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Chapter 17: England- Hospital Visits and Movie Nights

Mia was currently seated somewhere in the pediatric ward of the hospital Seven works in. After he dragged her all the way here he left her alone and went to help out with the play. Mia awkwardly looked around and saw people walking all over. Mia felt her heart ache when she saw the sick children. Children are our future but she wanted to cry thinking some of these may not even have a future. The play began and everyone enjoyed it. The message they were trying to portray was hope. The hope that everything will turn out for the best. And it seemed to have worked its magic, because everyone who was present seemed moved by the play. ‘To have hope is to have the strength to move forward in life’ was written on a banner that they put up. After the play some of the staff members were cleaning up and some of them were looking after the children. Mia looked around and saw Seven in the middle of a group of children. They must really love him she thought. She walked over to say that she was leaving.

“You’re leaving? Already? Stay a little longer. I’m sure the kids would love to play with you.”

“Yeah I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I told you kids don’t like me.”

“You’re kidding right? Everyone likes kids. Why do you say that?”

“No. I’m not kidding. Believe me when I say kids do not like me.” Mia said thinking about the times she joined one of her friends to babysit, the kids never really liked Mia and they used to run away from her.

“Wow okay. Maybe you never met the right kind of kids.” Mia looked over to him and started laughing.

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No I’m not. Come on let’s prove you wrong.” He grabs her wrist and leads her to a room full of children. He stops at one of the girls and she hugs him. “Hi sweetie, this is Mia my friend. Do you want to play with her?” the little girl then looked at Mia curiously. Mia smiled at her, but the little girl kept staring. She finally spoke up and said “No, I want to play with you, not with her.” Mia looked at Seven and give him a ‘told you so’ look. But he doesn’t give up. He talks to a couple of children but they all say something and refuse to come with Mia. She saw his hope going down that these children would play with her. He made one last attempt. He took her to a room were the babies were sleeping, Mia stopped by the door and refused to go inside. So he walked in and took one of them and walked out and handed her the baby. “Here, I’m sure you can play with babies. Everyone can.” As soon as he handed her the baby it started to cry, she tried to calm it down, but it didn’t work. Now he really was shocked. “Okay I give up. I don’t understand how.”

“I don’t even know why. So I’m leaving now. You can spend more time with them.” They walked away from the baby room, the children started to gather around him and he played with all of them. It’s cute to see something like this. Mia silently exited the hospital and walked back home. It had been a rather eventful day. Mia tried to catch up on some much needed sleep, but the nightmares seemed to have other plans for her. After Mia’s failed attempt to sleep she went into the kitchen and started preparing a meal for dinner. She hoped Natasha didn’t have other plans for tonight. She made one of the dishes she tried on her trip in Scotland, there was this restaurant that offered cooking lessons and she took a class. Mia heard Natasha entering and she called out to Mia.

“What are you making? That smells divine.”

“It’s Kedgeree, it has cooked, flaked fish, boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, cream, and sultanas.”

“Whatever it is, I’m already loving it.” Natasha said taking in the aroma coming from the delicious food, with a wide grin on her face.

“It’s going to take some time why don’t you go and freshen up.” Natasha left to freshen up and Mia continued her work. After some time she joined Mia in the kitchen again. They were talking when the doorbell rang. She went to see who it was. Mia heard her giggling so she figured it was Christian.

“Who is it, Tash?” she yelled from the kitchen.

“It’s Christian.” Natasha yelled back.

“Ooh okay. Hi Christian, do you want to stay for dinner?”

“Hi Mia. Sure I would love that. But your friend here doesn’t let me past the door.” Mia laughed at his answer.

“Just give her a kiss.” Mia responded.

“Hey, whose side are you on Mia? I didn’t expect this from you.” Mia didn’t say anything anymore. After sometime they both came in the kitchen, by the looks of it they had a make out session.

“Dinner is ready.” Mia said. Tash was serving it when they heard someone walk in. It was Seven.

“Hello everyone. Oohh look I’m right on time for dinner, how lovely.”

“You know that key is for emergencies right?” Tash asked.

“It was an emergency, I’m hungry.” Mia rolled her eyes. Tash just shrugged her shoulders. He introduced himself to Christian, took a plate and sat down.

“OMG this is really delicious. Can I have more? Where did you buy this?” Seven said with a full mouth, after finishing his serving within minutes. Tash answered him and he turned to Mia. “Really you made this?” I nod. “This is so good I want to kiss you.” Mia froze at his words. Tash and Christian were looking at Mia with an amused expression.

“Please don’t.” she said. Everyone continued eating.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow Mia?” Seven asked after a while.

“Nothing really. I was going to grab a guide book and explore London more.”

“Well then I’m free tomorrow if you want I could take you.”

“No, it’s fine I want to explore alone. Thanks for offering though” Mia normally wouldn’t mind the company but she had this feeling that he wanted more from her, something she couldn’t offer. During their talks since yesterday he kept dropping hints that he wanted something more but she just acted like she didn’t notice it.

“My compliments to the chef.” Christian said. Mia thanked him. He and Tash started to clean up and Seven and Mia went to the living room to pick out a movie. They settled for Back to the Future because for some odd reason Seven couldn’t accept that Mia never saw the movie. He’s such a strange guy. Somewhere during the movie Tash and Christian fell asleep cuddling. Seven made sure Mia finished watching the movie and she walked him out after.

“Uhm Mia can I take you out on a date?” Mia was dreading this exact moment. She already felt it coming.

“Uhm. I’m sorry I can’t, and I mean that in the nicest way. You seem like a nice guy but I’m not ready for relationships or dating and you deserve someone who feels the same way about you like you feel for that person. I am just beginning to find myself in my life and bringing someone else in, whatever my life is now, seems too complicating. I don’t want to give you false hope. Plus I’m only here for a couple of weeks. I hope you understand.” He looked sad, and Mia felt uneasy to reject him like that but she didn’t want to lie and he deserves better than someone who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. He took a deep breath after a while and looked up at her.

“I understand. And thank you for your honesty.” He tried to put up a fake smile. She felt so guilty for hurting him, but she wouldn’t lie. The bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie, because the truth always finds a way to reveal itself.

The next day Mia explored London a little more. She saw: Buckingham Palace; Hyde Park (Huge green space, home to Diana Memorial Fountain, with boating and swimming in the Serpentine lake.); Piccadilly Circus (Buzzing Theatre-district square with giant neon signs & the 19th-c. Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain.); National Gallery, London (Trafalgar Square art museum whose masterworks trace the development of Western European painting.); Trafalgar Square

When Mia reached the house she fell asleep from exhaustion, she didn’t even have the energy to eat dinner.

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