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Chapter 24: France- Beach volleyball

As the days dragged on Mia continued her morning runs, pole dancing classes and exploring the rest of France. A few days ago she completed the French cuisine course she joined, which she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today was a sunny day out and Enzo had the day off so they decided to visit the beach. Enzo and Camille were swimming in the water and Mia was engrossed in a book. When she looked up she saw her coffee-brown eyed stranger emerging from the water. Why does he pop up everywhere I go? He was wearing only shorts. Does he get hotter every time I see him? Mia’s eyes roamed his well-defined body and the patterns of his tattoos on his toned arms were accentuated. He had a tribal tattoo starting from his left pectoral muscle and ending just below his elbow, they really suited him. Her eyes followed the water drops that were dripping down his body. Before he could see her, Mia shielded her face with her book. She was staring at the pages in the book but all she could think about was the kiss that they shared. And seeing him half naked today just made her mind wander. Just reminiscing the kiss made her brain turn into mush. When she looked at her coffee-brown eyed stranger again he was playing volleyball with a group of guys. He hit the ball and flashed his million dollar smile which she involuntarily smiled to. Mia bit her lip as she stared at him shamelessly. He looked so damn hot, the way his body moved was so hypnotizing. She was so lost in thoughts she didn’t notice Camille coming to sit next to her.

“Who are you eye-f*cking?” Camille asked brashly, while staring in the same direction Mia was staring in.

“Uuhh no one.” Mia said shyly as she returned to staring at her book.

“Don’t lie, your face is completely flushed and you’re biting your lip.” Mia stopped biting her lip instantly, but her gaze went up and it fixed on the same person again. And Camille smirked. “Also your eyes are fixed on one person.” She started looking around and saw the group of guys that were volley balling. “Damn girl, that is one group of fine looking men. Now spill which one were you looking at?” Mia sighed in defeat and put her book down.

“The one in the blue-bleach shorts with the tattoos.” She slumped down on the beach chair. Please make her stop talking about it.

“OMG I approve of your choice. He can take me anytime if you’re not interested.” She said jokingly.

“Camille, you have a boyfriend.” Mia said laughing.

“So? Looking doesn’t hurt anyone. Unless it’s the way you are looking. I think if he saw you like that he would have a bad case of blue-balls.” Mia rolled her eyes at Camille’s comment. To Mia’s horror she saw Enzo join the group. “Looks like my man will be fulfilling the role of cupid today.” Camille said with a smirk. Mia and Camille looked at the group as they played. Mia her eyes were fixed on one person. They stopped playing after two rounds and most of the guys went away, but Enzo and Dave remained there. Just the thought of his name send a warm feeling over her whole body. They talked for a while and then they both turned their heads to the girls. Mia felt her face getting red instantly as she saw his devious smirk. Dave said something to Enzo and he jogged over to us.

“You girls interested in a couple rounds of volleyball?” he asked as he reached the girls.

“Yaaasss” Camille said and at the same time Mia groaned a ‘no’. Camille stood up and started pulling Mia out of her beach chair. “It’s two against one so get off your butt and let’s go.” She said with an evil smirk. Mia stood up and took off her dress, revealing her red sleeveless crop top and blue denim shorts. Mia looked over to Dave and this time he was staring at her shamelessly, she felt it as his eyes roamed her body. As they reached Dave, Camille introduced herself and before anyone could say anything Mia did the same. Enzo and Camille stared confusedly at her why she introduced herself as Crystal but they remained quiet.

“You can let my hand go now.” Mia said as they stared at her hand to which Dave clung his hand. He didn’t let it go the whole time. And he smiled innocently. Enzo announced that they would have a girls vs boys match. So Camille pulled Mia to the other side of the net. They played two rounds and both teams won once. The third match would decide the winner. It was a really intense round. Camille tried to seduce Enzo into loosing but he didn’t give in. So Mia decided to give it a try to. She winked at Dave and he was caught off guard but it had a total opposite effect. Instead of missing the ball headed towards him he hit it so hard it went high up in the sky and as it came down both girls moved out its way preventing to get hurt. And like that the boys won the third round.

“Okay, since we won you girls have to obey us for the rest of the day.” Enzo said as he grinned and Camille grinned back understanding what he meant.

“No. not fair. You didn’t say anything about the winner’s prize in the beginning.” Mia complained like a small child.

“if you girls would’ve won you would have demanded something so I would say it’s fair.” Enzo shrugged. Enzo and Camille started flirting and it didn’t take them long to go away from there, leaving Mia and Dave alone.

“So this means you’ll do anything I ask from you?” Dave asked with a mischievous smile and Mia groaned.

“I don’t have to.” She said crossing her hands in front of her chest.

He whispered in Mia’s ear “Don’t be a bore, Tesoro?” she rolled her eyes at him and he was smirking. Damn why does he have to be so irresistible.

“I knew you missed me.” he said grinning.

“Don’t give yourself so much importance.” Mia retorted.

“So you didn’t enjoy the view when I was walking out of the water? Don’t lie Tesoro, I saw you looking at me.” Shit. Why couldn’t I be more subtle? Why can’t my mind come up with something to answer?

“Why are you calling me Tesoro? What’s with French people giving me nicknames?” Mia blurt out, trying to change the topic.

He was surprised at what she said and started laughing. “Oh Tesoro, I’m not French, I’m Italian.” When he registered her full sentence after a while he narrowed his eyes and asked “Who else gave you nicknames?” Mia ignored him and walked over to the beach chair she was seated on a while ago and he followed her.

