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Chapter 23: France- Paris- Ice cream

The stranger that kissed Mia a couple of weeks ago held the bar door open for her when they reached the bar. A million thoughts were swirling in her mind and she didn’t know which one to listen to. She just wanted to run away from him even though there was this invisible force pulling her towards him. He looked towards her with those beautiful coffee colored eyes and all the thoughts in her mind died down and she could see herself getting lost in them.

“Ladies first.” He said with his hypnotic voice, but she didn’t move. “What’s wrong? I told you I won’t do anything without your permission.”

“Dog’s aren’t allowed inside.” Mia pointed to the sign. “Maybe this is a sign that we should stay away from each other.”

“Don’t be like that, Tesoro.” He held her wrist to prevent her from walking away again. As soon as his hand touched her skin sparks were send up her body. Why does his touch affect me so much? He looked around for a while, his eyes lit up when he saw something. Mia looked in the direction he was looking in. “Come on, I’ll buy you ice-cream instead.” Free ice-cream? Why not. She nodded and they head over to the ice-cream stand.

“You know you can let go of me now.” Mia said and they both looked down at his hand holding her wrist.

“I’m not risking you running away.” He answered with the perfect smirk on his lips which made Mia roll her eyes.

“Which flavor do you want?” he asked scanning the options.

“Butterscotch.” Mia replied and he placed the order. He handed Mia her ice-cream and they walked to a bench not far from there to sit down. She was enjoying her ice-cream when she noticed him watching her and smiling now and then. Why is he watching me? Do I have something on my face? Mia ignore him it first and enjoy the cold sweetness in her hands, but the staring started getting on her nerves. “Can I help you?” She asked sarcastically.

“Can I taste?”


“Your……” He leaned towards her and she gulped. He brought his lips close to her ear and whispered in a low and sexy voice. “Ice-cream.” Mia mentally cursed herself when she heard that, because her mind went somewhere else when he asked that question.

“Owh. Yeah, that’s not happening.” She answered as she composed herself. He shook his head and laughed. And reached for her ice cream. “TOUCH MY ICE CREAM AND I WILL CHOP YOUR HANDS AND OTHER THINGS YOU HOLD DEAR OFF.” He looked scared for a second and then his expression changed to impressed. He smirked and didn’t make a move anymore.

After a while he spoke up again. “Dave”

“Huh?” Mia looked up and got caught off guard when she saw those coffee colored eyes staring at her and she stared back confused.

“It’s my name.” he clarified.

“So? What do you want me to do congratulate you?” He threw his head back and laughed at her response. The sound was so magical she felt herself getting lost in it. She unknowingly smiled. When he looked at her again she could see his coffee colored eyes sparkle.

“You know this is where normal people would tell their name in exchange.” He said composing himself from the laugh.

“Nah, I’ll pass. Anyway. Do you mind telling me why you basically kidnapped me?” she asked snapping out of her thoughts.

“Owh yeah.” He suddenly got nervous, his hand went through his hair and scratched the back of his neck. It looked so cute. “First I want to apologize for my behavior.”

“Your behavior? Of which time?”

“Can I finish?” Mia nodded. “The kiss. I did say that I needed your help and asked you not to shout. I thought you were French.”

“From what angle do I look French?” she gave him a confused look.

“Sì, Lei ha ragione Lei non guarda francese, Lei guarda caldo (yes, you are right you don’t look at French, you look hot)” he mumbled.

“What?” Mia asked as she didn’t understand a word he said.

“Nothing. As I was saying before I got rudely interrupted. I had a drunk one night stand with some girl and she got all stalkerish. She followed me and sent me these weird texts. I tried so many things to get rid of her but it wouldn’t work. Finally I told her that I’m engaged and that my fiancé would sent her to jail if she found out. She didn’t believe me and asked for proof. I didn’t know what to do in that moment. So when I saw you that stupid plan came to my mind and I walked over and kissed you. It did work though after your outburst I convinced her you said ‘if I find that bitch I’m going to make her regret it’. She doesn’t speak English, thank god. And it worked. So I’m sorry and thank you.”

Mia stared at him trying to make sense of what he just told her. Before she could react her phone started lit up, indicating she received a message. It was Enzo, he was searching for her. “I have to go my friends are waiting for me.” Mia muttered. She stood up from the bench to walk away but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down so she was sitting again. She looked back at him. Anger rose up in her. Why did she feel so betrayed and used? She didn’t have time to process everything he just told her and was still confused. Not knowing what to do she let the emotion she was experiencing now take over her rational mind. She jerked her hand out of his grip and give him a slap. He was shocked with her reaction and held his freshly slapped cheek. Mia wanted to walk away but he held her wrist tightly with his other hand. All she could think about were those coffee colored eyes and the shock they held after the slap. “Can I at least know your name? I’m not letting go till you tell me.” What the hell is wrong with this man?

“Crystal” Mia said tugging her wrist away and sprinting off. Far away from him. To her relief he didn’t follow her.

Mia caught up to Enzo and Camille. And when she reached them she was a little breathless.

“Hey, are you okay Chérie?” Camille spotted Mia first. Enzo sensed that something was bothering her but didn’t say anything, she was thankful for that. Mia nodded and they made their way back to Enzo’s car. The ride back was fairly quiet from Mia’s part. Enzo and Camille were planning a date. Mickey’s head rested on Mia’s lap. She patted his head as she stared out of the window. Thinking about a coffee color eyed stranger who took her breath away and more with just one kiss. A stranger whose name she now knew. ‘Dave’. A smile crept up her lips as his name comes to mind. She was trying to sort her thoughts but failed. She tried to rationalize why she gave him a fake name. It was not like she would see him again. She smiled at the thought of the origin of that name. It was after one of her pole-dance classes, she went to get drinks with the group she danced with and they all took one of the online name generators for their stripper names. According to that Crystal was her stripper name.

It’s safe to say she didn’t sleep well that night. That damn kiss was on loop again in her mind. If there was one feeling that she felt right now it was confusion. It was just a simple kiss and yet she couldn’t get it out of her mind and on the other hand she felt a little angry at him for using her like that. While a part of her brain argued that she shouldn’t have slapped him, and a smaller part just wanted a repeat kiss. One part of her brain wondered why she gave him a fake name. Fed up by twisting and turning in her bed and the voices in her head driving her insane she got up and grabbed a book. She finally fell asleep somewhere on page 12. The next few days went by uneventfully. The morning runs, pole dancing lessons and roaming France were taking her mind off the encounters with the coffee color eyed stranger. She didn’t know why it bothered her so much. It shouldn’t but it still does.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was on her list of places to see, it lies in the true heart of Paris and by some even of entire France. With so many people visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris unforgettable setting on the Seine, it has always been one of Paris top attractions

She also went to a Wine Tasting at O Chateau rance and Paris is home to the finest wine in Europe. Like she need more reason to drink wine.

While Mia was shopping one day with Camille she noticed a flyer about cooking classes for French cuisine. She was interested and instantly took the number to ask more info later. Funny enough she started the cooking classes by the end of the same week. Mia realized that she really enjoyed it. Mia liked cooking since she was small and theía Lara used to teach her, but now she realized that it’s something she was really passionate about.

With each day she found more things to fill her bucket list as she was simultaneously crossing things off. Every time she wrote something was excited and every time she crossed something out it felt exhilarating.

One of the days she was wasting her time away on her phone, because she was too lazy to go anywhere, she stumbled upon a quote or an oath in this case. The yearly bucket list oath: I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime. I vow to make an impression on the world not the couch. I promise to dream about unrealistic goals. And make them my reality. She wrote it on the back of the cover page of her bucket list note book.

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