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Chapter 33: Italy- The Eternal Battle Between The Heart and The Mind

“Will you out on a date with me?” Dave asked in his sexy husky voice while staring in Mia’s eyes, catching her off guard. Mia felt as if he was staring straight into her soul.


“Uuhh what?”

“I really like you and want to make you mine. I want to start by taking you out on a date. So?”

“uuuhhhh… uhm… I’m here to work for you. Don’t you think it’s a little unprofessional? And beside that I don’t think that I am ready for a relationship.”

He looked up, staring at her with his coffee colored eyes. Mia hoped he could understand her concern. He contemplated something for a while and then responded.

“Hmm you may have a point. So what do you suggest, Tesoro? Because truthfully I don’t think I can stay away for too long from you and I don’t want to. It will drive me crazy.” She felt her resolve weaken hearing his words, but she was certain that she wasn’t ready for something like he wanted.

“I don’t know what to say to that. I don’t think this is the right time to start something between us.” He lets out a heavy breath. She was confused with how she felt about him. With her fiance’s betrayal her heart was weary to start something new. There was so much going through her head and she knew it would take time for her to sort out her thoughts. Mia had been so focused on her career she didn’t give much thought to a relationship. For now her career was her priority. She had worked too hard and didn’t want her credibility to be questioned. “Let’s just keep things professional for a while. Okay?”

“Fine. For you I’ll try, ma non farò promesse perché il mio corpo si rifiuta di ascoltare il mio cervello quando sei coinvolto (but I will not make any promises because I my body refuses to listen to my brain when you’re involved.)” She could clearly see he didn’t like it, but for now this had to do. Mia had too many issues, too much insecurities weighing her down and she wasn’t sure how to manage that with a relationship. It didn’t feel right to drag him in her mess of a life.

“Thank you.” Mia smiled and his expression softened a bit. “So let’s discuss the details of your hotel.” She moved out of his embrace and sat down on the chair she was in minutes ago and continued eating her breakfast.

They spend a couple of hours talking about his hotel and his other businesses. He owned a couple of successful hotels in different countries. After the talk they head over to the site where the hotel was going to be and Mia could already visualize what it’s going to be like. After the visit she was feeling so inspired, she immediately took her sketch pad and made a couple of designs. There were so many ideas popping up in her mind, she didn’t even know when night time arrived, much less when the next morning arrived.

During the next few days Mia met a couple of people she would be working with. They were staying in the same street as she was. Mia told Dave about the ideas she had for the hotel and showed him the sketches. He liked two of them, so Mia incorporated both in the final design.

It had been a month already after the final design was approved and slowly construction started. During this time Dave and Mia had been talking on a professional level and she really appreciated it from him. It made her like him even more and confused her more, at the same time. She didn’t know what she wanted from him and it really scared her. She didn’t know if her heart was strong enough to handle such intense emotions. Sometimes during the day she caught herself glancing at him for a little too long. At night they send some texts back and forth but they tried to keep it on a friendly level.

The past weeks Mia was so busy she didn’t have time to do her laundry. So all of her work appropriate attire was dirty. She had no choice but to wear a dress which she normally wouldn’t wear to work. And seeing she was running late she didn’t have much time to reconsider. So she wore her maroon dress, it stopped a few inches above the knee. It fitted her perfectly on all her curves. It had sleeves till her elbow but the neck was deep. It’s safe to say she turned a few heads while heading to work. When Dave saw Mia his jaw literally dropped, his eyes roamed on her from head to toe a couple of times, but he didn’t say anything. She could see his jaw clenching and his demeanor changing when he noticed that he wasn’t the only one looking at her. Thankfully she didn’t need to stay too long today. She started to feel a little uncomfortable with all the stares she was getting.

Mia quickly finished what she had to do for the day and head home. Not too long after she arrived Mia heard a knock at the door. When she glance outside she saw a familiar black Maserati.

The knocks on the door were getting louder and more impatient. When Mia opened it, Dave stood there looking so hot with and unreadable expression on his face. He raked his hand through his brown hair giving it a messy look, which made him seem hotter. Without saying a word he stepped up to Mia pulling her close and kissing her. In that moment Mia forgot everything around her, all her mind was thinking about was the handsome man in front of her kissing the hell out of her. Dave’s hands roamed Mia’s body and a moan escaped her mouth, when he heard it she felt his soft lips curl in a smile against hers.

Mia broke up the kiss and led him to the bedroom. Her body was on fire, it craved more and she didn’t have it in her to deny it right now. Once in the room he pulled her closer. Their eyes locked and Mia felt herself getting lost in them. Her mind tried to distract her with all the negative thoughts, but her heart kept indicating to move forward. In this eternal battle between mind and heart didn’t help with the confusion Mia was dealing with in the past days.But in this moment she didn’t want her mind to be occupied by them. The way he looked at Mia made her pause all her thoughts. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss deepened and she felt him opening the zipper of her dress. He broke the kiss and was looking at her with an intoxicating expression, he slid the dress off and she was standing in front of him wearing a black lace bra and panties set.

Mia felt herself getting drunk in the way he was drinking up her appearance, it stirred up feelings Mia didn’t even knew she had. He looked up, Mia felt hypnotized by his gaze. She started unbuttoning his shirt and when it slid of his body her breath hitched. Mia’s fingers trailed his torso and he closed his eyes and let out a low growl, it made her heart beat faster. His lips captured hers again, he started trailing kisses down her jawline, her neck, across her collar bone and the same way up. Mia’s hands were going through his hair making it messier, pulling him closer to her. Dave bit her skin and placed a kiss there afterwards. It made Mia moan involuntarily and her nails dug further in his skin. Their breaths started getting heavier. They made their way to the bed and Mia stumbled making Dave fall on top of her.

Every touch, every kiss, every look he gave Mia took her to a new high. The way their bodies moved rhythmically against each other was like they were crafted specially for each other. He knew exactly what to do to Mia to push her over the edge and she enjoyed every bit of it. He made sure Mia felt every bit of pleasure he was bestowing upon her body. Slowly Mia was reaching her peak and once she was there he made her body explode with sensations all over. Shortly after Dave reached his own climax, while keeping his eyes locked with hers, his drunken gaze was piercing through Mia’s soul. Her hands reached up to his face and she pulled him in for a kiss. Exhausted he collapsed beside her, their breaths still frantic. He pulled Mia closer and they laid there for a while. Her head was on his chest right above his heart which was thumping like crazy. His left hand rested on her hip and he was drawing circles with his thumb, with his right hand he was playing with a lock of her hair, which was a mess. Neither of them said a word, they were processing what just happened and drifted off in to a slumber.

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