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Chapter 18: England- Rain and Night outs

The past days it had been raining a lot so Mia stayed in most of the time. Sometimes Seven would come over, but mostly she’d been alone haunted by her thoughts. When she was with other people the thoughts go somewhere to the back of her mind and she forget about them for a little while but when she’s alone they engulf her again. All the negative thoughts that she wanted to get rid of resurfaced again, despite everything she tried they never fully went away. All the insecurities, all the betrayal. Everything just brought her down more. She tried not to think about it but it just came and suddenly she started seeing every situation with a negative mindset. She started questioning her every move, decision and answer. She hated being alone with her thoughts. Someday, she just hoped someday they wouldn’t bother her as much, but she knew that day is not today. So she just tried to move forward hoping that day will be here soon. Mia snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone open the front door. She hoped it’s not Seven, she didn’t have the energy to deal with him today. Tash walked in cursing the weather.

“You look in a jolly mood today.”

“Mia please, don’t start.” She sends Mia a glare.

“Okay sorry. Why don’t you go change and I make you some tea?”

“I would love that. Thank you.” She rushed to her room and Mia went into the kitchen. It’s funny that sometimes you just say one thing and you brighten someone’s day but sometimes the one thing you say can ruin someone’s day. It’s all a matter of timing. If your time is right everything can go right and if not everything can go wrong. Timing, the one thing you can’t control. As Mia was handing Tash her cup of tea they heard the door open again. The only one it could be was Seven. Just like she thought, timing.

“Hello girls. What a beautiful weather.” He said and they both groaned.

“What in God’s name do you find so beautiful about this weather? Everything, everywhere is wet. You can’t go from one place too the other without the rain ruining all of your clothes and shoes and you have walk around with cold feet.” Tash said as they all sat down in the living room.

“Who said anything about going out? In this weather you need to stay in with the one you love to warm each other. Have some romantic time together. Not leave the bed for a couple of days. Make something else wet.” He winks. This guy is totally insane. Tash and Mia started talking at the same time.

“Please stop with your nonsense talks” Tash said.

“Only you can have these absurd ideas.” Mia said and they started laughing. Sometime during their talk Tash received a text message.

“I take my words back.” She stood up took her keys and went outside while smiling at her phone like a maniac. Mia look over at Seven.

“What just happened?”

“You don’t want me to answer that question.” Mia didn’t say anything, they both just focused on whatever was playing on the TV.

After a couple minutes they heard moaning coming from upstairs. Mia’s eyes widened.

“OMG are they…..?” Mia said as Seven said “You can hear everything from here? I didn’t know that.” They both started getting uncomfortable. And suddenly something banging against the wall was heard. Mia shook her head to get rid of the unwanted images coming up in her head.

“I’m getting out of here. Are you staying?” Seven said getting up from the couch and walking to the front door.

“No way in hell.” The both of them walked out of the apartment. “Can we please never mention this? Like ever again.”

“You got yourself a deal. Where are we going?” When they stepped out of the apartment building it was raining lightly.

“I don’t know. I’m still mentally shocked from what I heard I don’t think I can think straight.” Mia couldn’t even look him straight in the eyes right now and thankfully she didn’t have to. The pitter patter of the rain on her capuchon of her raincoat distracted her from most of her surroundings. Her eyes were trained on the ground to see where she was walking. For a second she forgot she was walking with someone.

“Are you hungry? Do you like Chinese food?” Seven suddenly asked and Mia turned her head towards him.

“Uhm yeah. I like Chinese food.”

“Okay cool. Let’s go to china town. The best place you can get Chinese food in London.”

Thankfully it wasn’t raining when they reached Chinatown. Mia looked at the scenery around her and she was overwhelmed by everything there. It was such beautiful sight, it took her some time before she could absorb everything around her. It’s so beautifully decorated with dragons and lanterns everywhere. It was so crowded she held on to Seven’s hand to prevent from getting lost as he waved his way through the sea of people. There were various stalls selling different things like food, souvenirs, jewelry, clothes and shoes and so on. It didn’t feel like she was in London anymore. It felt like she had been transported to somewhere in Asia. They went into one of the restaurants, which has the best pad Thai according to Seven. He ordered for them and it looked like some kind of rice noodle dish. She was hesitant on trying it. Seven saw her hesitation so he took some with a chopstick and held it in front of Mia’s lips.

“Come on try it. I wouldn’t tell you to eat it if I didn’t like it myself.” she opened her mouth and took the bite. It really was delicious. They enjoyed their meal. After that they visited some of the stalls and shops. They went to a bar and ordered a cocktail. He finished his drink quickly and went somewhere, he asked Mia to wait there for him. He returned just as she was finishing her drink.

“Where did you disappear to?” Mia asked eyeing the plastic bag in his hands.

“Come with me.” He held her wrist and guided her outside. He showed Mia the contents of the bag. He bought a lantern. “You know as you release this you can make a wish.” She looked at him with her eyebrow raised. “That’s what the shop owner told me okay. Now come on make a wish.” Mia though for a while, but she didn’t know what to wish for exactly. So she just wished for strength to deal with the mess she left back home. She needed to face it eventually but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that yet. Their eyes followed the lantern as it floated away. In her peripheral view Mia saw Seven staring at her.

“Why are you staring at me Seven?” Mia asked without looking at him.


“You can tell me.” She turned to him looking straight into his dark brown eyes.

“I actually got you one more thing.” He pulled out a little bag from his pocket and took a bracelet out of it. He slipped it around her wrist before she could say anything. “The vender I bought it from said it brings good luck to the one who wears it. Please accept it.” Mia was speechless. That’s so thoughtful of him.

“Seven, thank you so much this is so sweet. But you didn’t have to buy this for me.” Mia said as she traced the golden colored charm and the red colored string the bracelet was made of.

“No it’s fine. I wanted to. We’re friends right. So I have all the right to gift my friend something. And I don’t take gifts back so you’re just stuck with it.” Mia just give him a hug not knowing what to say.

“Fine.” She let out a yawn and look at her watch. It’s already 2:16 a.m.

“Let’s get you back to Natasha’s place before you pass out here. I don’t want to carry you back.” Seven joked and Mia gave him a punch on his arm. They started walking back to Natasha’s apartment.

“I hope they’re asleep. I don’t want to hear that again.” They laughed thinking about it. Seven walked Mia to the apartment and waited till she was inside before he walked away. Mia walked straight to her room. Thank God she don’t hear anything anymore. She took a quick shower and went to bed.

The following days had better weather to go out. She saw more places in England. Sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by Tash, sometimes Tash and Seven and once in a while Christian would pop up too. Neither Seven nor Mia ever mentioned that night to Tash.

Mia started her wanderings in Maritime Mercantile City in Liverpool at Albert Dock. The warehouses and pumping station here were already prettily restored. Mia liked museums in general so she started with one. She enjoyed walking through the halls there.

She also visited Northern England, Hadrian’s Wall; Durham Castle, The castle is now occupied by University College, but it is still open to the general public; Warwick Castle Warwick Castle; Blenheim Palace and Wiltshire, the Stonehenge.

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