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Chapter 20: Bonjour France

Making her way through the airport Mia saw an over enthusiastic Enzo waiving at her. She waved back and walked towards him. He enveloped her in a warm hug. She realized how much she missed his hugs as she held him tightly. They made their way to his car and left the airport. He lives in Lyon. Mia stared out of the car window at the beautiful scenery they were passing by. Her eyelids were getting heavy and she felt like she was about to fall asleep. She felt the tiredness of traveling through her whole body and really wanted a soft bed at that moment.

“Did you enjoy your time in England, Chérie?” Enzo asked making Mia’s eyes snap open.

“Yes, very much.” She replied rubbing her eyes with her hands.

“Well I’ll make sure you enjoy your time here more.” She laughed and shook her head at his remark. They pulled up in front of a cozy looking home. As Mia stepped out of his car she looked at the house and Enzo was attacked by his dog. A Siberian husky. Enzo started playing with the dog. When it saw Mia it growled. She froze in her steps, she didn’t know what to do so she stood still not trying to angry the dog. “Hey there, easy boy.” Enzo started calming it down. “This is Chérie, she is my friend. And she will be staying with us for a while okay. So you need to be nice to her. Okay?” the dog seemed to have understood what Enzo said and was looking curiously at Mia with its grey green eyes. “Chérie come here, don’t be afraid.” He sensed the hesitation. But Mia still walked over. He took her hand and made her pet the dog and it started wiggling his tail. Mia smiled. “See he likes you. By the way this is Mickey” by now she started playing with him on her own. He had beautiful grey and white fur which was so fluffy and he seemed to enjoy Mia’s company. She scratched behind his ear and stroked his neck, which he enjoyed.

“You’re so cute Mickey.” He barked at her which made her laugh, it felt like he was thanking her for the compliment.

“Okay, easy you two you’ll be here for some time let’s get you settled in okay. Owh Mia there is someone I want to introduce to you.”

As they walked through the front door were greeted by a delicious aroma. Mia felt her stomach rumbling a bit. Enzo called out to someone. “Cinnamon!”

Someone answered. “I’m in the kitchen.”

As they walked further in the house she whispered to him “cinnamon?”

“I’ll explain later” he whispered back while he smiles. Mia saw someone emerging from one of the doors. She guessed that that’s the kitchen.

“Camille, this is Chérie I mean Mia and Chérie this is Camille, my girlfriend.” Her face lit up when he said girlfriend and he had such wide smile, Mia didn’t know it was humanly possible to have such a wide smile. She reached over and gave Mia a big hug. Mia started to get a hang of these unexpected hugs so she hugged back this time without any hesitation.

“Bonjour Mia, Bienvenue à la France, welcome to France. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Wow she is friendly. She has a warm and bubbly personality, which makes you feel welcomed. Mia thought to herself.

“Hi Camille, it’s also nice to meet you.”

“Cinnamon, stop choking her to death. I’ll show you to you room Chérie so you can freshen up then we can have lunch together.” Enzo takes me to my room and Camille walks back into the kitchen. “The bathroom is the second door. You’ll find everything you need in there. Call me if you need anything.” He left and Mia took a shower to wash her tiredness away. It relaxed her after her exhausting flight. She felt much better now.

By the time Mia returned to the dining room Camille had already set the table.

“Hey, you’re just in time. Let’s eat.” While they ate they made small talk here and there. Mia told Camille a bit about herself and Camille also told Mia about herself.

“So Camille what do you do?” Mia asked curiously.

“I’m a dance instructor.”

“Omg that’s amazing. What style do you teach?”

“Mostly ballet. But I know much more styles like samba, rumba, bachata, ballroom, indian classical, salsa, pole dance and a couple more.”

“Wow that’s impressive. You know pole dance? That’s so hot. I want to learn it too.”

“Really?” Mia nodded in response. “If you’re interested I can sign you up for a class, my friend is the instructor there.”

“I would love to.” They finished their food and Mia helped cleaning up. “That was really delicious Camille.”

After that they each took a glass of wine and sat down in the living room. Enzo and Camille were sitting on the long end of the L shaped couch with Enzo’s arm around her waist and Camille’s head resting on his chest. Mickey sat at their feet and Mia sat at the other side with her legs crossed. “I don’t mean to pry, but how did you guys meet?” they looked at each other and smiled.

“It’s actually a really funny story” Camille said.

“It was a beautiful evening out and I took Mickey to the park.” Enzo started talking so dramatically, but Camille swatted him and he started talking normally again. “We were walking along a trail and suddenly he saw a cat and started chasing it. I lost the grip on the leash and we were separated. I searched for a while. When I finally saw him, he was walking with a woman, a very beautiful woman I may add.” He said winking at Camille and she blushed in response. “And on instinct I thought she was trying to steal him. I stormed over to her and yanked the leash from her hands. I asked her how she dared to steal away my baby.”

“In my defense I was trying to find Mickey’s owner. I was sitting on the bench that day to pass some time and out of nowhere I saw a dog chasing this cat. I shooed the cat away and started petting the dog. He was such a sweet dog. I saw the collar and was trying to find his owner. That when this handsome maniac decided to rip the leash away from my hand and started yelling.”

“Well you also started yelling at me. We had a small argument and she just walked away after saying that she was just trying to get Mickey back to its owner. I was a little ashamed when I realized I shouted at her for no reason. When I looked to the way she walked to I couldn’t see her anymore.”

“I was a little taken back at his reaction and couldn’t really react accordingly so I patted Mickey on the head, said that I was just trying to get the dog back to its owner and walked away.”

“Actually your exact words were ‘this is the last time I try to do something nice for someone’ while you rolled your eyes.” Their eyes lit up while remembering that moment. “The second time we met was in a café a couple of days after that. I was enjoying my coffee and muffin when I heard someone making a fuss about the cookies. I looked up and I saw her again. I was amused to hear her say that they shouldn’t false advertise. I was really amused at the scene before me.”

“You know what they did Mia. They put cinnamon powder on the cookies and didn’t say it had cinnamon. I was so angry because I utterly despise cinnamon. They told me that I should’ve asked if it had cinnamon and that made me angrier. The manager came out and tried to calm me down, he said that they forgot to put up the sign which said that it was cinnamon flavored cookies. So he gave me a coffee and a pastry of my choice as an apology. I accepted it and sat down at one of the tables outside.”

“After a while I went over and talked to her. I apologized for misjudging her that day and we had a coffee date that day. That day she told me into the details why she hated cinnamon that much and her undying hatred for it made me call her cinnamon. The beginning it would really annoy her but now she just accepted it. We hit it off instantly and by the end of our coffee date we already made plans for a second date. And here we are today.”

“Wow that’s intense. It sounds like something out of those romance novels.” Mia laughed and they joined in.

“Enzo why do you have this annoying habit to give everyone a nick name? Now that I think of it do you call anyone with their real name?” Mia asked.

“I don’t know it kind of keeps me connected to the person I guess.” He shrugged.

“That’s sweet. Chérie suits you.” Camille said to Mia and then turned to Enzo. “You know now that I think I don’t have one for you, I need to come up with something.”

“Yeah, take all your time. It’s going to take all your creativity to come up with something because I’m just that awesome.” Enzo said smirking.

After talking for a while Enzo took Camille home and Mia went to sleep. She didn’t even hear Enzo coming back.

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