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Chapter 2 - The truth

As Mia stood frozen in her step, she felt her whole world crumble around her. She hoped this all was a nightmare so she could wake up and just brush it off but she just couldn’t seem to wake up.

Unsure what to do with this she stood there like a statue but not wanting to hear or see the vile events anymore she decided to exit the apartment. It seemed the universe had other plans and she stumbled into the room accidentally. The two lovers froze when they saw the intruder. Nathan quickly reacted by pulling up his pants and he did have a slight look of guilt in his eyes. But Mia’s best friend on the other hand seemed unaffected. She slowly reached for Nathan’s shirt and put it on just to spite Mia.

“I can explain.” Nathan tried to defend his case. Mia wasn’t interested in his excuses but she wanted to see to what extent he could go to, so she gave him a chance to talk.

“Go ahead then.” Mia said and Nathan failed to produce an answer. “That’s what I thought. You can’t even say anything in your defense.” Mia turned around getting ready to leave but a voice stopped her.

“Now that you’ve found out you might as well hear everything. Nate and I have been screwing around for a couple of years actually. He said to me you were a stuck up bitch who didn’t satisfy him. And I was happy to fulfill those urges of him. In the beginning it was supposed to be a onetime thing but he kept coming back for more. It was so funny to see what we were doing and you didn’t even have the slightest clue. To be honest I’m glad you found out. It was exhausting to play nice to you. You’re always miss perfect. Everything you do has to be perfect. You never cared for the people around you. My mother even said to me be more like Mia. Mia is so perfect. Ugh you make me sick.” Mia was stunned with the words leaving her so called best friends mouth.

“Why? Why did you do it? I trusted you more than anyone in my life and you slept with my fiancé? Why?” She somehow managed to get out.

“Because I felt like it. I never really liked you. I just befriended you because you were rich and popular. I wanted the benefits of that. I was actually happy when we went to separate colleges that way I didn’t have to be in your insufferable presence all the time.” she rolled her eyes. “You know I’m actually surprised we were able to keep this up for so long. You’re so dumb you couldn’t even see that he was tired of you.”

Mia looked at the woman in front of her. She couldn’t recognize her anymore. That’s when Mia realized that maybe her best friend never cared about her. She asked herself why she still stood there, she took out her engagement ring and threw it on her fiancé. She turn around and walked out of that apartment. Mia keep walking aimlessly, she couldn’t wrap her mind around what just happened. Everything seemed like a bad dream and she was waiting to wake up but it never happened. She somehow made it home and slid down by the front door and let out all the tears and screams till she fell asleep from the exhaustion.

The next day Mia woke up slightly confused she asked herself why she was sleeping by her door and if that is why her whole body ached. She slowly managed to get herself up and showered and she sat down on the bed after putting on some clothes. Everything that happened yesterday kept replaying in her head. Every word was like a new hit. She felt it all over and over.

Mia was so lost in thoughts she didn’t even notice theía until she put her hand on Mia’s shoulder. “What do you want for breakfast, dear?” her theía asked. Mia looked at her, she wanted to tell her everything. She wanted to hug her so her theía could tell her that this will pass.

“I’m not hungry, theía. I don’t feel so good I’m going to rest for a bit.” Lara looked at the girl in front of her, trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“Is everything okay?” she asked. Mia just stood up and hugged her and her heart felt a little lighter. As Mia wanted to start talking about what happened last night, she heard sniffling. Mia looked at her. “Theía what happened? Why are you crying?” Mia inquired. She hugged her again, she saw sorrow and pain in her theía’s eyes, something she wasn’t used to. “Please tell me”

“M-my husband, h-he-, h-he.” She stuttered.

“Okay, sit down.” Mia handed her a glass of water. She took a sip. “Now please tell me what is wrong”

“My husband was sick for the last couple of weeks. When he finally went to the doctor. They diagnosed him with cancer. Last stage. They said they can’t do anything for him, only pain relief.” she started crying.

“Then what are you doing here? Go take care of him and spend time with him.” Mia gave her a tight hug.

“B-but my work” she started.

“No. You work for me right, cause I’m the only one who actually stays here. And I order you to take all the time you need to spend with your husband. He needs you now. I can manage.” Mia said while holding her. “Come back when you feel ready.”

Lara smiled a little. And gave her little girl another hug. “Don’t worry about me. Call me if you need anything. Okay? And keep me updated on his health.” Mia said. Lara nodded and with that she left.

For the 20 years she worked here, she always been there for Mia, as a nanny as well as a mentor, role model and friend. There is not a lot Mia could do for her, but she could at least try. She already has her own burdens and Mia didn’t want to trouble her with more now.

Mia was left alone in this over sized mansion again, which usually happens. Her parents mostly travel a lot because of their business. And she never officially moved in with Nate…. Nate.. Just his name is enough to make her cry. She started to sob again, her voice echoing through the empty mansion till she fell asleep.

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