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Chapter 28: Mexico- Pirate boats and beaches

The next morning Mia was having breakfast around 10 a.m. when Lydia walked in.

“Hey. It seems the morning was very good for you.” Mia said catching Lydia’s attention. She walked over and crashed on the couch beside her.

“Owh Mia the morning was very good, just like the night.” She had the biggest smile on her face. It made Mia smile too. She took a deep breath as she reminisced those moments.

“Are you going to tell me anything about what happened between you and doctor sexy?” Mia asked as she took a sip from her coffee.

“Uhm okay. Last night we had a drink and danced for a while there was a spark between us from the beginning. Then he invited me over to his house.. Well, I didn’t see much of his house last night but the bedroom, this morning he showed me around and his house was very luxurious. This morning we had breakfast together and he asked me out on a date.”

“Well, you move fast.”

“It’s a gift.” She said with a smirk. “Owh and his name is Javier. Hot isn’t it?”

“Very. So the sex was good?”

“Mmhh very. It was just mind blowing, he has magic in his hands literally. Anyway I need to go to work.” She said rolling her eyes and got up to get ready.

About an hour Lucas made an appearance. Mia was sprawled on the couch. When she heard the front door open she lifted her head and saw Lucas entering and lowered her head on the pillow again.

“Don’t you have work?”

“Nope. I knew yesterday would get out of hand so I took the day off. What are you doing?”

“Getting bored.”

“What do you have on your bucket list?”

“Seeing la pasqualita, a bridal shop and swimming with the whale sharks.”

He raised his eyebrow. “You want to go look at wedding dresses? Why?”

“Actually it’s not just a bridal shop. Rumor has it that the clothing dummy is actually the well-preserved corpse of the owner’s daughter, who died from a black widow spider bite just before her own wedding.” Mia said excited.

“That sounds creepy. Why would you like to see that?” Lucas asked confused.

“I don’t know. It’s on my bucket list so I want to see it. Also there is a local winery I want to visit there. So we’ll swing by the shop for a little while and then head to the winery.”

“You had me at wine. Get ready then we’ll leave.” Mia laughed and nodded.

So they did just that. They stood in front of the shop looking at the clothing dummy called la pascualita.

“That doll is giving me the creeps can we leave?” Lucas said. And Mia agreed it started getting under her skin too. There was just something unsettling about it.

“You know some people say it changes positions itself. Look her thumb moved.” Mia said to him and tap him on his opposite shoulder. He screamed so hard and Mia laughed equally hard.

“Mia if you ever do something like that again I will haunt you in your dreams.” He said in a serious voice.

“Okay sorry. Let’s head over to the winery.”

They enjoyed the wine and the tour and even ended up buying a couple of bottles that they liked. Then they went to a market and shopped around a bit.

The next day the three of them were making plans for swimming with the whale sharks for that weekend. Lucas thought they could make a beach day out of it. Lydia suggested asking dr. sexy along.

“Lydia don’t you think Lucas is going to go all big brother on him and scare him?” Mia asked when Lucas went to his room.

“No. Not really.”

“Okay. I just thought after that whole ex-boyfriend fiasco he would be a little weary of the guys around you.”

She looked lost in her thoughts and then spoke up. “Actually since I’ve broken up with that pendejo I haven’t dated. Mostly had one night stands. Mierda why didn’t I think of it, because he did scare my ex the first time they met.”

“Hey, relax he didn’t react when you brought up his name just now. Maybe he won’t do anything.”

“I hope so.” She answered a little nervously.

They rented a home in Cancun for four people. Lucas, Lydia and Mia would head out on Thursday and stay till Sunday. They planned on going to the Jolly Roger Pirate Night Show and Dinner Thusday. The snorkeling tour on Friday and stay at the beach for the whole day. Playa del Carmen Jungle Tour (Tulum, Cenote Snorkeling, 4x4 Ride and Ziplining) on Saturday. Shopping on Sunday, after which they would head back. Because they told dr. sexy about their plans a little late he couldn’t get four days off, but he said he would join them Saturday and Sunday.

The four of them really had a lot of fun that weekend.

Jolly Roger Pirate Night Show and Dinner. Everyone received a welcome drink and there was a performance on the boat before boarding. From then on the drinks and entertainment was nonstop! Production of the show was very professional and there was something for everyone. Lots of surprises along the way. Plenty of audience participation throughout but nothing that would make people feel uncomfortable. During one of the performances one of the pirates even took Mia on stage. He danced with her for a while. She tried to go along with it as best as she could with her awkward moves but she really enjoyed it. Food was also great. They had a fabulous night, which ended with a spectacular firework show.

The whales were phenomenal and there were several huge manta rays swimming around as well. Snorkeling in the open water is definitely different than peacefully floating along looking at pretty fish. Lucas luckily didn’t make a big deal of the situation between Lydia and dr. sexy. They played beach volleyball, swam around and ate delicious food.

They traveled to Tulum, the Walled City with the tour group. And went to a flawless white sandy beach and the ruins. Afterward, visited Rancho San Felipe, a Maya community. Then a short trek into the jungle and enter Sac Actun (“White Cave”) and Nohoch Nah Chich (“Giant Bird Cage”), the Yucatán region’s second and third longest cave systems. At a cenote (natural underground pool) they could snorkel in clear waters, surrounded by dramatic rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites. They also went through the lush forest aboard a Mercedes-Benz Unimog, a massive 4x4 vehicle. They even enjoyed thrills through the treetop canopy along three zip lines. The day ended with a satisfying buffet lunch of homemade classic Maya fare.

When they reached home that evening all three of them just slept till the next morning, they were that exhausted.

Mia’s trip in Mexico was cut short when she received a call from Mara. She informed Mia that Hugo had passed away. She was saddened when she heard that. Mia made arrangements to go back at once. It’s time for her to face everything she left behind.

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