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Chapter 21: France- Morning runs and Evening kisses

It was Mia’s second day in France. She woke up around 4:15 a.m. all thanks to her nightmares. Her sleep pattern had been switching from falling asleep and waking up early due to nightmares to not being able to sleep till late and when she finally slept, it would be till noon. The only constant is that she got no more than 3 sometimes 4 hours of sleep. If she was lucky it would be 5. Just like the last couple of months. Giving up on getting anymore sleep she got out of bed. She took a quick shower in attempt to relax her body and calm her mind, it helped to an extent. She walked into her room and rummaged through her clothes to find something to wear. Might as well start unpacking. She didn’t get to it yesterday. While she was busy with it she saw someone turn on the light in the hall. When Mia walked out of the room she saw Enzo tying his shoes.

“Good morning.” Mia said, he was startled hearing her voice.

“Morning. You’re up early.”

“Yeah, I just woke. Going somewhere?”

“HHmm I’m going for my morning jog.”

“Morning jog? I didn’t peg you for that type.”

“Really? And what kind of type am I according to you?” he asked raising an eyebrow. How does he do that so expertly?

“The type who enjoys sleep and leaves his home as late as possible.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint you Chérie, but I very much enjoy my morning run and I am mostly on time.” He laughed. “Do you want to join me?”

“Uhm no. Do you think that I am the type that goes for early morning runs?”

“You never know what you might like till you try it. Have you ever been on a morning run?”


“Then how do you know it’s not for you?” Mia just stared at him. She didn’t even have an answer for him. “Come on why don’t you join me so you can decide if it’s for you or not.”

“I don’t really have running clothes or shoes.”

“Uhh. You can wear a pair of shorts or yoga pants and a simple shirt and you can run in your converse shoes once. If you like it and want to continue you can always buy running shoes later. So?”

“Ugh fine. Give me 5 minutes to change.” Mia went into her room and changed into a sports bra, a simple shirt and a pair of yoga pants and put on shoes. She saw Enzo waiting outside with Mickey.

“Ready?” he asked and Mia just shrugged. “Oh come on you’ll like it.” They walked to a park nearby and he started running. Mickey followed him. Mia also started jogging. It was hell. She kept panting like a dog, she felt a little light headed and her feet started to hurt. She would stop after every couple of seconds. How do people do this for fun? She saw Enzo coming towards her. “You okay?”

She tried to answer between her ragged breaths “NO. I see now that this is not for me I am going home. It feels like I’m having an asthma attack or something.”

“It’s totally normal to feel that because you’re running for the first time I assume. It will get better with time. And you’re thinking too much. Come on I will run with you. This time close your eyes and try to feel everything around you.” Mia looked at him with an expression that could be interpreted as ‘are you serious’. He laughed and pulled her to start running. “Now close your eyes.” she did as he said.

“What if I fall? How will I see where I am going?” Mia opened her eyes after a second and looked at him.

“OMG shut up. I told you, you think too much. It’s a straight trail and I am here to guide you. So stop being a child and close your eyes.” he scolded her and she closed eyes. “Okay now focus on you steps, how the shoes feel on your feet, how the ground feels under your shoe. Listen to the sound your feet make when they hit the ground, to the birds chirping around you. Feel the wind on your face, in your hair. Take a deep breath and smell the fresh air surrounding you. Focus on your body.” Mia tried to do what he said. It was difficult at first, but after a couple of tries she managed to focus a little of the sensations around her. As she was starting to get the hang of it she stumbled on a rock and fell down. She sat up and looked around, she saw Enzo a couple of feet behind her tying his shoe laces. When he looked up and saw her on the ground he started laughing.

“You traitor, you told me you’d guide me.” Mia rolled her eyes and stood up brushing off the dirt.

“I’m sorry I needed to tie my shoe laces. I didn’t know you would fall. All though it was funny.” Mia angrily glared at him. “But look at the bright side.”

“And that is?”

“Look how far you’ve run and you didn’t stop once.” Mia looked back to the trail and saw that she did come quite far. “You’re a natural runner. You just need a little practice.” He said winking. “You’ll see tomorrow you will run further than this. You actually did pretty well for a first time runner.” They walked a little while talking. “Let’s go back now. I need to go to work.” They walked back to his house and he went straight to the bathroom. Mia washed her hands and started making breakfast.

When Enzo returned after his bath he offered to finish making breakfast so she could go freshen up. After Mia had a refreshing bath she walked into her room and rummaged through her clothes again. She didn’t have much but what she had didn’t fit her all that well anymore. Almost all her clothes were big for her. Ever since that betrayal when everything started spiraling down a black hole she started eating less till sometimes she went days without touching food. Which now resulted in her losing weight. She tried a couple of times to eat better, but she can’t seem to get herself to do it anymore. She picked a shirt and a pair of pants with an elastic waistband and decided to go shop for some more clothes later. When she came out of the room she saw an already set the table and Enzo was reading something of his phone while sipping coffee. Mia took the toast and omelet she made on a plate and some coffee.

“So I have work today. Do you have any plans?”

“Uhm not really. I think I will unpack my things and after that rest a bit and maybe go shopping later.”

“Hhhmm okay. Camille told me she’d come over today after her work maybe she can show you around a bit.”

“That sounds like fun.” They finished their breakfast. He left for his work and she cleaned everything up. Then she went to her room to finally unpack her bags. She pretty much wasted her time in front of the TV and playing with Mickey. It was past 3 p.m. when Mia heard someone knocking. It was Camille. She offered to take Mia to the shopping center and have lunch together since neither of them had eaten yet.

At the shopping center they went into a couple of shops and tried on various items of clothes. The both of them ended up buying something. After the shopping spree they ate at a local café, well Camille ate and Mia just sipped her coffee. Camille is an amazing girl. From all she has told Mia, she gathered that being around her was always eventful. They were chatting after their meal when she got a call from work and had to leave urgently. Mia assured her that she was capable enough to find her way back home. The café they were at wasn’t too far from Enzo’s house so Camille put the location in Mia’s phone so she could use the directions to get home safely. Mia strolled around a bit.

She was walking when she noticed a guy coming straight toward her, while looking straight into Mia’s eyes, he smiled. She looked confused at him. He looked really handsome, tall, brown perfectly styled hair, clean shaved strong jawline. When he smiled Mia saw that he had dimples. He was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt. Mia could see tattoos patterns starting on his lower right arm going up his arm and disappearing under the sleeve of his shirt. She felt this strange pull towards him she couldn't explain. From all the strangers passing by all she could focus on was the guy walking towards her. Before she could comprehend what was happening he embraced her and whispered in her ear “S’il vous plaît ne criez pas. Je suis désolé, mais j’ai besoin de votre aide. (Please don’t shout. I’m sorry, but I need your help.)” And then his hands went around Mia’s waist, he pulled her close and placed his lips on hers.

I don't know many foreign languages so the sentences I use are from the net
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