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Chapter 35: Italy - Let Destiny do Its work

The next day Dave made Mia take the day off to do her laundry and took her shopping for more work appropriate clothes. He accompanied her and turned down anything that showed too much skin. They were having a really nice time together when he received a call and had to leave. He dropped her home and went to attend his work.

Mia unpacked her new clothes and changed into something comfortable. She tried to work but her mind kept her occupied with other thoughts. She gave up on work and sat in front of the TV. Flipping through the channels she didn’t find anything good to watch so she turned it off and let out a frustrated huff.

Mia grabbed her phone and called Enzo. Conversations with him always went effortlessly. He picked up after 4 rings.

“Chérie, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” he said in his usual French accent. She sighed, how she missed that idiot.

“Hey Enzo. Do you have time to talk?” Enzo understood what that tone meant and was readying himself of hours of conversation.

“Uhm yeah. What happened? Is everything okay?” he asked with a concerned voice and Mia started with her story.

“Do you remember when I was in France I told you someone came out of the blue and kissed me? I met him again when we went to Paris and again when we went to the beach. Dave, the guy we played volleyball with. That was the guy.” He hummed in response.

“I knew there was something fishy between you two. So what happened with him?”

“He is the guy that hired me for his hotel in Italy. The first day I saw him we kissed again and…”

“You slept with him. Didn’t you?” Enzo asked in a smug voice and Mia felt how he was physically smirking.

“Ugh will you listen. He asked me on a date, but I asked him to keep things professional seeing he is technically my boss.”

“How could you be that stupid? Have you learned nothing from me? Never pass up hot sex.”

“Shut up and listen.”

“Ok continue.”

“Where was I? So he respected it, but yesterday something happened and…”

“I knew you banged him. Question on a scale from one to Enzo how hot is he?” Mia laughed.

“Enzo multiplied by ten.” He gasped when he heard that.

“You’re hurting my feelings Chérie.”

“Ha Ha Ha. Yes so after that he asked me on a date again and I said yes.”

“That’s great. So you called me so I could congratulate you?” he asked confused.

“I’m confused.”


“Me, him, what is going on between us, a possible future relationship so in short everything.” Mia sighed. “After everything I have been through with Olivia, Nathan and my parents I’m really scared.”

“Chérie first take a couple of deep breaths.” He knew how worked up Mia got over those topics. “First of all not everyone is like that connard Nathan. I understand you’re hesitant, but you can’t stop somethings. You can't keep letting these things hold you back in life. You do know you have to move on from that eventually right?”

Mia hummed in response. “But what if he hurts me? I don’t know if I can go through that.”

“In every relationship there is a chance to get hurt, but the love you get out of it is mostly worth it. And you can’t start a relationship thinking ‘What if he hurts me’ that will ruin things. You’ll mind with trick you and you will always be in doubt. That’s not healthy in a relationship. Tell me, how do you feel when you’re with him?”

“Uhhmm. I don’t know. I feel so many things at the same time. My heart starts beating faster, I feel butterflies in my stomach and my mind is oddly calm. I feel comfortable with him.”

“Do you see yourself trusting him?”

“Yeah I think so.”

“Do you see yourself in a relationship with him in a couple years from now?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t it too early to say something about that? How the hell do I know that I’m not making a mistake?”

“You don’t. That’s the whole thrill of the start of a relationship. Look every relationship is different. But in the end you have to know if you’re willing to risk it for that person. You need to remain calm. Not panic over every little thing. But don’t ignore the red flags. If you feel at any moment that something is wrong you stop things. And trust me your heart knows the answer. When he asks you to be his girlfriend you’ll see that you’ve always known the answer, but it will just be crystal clear in that moment.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Okay answer this. Do you feel happy when you’re with him?”


“Then I suggest you enjoy those moments as much as you can and let destiny do its work.”

Mia and Enzo chatted on for the next hour or so. After talking to him she felt calmer and more certain of her decision.

Around 8 p.m. she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it she was greeted by her handsome… she didn’t even know what to call him.

“Ciao, Tesoro.” He embraced her and leaned in for a kiss.

“Hi handsome. What brings you here at this hour?” Mia asked as they parted their lips.

“I thought we could have dinner together. But I see you’re already cooking.”

“Yeah .. shit” Mia dashed to the kitchen when she heard the timer going off, indicating the chicken was ready to come out of the oven. Dave came in not long after.

“That smells delicious.” He said. He opened the fridge and pulled out a wine bottle. He poured it in two glasses and handed one to Mia. She took it. He took that opportunity and lifted her making her sit on the kitchen counter.

“What are you doing?”

“Sit. I’ll finish cooking.” He said giving her a peck on her lips and on her nose.

“You can cook?”

“I know my way around the kitchen.” He winked and continued chopping the vegetables.

Dave finished cooking the meal as they talked and laughed sipping on their wine. They ate the deliciously prepped meal and watched a movie after that and fell asleep talking.

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