and placed a quick kiss on her knuckles.

“Nice to meet you miss Mia. I’m Christian Hale.” He flashes a million dollar smile that made her forget the speech she was supposed to give.

“I can see how much she means to you, but if you make her cry I will make you regret it. Never forget that.” she said in a dead serious voice.

“Don’t worry miss I will make it my job to make her smile.”

“Well then don’t let me keep you from your date. Natasha your date is getting impatient. You look good now get here before I leave with him.” She emerges from her room and Christian his eyes went wide when he saw her. It looked like he forgot to breathe. Mia nudged him and he walked over to her handed her a bouquet of roses and gave her a peck on her cheek. It looks so damn cute. “Have fun you guys.” Mia closed the door as they left. She ate some leftovers from the fridge and passed out in front of the TV.

Around 2 a.m. she heard the door open and Natasha sat on the couch beside her. She was smiling. Mia has never seen her smile like this.

“Hey how was it?”

“It was amazing.” Her face lit up as she told Mia everything. “He rented out an entire rooftop for us and decorated it with flowers and lights, it looked so beautiful. We had an amazing dinner and we talked. After dinner we sat with a bottle of wine and looked at the stars. He told me so much about himself, I understand him better now. And we shared a kiss under the stars, it was so perfect. We came back and we had another passionate kiss before he went upstairs.”

“I’m so happy to hear that. I hope he keeps you happy.” Mia hugged her.

“So tell me about your trip.”

“It’s 2 a.m. and you just returned from an amazing date. I don’t think you want to listen me rambling about my boring trip. Go to bed. Let’s get some sleep we’ll talk tomorrow at lunch?”

“Yeah that sounds great. Night.”

“Night” they both head to their bedroom and passed out.

The next morning Natasha was gone before Mia woke up. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat by the window enjoying it. She heard someone at the door. Mia was very skeptical at who it could be. That person opened and came in. She panicked and looked for something she could defend herself with. She took a pan that was lying there and head to where the noise was coming from. There was a man going through the fridge. Who is that and who goes to somebodies house to go thought their fridge? He turned around and freaked when he saw Mia. She swung the pan and it hit him in his face.

“Ouch. What the f*ck”

“Who the hell are you??” Mia yelled.

“I’m Seven. Who in bloody hell are you? Put the pan down.” Seven? What kind of name is that?? Who would name their kid that? She shook her head to rid her mind of these irrelevant questions and returned her attention to the person in front of her.

“I’m Mia. And why would I listen to you. You could be a serial killer for all I know. What the hell are you doing here?” she tightened her grip on the pan making sure Seven would stay far from her.

“The same goes for you. Why would you threaten someone with a pan? Where is Natasha?”

“You know her?” she eyed him suspiciously.

“Yea she’s my cousin.” She lowered the pan in her hands a little but shot it up again and his hands went in the air like he was surrendering.

“Why would I believe you?”

“Call her” he shook his head. Mia called Natasha and she confirmed it’s her cousin after talking to him. Mia relaxed a little.

“What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have your own fridge?”

“It’s cheaper to raid someone else’s.” He says and they both start laughing. She handed him a bag of frozen peas for the bruise on his cheek and a cup of coffee.

“So I have to ask this. Why seven?” Mia asked trying to suppress her laughter. And Seven just groaned.

“Funny story. I was supposed to be named Steven but when my dad went to register the name he wrote down Seven in all his excitement he forgot the T.” he started laughing at his own story and Mia joined him.

“Didn’t it bother you?”

“It did. In the beginning. But when I grew up I realized that no one would have have a name like mine so I just roll with it.”

“You do know you just could have told people to call you Steven, right? It’s not like they would go check your birth certificate.” Seven just stared at Mia blankly.

“I never thought of that. Damn it.” he laughed. “Well I just tell people it’s a foreign name.” he shrugged. They watched a movie and chatted for a while. “So who are you exactly? I’ve never seen you around before.”

“I’m Natasha’s friend. I’m on vacation here so she offered me to stay with her.”

“Owh okay. That’s what I thought. I would have remembered her hot friend.” They were interrupted by a phone call. It was Natasha.

“Hey Mia we’re still up for lunch right?”

“Yep I’ll leave in 15 minutes.”

“Okay good. Is Seven still there? Bring him along too.”

“Okay if you say so. See you in a few.”

“You need to be somewhere?” Seven looked curiously at Mia.

“Yeah, I had lunch plans with Natasha. She told me that you can come too.”

“Lunch sounds heavenly. I’m hungry.”

“You just ate a whole sandwich 5 minutes ago.”

“So? I’m still hungry. A man’s got to eat.” Mia laughed and walked into her room to change. She put on something comfortable and then they left. It’s a 10 minute walk so they made small talk along the way.

“So what do you do?” Mia asked curiously.

“I’m a registered nurse.”

“A nurse? I wouldn’t have expected that from you.”

“What is that supposed to mean.” He acts like he’s offended but laughs. “I get that a lot. But when I was young I lost my little brother he was 10 and I was 15 to cancer and it made me realize I want to help take care of children and since then I decided I would so everything I can.” Something about this doesn’t make sense. He told her he enjoyed being the only child since he was little. Then when did he have a brother?

“Wow. Color me impressed. That’s really sweet. But I have to ask did you really mean all of that or is it just a stunt to get chicks to go out with you?”

“You my lady are good. Yes I use it to get chicks. But I love working with children since I was young. That made me choose this profession because I can take care of them and do as much as I can for them. So when I got accepted here I moved to England. I was born in Ireland. After I finished nursing school I specialized myself in childcare. I work at the pediatric ward. And I love my job.”

“You shouldn’t joke about cancer. It’s not nice.”

“I know. But the chicks dig it” he started laughing, his laugh was capturing. They talked for so long and now she really looked at him. He had sun kissed skin and is taller than her. He doesn’t look like someone who goes to the gym a lot but he still looks fit. He has a friendly smile and a welcoming aura around him.

A side from Natasha freaking out about the bruise on his cheek they had a nice lunch together. Mia told them about her trip and they chatted till Natasha had to leave. So it was Mia and Seven alone again. They were walking back when he received a phone call.

“Do you have plans for today?”

“No not really, why?”

“We have these annual plays organized by the hospital for the children which is today. They just called me because they’re starting to set up. Do you want to join me?”

“Uhm I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Kids don’t really like me.”

“Are you kidding me? You would be amazing with kids.” He started to drag Mia in the opposite direction. Well this is going to be awesome. Mia rolled her eyes.

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