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Chapter 26: Mexico- Confrontations and young love

As Mia turned around to walk away she heard Olivia say something.

“Yeah, run away bitch. It’s what your good at. The only thing that you’ve been doing since you were little. You ran away from your bullies instead of standing up to them. You ran away from people who were trying to befriend you. You even ran away from guys who were the least bit of interested in you. Thanks to me you got those two ex-boyfriends of yours or you would still be a virgin. When are you going to man up?” she laughed while saying it al. Just like in Mia’s dreams but this time it was real. It wasn’t in her head and that made it a hundred times worse. Mia felt a tear slip down her cheek. She hardened with every word that came out her mouth. Every nightmare Mia had made her stronger and this just gave her the boost she needed.

“Who are you calling a bitch, you puta.” Lydia started to yell before Mia could talk. Lucas held her back.

“This is my fight.” Mia said to Lydia and turned to Olivia. “You’re right it’s time for me to man up. I won’t let you walk over me. You said you didn’t want to see my face again so I was just respecting your wishes by walking away, you’re the one that stopped me. I’ve been your best friend for so long, that I was blinded to see your true nature. To see what kind of cunning manipulative bitch you really are.” Olivia was so angry she slapped Mia. And Mia slapped her back. She was shocked with Mia’s reaction. “No!! I won’t be intimidated by you anymore. I realized that you never really cared for me. You just used me. You know sometimes the people you meet today have better intentions than people you haven known your whole life. You never tried to understand me, everything was always about you. You only befriended me so I wouldn’t outshine you. Did you really think I didn’t know that? I was naïve but I wasn’t blind. This has to stop. I won’t let you have any control over my life anymore. You don’t deserve that much place in my life. I deserve to be happy and free. Also I would like to thank you, because of you I can see the difference between fake friends and friends that actually care. Your friendship was just skin deep when the time came for you to show your friendship you turned your back towards it. From now on I don’t want to see either of you. From now on I consider you both strangers. You know there is this saying once a cheater always a cheater. You should keep him away from our friend, you never know which one of them will turn on you.”

Mia turned around to see Lydia and Lucas standing with their mouths open. She was about to walk away when someone called her name.

“Mia, wait.”

“What is there left to say Nathan?” Nathan flinched at Mia’s harsh tone.

“Listen” Mia turned around and crossed her arms in front of her. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what you cheating asshole? Did you really think you could keep this façade up? I really cared about you and you went around my back with her. Don’t you have any morals?” Mia scoffed. “I wish you two the life you deserve and I don’t want to see you again so if you even see me act like you don’t know me.” with that Mia turned around, grabbed Lydia and Lucas’s hands and walked away without looking back.

Lydia stopped her and Mia heard her saying something to them. “Que te folle un pez.” Lydia joined Mia and they walked away.

“What did you say to them?” she asked Lydia. She and Lucas started to laugh. He answered and Mia eyes widened as she started to laugh loudly.

When they reached their house and Mia told them everything about what happened between Olivia, Nathan and her. After she was finished they both hugged Mia and they just sat there for a while just like that.

“I told you before you are strong. And today you proved that you are much stronger than you seem.” Lydia said.

“If you ever need someone to talk to you can always call either one of us. We are always here for you.” Lucas said to her.

“Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. I haven’t told many people the whole story.” She say. Mia felt a weight lift from her shoulders when she told them everything. She was happy they were her friends. She hadn’t known them for long but they made her see that you don’t have to know someone for long to trust them, you just need the right intentions.

The next few days passed uneventfully. The day to have dinner with their family had arrived. The Martin family was a really warm and welcoming family. They made so much food it would take two days for them to finish all that. They all had drinks together and Lydia’s mother, Rosita, told Mia all about the pranks Lucas and Lydia pulled on her and her husband. Mia also found out Lucas plays the guitar and she kind of forced him to play something. It was so beautiful. They also had two little brothers, Nico was 13 and Diego was 19 years. Nico was a cute kid and he made Mia laugh with his funny jokes. And Diego just openly flirted with her.

“¿Agarraría usted mi brazo, entonces puedo decir a mis amigos un ángel que me ha tocado?” Diego said.

Lydia laughed from behind Mia and said. “You’re too young for her idiota.”

“El amor no sabeninguna edad” Diego muttered. “I will talk to you later mi agelito.” And walks away.

Mia turned to her. “What did he say?”

“The first was ‘Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?’ then he muttered ‘love knows no age’ and he also called you his angel. And now he is telling my abuelita that he just found his bride.” Mia was shocked to hear it. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Why is Diego telling everyone that he is getting married to his angel? Who is his angel?” Lucas walked over towards them.

“That would be Mia.” Lydia said. He looked at Mia with sympathy and starts to laugh.

“You guys are so mean.” Mia said as he face started to resemble a tomato.

That evening every time Mia saw Diego, he winked or blew kisses to her. When the time to leave arrived he was hell-bent that he loved Mia. He held her hand and refused to let go. He took her to the balcony so she wouldn’t leave.

“Please don’t leave me with my family they are crazy and I love you.”

“Oh Diego. You have a lovely family and you do not love me, you’re just infatuated. You’ll get over it. You’ll meet someone in your life who will love you as much as you love her, but I’m not that person.” He looks sad with what Mia said.

“Do you have a boyfriend? It doesn’t matter, I will keep trying.” She smiled at his determination.

“You’re a sweet boy. But I do have to leave now.”

He nods but as she walked away he says “I won’t give up mi angelito.”

Mia was saying my goodbyes to the whole family and thanking them for their hospitality.

Rosita said to her “You know that Diego is one hard-headed boy. I hope he didn’t bother you too much. Also he seems pretty determined to marry you so good luck with that. But I wouldn’t mind you being my daughter-in-law.” Mia looked shocked at Rosita and saw that she was looking at Lucas. Is she thinking that Lucas and I. ugh damn it.

“That’s really sweet of you to say Rosita but Lucas and I are just friends and Diego is too young for me.”

“Of course how silly of me. You enjoy the rest of your stay and you are always welcome here if you want to come back.” Mia hugged her and she, Lydia and Lucas left.

“Why don’t you two live with your family?” Mia asked once they reached their home.

“It was getting too crowded there and it was far from our work. They allowed it because we both would live together. If by any chance we wouldn’t they would make sure we would stay there.” Lydia explained.

“So are you ready to become our sister-in-law? Because my little brother is asking all kinds of questions about you.” Lucas joked. Mia looked horrified at him and they both started to laugh.

“Please stop, I’ve already had enough trauma for one day.” Mia stood up and went straight into her room. Leaving the siblings who were laughing their asses off in the living room.

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