He was staring at her with a strange sparkle in his eyes and a smirk on his lips. Those delicious kissable lips. Mia snapped out of her thoughts as he spoke up.

“Let’s go for a walk?” Mia raised an eyebrow at him. “I won’t kidnap you or drug you or rape you. You have my word and besides the beach is so crowded all you need to do is scream and people will rescue you.”

“You won’t leave me in peace if I don’t come with you, will you?”

“You know me so well Tesoro.” Defeated she stood up and they started walking in a random direction. “So you said French nicknames?”

“I’m not sharing that with you. Why are you bothering me anyway? It’s not like you have unfinished business.”

“Yes I do. Why did you slap me?” Mia stopped in her tracks reminiscing that slap.

“I felt myself used. You didn’t know me and just assumed I would be okay with you kissing me. At that moment the slap seemed right.” She let out a nervous chuckle feeling like a total hypocrite.

“Well to be completely honest I kind of get where you are coming from, but if you slapped me right after the kiss I wouldn’t have minded it so much. When you slapped me I thought I did something wrong again. You know Tesoro our encounters seem to have robbed me my sleep. Sei l’unica cosa a cui la mia mente vuole pensare (you’re the only thing that my mind wants to think about).” They stopped walking and he grabbed both her hands. He stepped closer till she could feel his breaths against her face and her mind went blank. The only thing she could do was stare in those beautiful eyes. The way he looked at her made her heart beat faster than it already was. “Quel bacio è la base di molti dei miei sogni. Le cose che accadono nei miei sogni sono sufficienti per tenermi distratto durante i giorni. E quello schiaffo, o mio Dio, il modo in cui la tua mano ha sentito contro la mia pelle mi ha fatto chiedere come sarebbe stato su tutto il mio corpo. (That kiss is the base of many of my dreams. The things that happen in my dreams are enough to keep me distracted during the days. And that slap, o my god, the way your hand felt against my skin made me wonder how it would feel on my whole body.)” Mia didn’t understand what he was saying but the emotion he said it with and the way he started into her eyes were enough to drive her crazy. He closed his eyes for a while, while taking a deep breath like he was remembering that moment. He placed both her hands on his chest. Mia gulped. His heart was beating so fast against her hand palm just like hers was. “Ogni notte ho voluto assaggiare le tue labbra di nuovo e molto di più. E il modo in cui sei vestito now. (Every night I wanted to taste your lips again and much more. And the way you’re dressed now.)” his eyes travel up and down her body, her knees weakened. “Mi fa impazzire completamente. (It just makes me completely insane.)” He whispered against her ear and she sucked in a breath as she felt goosebumps over her whole body. He leaned closer to her and captured her lips with his, his hands went around her waist. Mia’s whole body felt on fire, her stomach made so many somersaults. The way his lips felt against hers was just magical, she could feel sparks going off in every part of her body. Both of them were so lost in the feeling they forgot about their surroundings.

Suddenly his phone rang, he ignored the first few rings but then broke the kiss. Mia felt disappointed at the loss of contact. He took out his phone with one hand still on her waist and looked angrily at his phone. When he saw the caller ID he cursed and picked up. He shouted something which sounded Italian. Then he held the phone away from his ear and whispered into hers “I’m sorry Tesoro, I have to go. It was nice meeting you again and our encounter today was amazing. Lei sta guardando adesso fisicamente così caldo mi fa male per andare via. (You are looking so hot is physically hurts me to leave.)” He looked at her with a longing gaze as he stroked her cheek. he took a deep breath and turned around and walked away talking in this phone leaving her all alone. And confused.

Mia slowly made her way back to their spot lost in her thoughts and saw Enzo and Camille had returned.

“Where did you disappear to?” Camille asked suggestively.

“I went for a walk since you guys weren’t to be found as well” Mia shrugged.

“hhmm okay so where is Dave?” she raised her eyebrow. And Enzo was just silently enjoying the interrogation.

“He left. I saw that you can go parasailing over there. I’m going, do you guys want to join?” Mia abruptly changed the topic, not wanting to answer her anymore.

“Changing the topic?” Camille asked with a grin, Mia groaned and started to walk away. Camille and Enzo laughed as they joined her.

Mia was nervous for the parasailing but once she was in the air it felt exhilarating, she screamed all her worries away. Everything looked so beautiful from up there, so serene so peaceful. She enjoyed every second and by the time they were lowering her, she didn’t want to come down. Life seems so simple from up there. All her problems looked like ants and made her rethink everything, to a point a view where she could see that some things she was stressing over are not that important. Mia walked back and had the widest grin on her face when she remembered something she read once. ‘Don’t frown because it is over, smile because it happened’ it made her appreciate this day more.

After the day at the beach Mia didn’t bump into her handsome coffee colored eyed not so stranger anymore. She felt kind of disappointed. Mia enjoyed her last days there, seeing more places, enjoying more food and spending time with Enzo and Camille. The time to pack her bags came around again. She was getting ready for her departure from France. She put on a pair of jeans and felt something in the pocket. She took it out and saw the ring she found in the church in York (England). Mia realized she forgot to return it. She shrugged it off and place it on her necklace and wore it as a pendant. Mia thought she wouldn’t cry, but once they were on the airport the tears found their way on their own. After a tearful goodbye or in Enzo’s words ‘till we meet again’, because he hated goodbyes, Mia found herself staring out of a plane window on her way to Mexico.

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