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Chapter 31: New opportunities

Mia walked in and the whole apartment was dark the only source of light was the T.V. Archer was in his recliner staring at the TV and drinking what she assumed was whiskey. The whole floor around him was full with empty beer bottles and a few whiskey and tequila bottles too. What happened to him?

“Archer, are you okay? What happened?” he looked up to Mia and his eyes were bloodshot red. His expression told her he had been crying.

“Mia!” he exclaimed and pulled her into a hug and refused to let go.

“Hey. Deep breaths. Do you want to tell me what the hell happened? I was so worried.” She tried her best to calm him down. He held onto her till calmed down, but still refused to let go. Mia stayed with him. After a while he just sat quietly. Mia told him to take a shower. While he was doing that she stood up, opened the windows to let some light and air in. She grabbed a trash bag and cleaned out all the empty bottles. By the time she was finished she walked to his bedroom and saw him sleeping in his bed. Mia covered him with a blanket and went to the couch she used to sleep on.

Mia was thankful the next day was Sunday. When she woke up the next morning she freshened up and walked out of the room. She checked up on Archer but he was still sleeping. She walked to the kitchen and started making breakfast, by the time she was finished Archer joined her. She also gave him a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tea. She knew it was his comfort food and he wouldn’t refuse it. They sat down and ate the food.

“How are you holding up?” Mia asked. He shrugged.

“When you’re ready to talk. I’m here.” Mia said and he nodded, returning his attention to the food. They sat silently before he spoke up.

“The past few weeks Amber was acting weird. I asked her numerous times, but she brushed it off like it was nothing. We started fighting over small things. It started with small things about the wedding details and eventually we fought about any topic that was in reach. By that time I started having doubts about the wedding. The day after your birthday, I was checking my mail when I saw an envelope addressed to Amber it was from a hospital. I was feeling a little worried about her so I opened it up. It was the bill to a procedure she had done.” he gulped before continuing and Mia didn’t miss the tears running down his cheek. “Sh-She had an abortion Mia. I called her and told her to come home at once and when she was here, I confronted her. She said she wasn’t ready for a child. I know it's her body and she should be free in her decisions but as her future husband she should've at least talk to me about it." His voice started cracking. "We had a huge fight over it. I put all of her things in a bag and threw her out. She knew I wanted children and she still did that. She didn't have an ounce of regret in her voice. Like it didn't bother her at all. How could she be so heartless? And if that all hadn’t broken me enough already she said tha… that it wasn’t even mine. I felt everything around me crumble at that moment.” Tears streamed down his cheek as he blankly stared straight in front of him.

Mia was shocked with everything he just told her. She didn’t know what to say. Mia knew Amber was a bitch but she never thought she was capable to do something like this. Mia pulled Archer in a hug and she held him till she felt him calm down a little.

“I’m sorry. You know I was in a similar position as you not long ago. I caught my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend. So to a small extent I know exactly how you feel. But it made me realize these people don’t care about us so why should we waste our time and energy on people who don’t deserve it. I don’t know if you want to hear this right now but it already happened. What she did was her choice and you couldn't have known she would do something like that. What already happened is in the past now. You need time to grieve. And you have every right to grieve, to be angry. This isn’t something small but please don’t neglect yourself because of it. Don’t bottle everything up till you explode. Take some time off and let it all sink in and not by drowning yourself in alcohol. ‘You’re the only one who can pull yourself out of this but you need to want it.’ remember you’re the one who told me that when I was going through my break down. So take your own advice. Let yourself feel the pain. Pain is very essential to life because it shows us we’re still alive. But don’t let the pain overpower you. If you need anything you know you can call me. I’m always there to support you.”

“Thanks Mia.” He said with his broken voice.

Mia stayed with him that week. They talked and he was doing a little better. He told Mia he would take the week off to visit his uncle’s cabin in the woods. He said he needed some time away. Mia understood him and stood by him and made sure he would call her to check in from time to time.

When Monday arrived Mia was already in her weekly work routine. She was busy with adding the finishing touches to the project she was working on when Alex, Mr. Field’s secretary informed her that her boss wanted to see Mia in his office. Mia stood up and walked to his office. Mia’s boss, Mr. Fields was a very strict man when she came to work here she felt intimidated by him, but once she got to know him a little he’s a nice man.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” he nodded and signaled her to sit down.

“You know the hotel project you did 2 months ago. Mr. Gomes’s hotel.” Mia nodded. “Well a friend of his really liked your work and wants to hire you for a new hotel he’s building.”

“Okay. I’ll set up a meeting with him to discuss the details.”



“It’s a two year project in Italy.”


“Yes, he specially asked for you to do the job. Working with him will be very beneficial for our company. It was a special request so I couldn't refuse. Do you want it?” she pondered for a while before answering.

“Two years abroad free of cost why not.” Mia smiled.

“Good. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I suggest you take the rest of the week off to pack up your things. I will ask Alex to book a ticket for you.” they discussed everything from her unfinished projects to some of the details for her new project. She was excited for this new project. Mia had handled solo projects before but something like this was really big for her career.

Mia texted Archer the good news and he immediately called her. He was really happy for her and he sounded better then when she last saw him. The things Mia couldn’t take with her from her apartment she left at his place. Before Mia knew it she was at the airport leaving for Italy.

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