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Chapter 3: The betrayal continues

It has been weeks already since that dreadful day and Mia hasn’t talked to anyone. She tried every day to move past the betrayal but her mind kept playing tricks on her. Just when she thought she could move on the memory started replaying in her head like a movie. She needed to talk to someone because her thoughts were driving her crazy. Not knowing her destination Mia walked out of her house, she needed to get out because being locked up in her room just worsened everything. Just last night as she fell asleep from exhaustion the memory replayed but this time there was a twist. Like her nightmares she saw everything that happened in a darker shade and this time her best friend continued her assault by hitting her. Mia woke up panting, screaming and sweating around 4 a.m., she didn’t dare to close her eyes again. Somehow her feet took her to an old playground, she, Olivia and Christina used to play there a lot in their younger years. She thought back to those days and a small smile appeared on her lips, but it didn’t stay long. The memory of the betrayal resurfaced and it tainted her old memories. She started questioning where she went wrong to deserve something like this. She walked to a swing and sat down. There were so many thoughts racing through her head and at the same time her head felt empty. She looked around there were little girls and boys playing not far from her, their smiles and carefree expressions made Mia whish she was that little again. She saw the parents of the children bringing them ice cream and snacks, how she always wished that her parents would take care of her like that, love her like that. But that was a box she locked a long time ago and she didn’t have the energy to open it now.

Mia was jerked out of her thoughts when she heard a familiar voice. It was Christina. She wanted to walk over to her and hug her and tell her everything that happened, hoping Christina could help with the pain. So she started walking towards her other best friend, but she stopped in her tracks when she heard her talking on the phone. Not wanting to intrude she would wait till Christina finished the call.

“Olly you’re not joking right? She knows everything about you and Nate?” her words grabbed all Mia’s attention. She knew and she didn’t say anything? Mia questioned herself. Mia knew Christina was closer with Olivia than with her but it never bothered her much. And she never expected them both to turn on her. “You know it’s funny she never found out before. It’s been two years already.” She laughed. “But wait your plan was that they would marry and when he would ask for a divorce you guys would get a part of their properties. What about that plan?” Property? That did all of this for money? “So what now than? ……. Wait you two are in a relationship? When did that happen? I thought you just wanted to get back at her. Well congratulations to you both.”

Mia stood there, not able to move, it felt like a ton of bricks just crushed her. She was struggling to breathe and understand what just happened. Mia trusted them so much and they both turned their backs on her like she was nothing. Was she that worthless to them that they didn’t even care? Mia asked herself. Failing to come up with an answer she walked back to her mansion. And she cried again. She felt completely utterly alone. And so so numb. It was like she was enveloped by darkness and it wouldn’t go away. It drained her from all her energy.

The next couple of weeks bled into one. Mia didn’t even have the energy to get up and feed myself. She wasn’t even sleeping well. Every time she tried she saw nightmares as soon as she closed her eyes. She kept seeing Nate and Olly together. Those images were burned in her brain and she couldn’t get it out no matter what she tried. Mia’s life started to feel so empty. The lack of proper rest and nutrition left her weak and confused. Everything seemed in a dream like state and the only difference was that she could wake up from her dream.

Mia noticed her parents arrived home from their trip that morning. They didn’t even come up to check on her and it was already late in the evening, it didn’t even surprise her. Mia finally mustered her energy and walked out of her room, she saw them in the living area.

“Hello mother and father” she greeted them. They didn’t even look up. Well I tried Mia thought to herself.

“Mia, where is Lara?” her mother asked. Her father just ignored Mia’s presence like usual.

“Uuh her husband is sick she won’t be coming to work for some time. I gave her some time off.” Mia replied.

“Then who will cook us dinner?” she asked. Really? That’s what she asks. Who will cook? Mia asked herself. Did they even care about their daughter she thought.

“You have 3 options one you can cook yourself, two you can order take out and three you can eat out.” She said sarcastically knowing they will be eating out today because her mother can’t cook and take out is too low for their status. She finally looked up to her daughter.

“I guess we’ll be eating out today then. Be ready by 7.” Mia didn’t have enough energy or patience to endure a dinner with her parents. She knew she could burst any minute by just hearing the wrong word, so she declined.

“Uhm I actually already have plans so I can’t join you.” She said

“Well okay.” Her mother replied simply. She didn’t even try to bond with her daughter.

Mia just walked back to her room, made herself ready and left the house. The more time she spend with them the darker everything seems, so she hopped in her car and drove off. Thank god they came to the house. They gave me a reason to go out. And I knew where I wanted to go. Mia thought to herself.

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