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Chapter 19: England- The Last Days

It was Mia’s last week in England before she took off to France. Tash decided they spend their last Friday together in Soho. Soho is known for its live entertainment, opulent cuisines, and of course for the pulsating nightlife.

So that’s where they were. Christian went to get them a second round of drinks, Tash and Mia danced. And Seven was flirting with a girl he bumped into which resulted in her spilling her drink. After that he bought her a drink and they have been talking since then. They do look good together. Christian returned with the drinks and they finish it off instantly. Whatever it was it burned Mia’s throat and send sparks all over her body. She started feeling more lose and they went on the dance floor again. Mia felt so free on the dance floor, she pushed all her thoughts to the back of her head and focused on the beat of the song and getting lost in the moment. By the time they were leaving, Mia noticed Seven already left. So Mia, Tash and Christian were walking to Christian’s car. Mia suddenly realized she won’t be seeing them any more till she visited again or till they visit her. Mia would really miss them. Before she knew it she started to cry. They both turn to Mia with concerned faces.

“What’s wrong Mia, why are you crying?” Tash asked while hugging her.

“I just realized how much I will miss you guys.” she replied sobbing, the alcohol in her system made her a little lightheaded and also exaggerate everything.

“Oh Honey, don’t cry. We will still talk and we can video call anytime.” And she felt a little better after many attempts of Tash to cheer Mia up. They continued their way back. When they reached Tash’s house Mia went in because she didn’t want to feel like the third wheel any longer.

“Anyway Christian thank you for tonight.” Mia gave him a hug but before she stepped in she turned around. “If you two decide to have sex. Please don’t make any noises like the last time. It was like a freaking porno. You two were having the time of you lives upstairs and Seven and I had to leave the apartment in the rain. Goodnight.” She walked straight to her bedroom without waiting for a reaction and crashed on the bed. She didn’t even remember changing her clothes.

The next day Mia woke up around noon with a headache. She showered and finally wore something comfortable. She found a note on the fridge when she entered the kitchen.

Hey Mia

Sorry to leave like this but there was an emergency at my office. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone so I don’t think I can make it for our plans this evening.

And please don’t stay in on my account. Go enjoy your last days here.

Xoxo Natasha

I guess our plans to go to the spa are canceled, I don’t want to go alone. Mia thought and since she had literally nothing else to do she decided to go to the York Minster. It was on the places to see part of her bucket list, which she didn’t get to check off yet. It was a two and a half hour journey from London, so she decide to take a train ride.

York Minister is considered as one of the finest cathedrals in all of Great Britain. Among the highlights are the chapter house and the Gothic nave, together with the beautiful stained glass windows which date back to medieval times. Mia wandered through a part of the building for a while. Taking in all the interior and the stories they told. She admired the way it was build and how much finesse went in to it.

She sat outside for quite some time to give her feet a little rest. Mia was mostly lost in her thoughts. She was mentally preparing herself for the mess she had created back home. She needed strength to make the right decisions. It was so peaceful there. After a while she got up and wandered a little more. While she was walking her eyes fell on a ring, it was by one of the pillars. It’s a beautiful knotted ring. Probably someone’s wedding ring. She put it in the pocket of her pants making a mental note to give this to the security people so they can return it to its owner. She explored a little more. She walked outside a bit and sat somewhere on the grass as she took in the surroundings. The sun was starting to set and it was just a breath taking view. It was already dark when Mia decided to go back. She really enjoyed her day out.

When she reached the apartment Christian and Tash were eating pizza and watching TV.

“Hey you’re back. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah I did.” Mia went to freshen up and change her clothes. When she returned Seven was also present. At least she wouldn’t be the third wheel. Although she was kind of used to it by now. She took a slice of pizza and turned to Seven. “So you and the red head hit it off?”

“Yeah we did. I’m actually taking her on a date tomorrow.” he blushed.

“That’s sweet. Congrats” Mia said. And they all focus on the TV again.

“Well this is boring. Let’s do something else.” Seven said.

“Like?” Tash asks.

“Do you have board games or cards?”

“I think I have a deck of cards lying around.” She gets up and returns with cards after a while.

“So what are we playing?” Mia asked

Christian looks at Tash and says “Strip poker.” With a smirk. Seven and Mia both said no at the same time.

“I’m not playing strip poker. You two can do it next week when I’m not here.” Mia exclaimed.

“Fine, let’s play regular boring poker.” He said with a pout. Tash whispered something in his ear and his face lights up again and he gave her a quick kiss.

They played a few rounds and the guys kept cheating. They had a lot of fun till they all pass out from exhaustion in Tash’s living room.

The next morning they woke up and went on with their usual lives. Mia started packing her things. She felt kind of sad leaving. In the short time she had been here she’s grown attached to these people and she was really going to miss them. Before she could comprehend what day it is, it was time for her to board the plane. Tash, Christian and Seven came to see Mia off. She cried as she said her goodbyes and boarded the plane. As sad she was to leave, she was equally excited and ready for the next chapter in her life.

Mia her next destination is France. If you know awesome places to see or things to do there that I could incorporate in my story please leave them in a comment.

Thanks in advance. I hope you guys are enjoying this.

xoxo, Sur

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