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Chapter 38: Italy - Christmas Holiday's

Mia and Dave were on their way to Dave’s parents’ house and Mia started to get more nervous by the minute. She had so many questions going through her head. What if his parents don’t like me? What if I do something stupid and screw it up. Dave noticed her fiddling with her fingers and knew she was nervous. He grabbed her hand and smiled to her in attempt to cam her down a little.

“Hey. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.” He said taking his eyes of the road. Mia smiled weakly in response.

“Eyes on the road mister.” He turned his gaze back on the road but he kept holding Mia’s hand. She felt his words affect her body and she felt a little calmer. She hoped everything goes well.

Dave finally drove up a long driveway that led to a huge mansion. There was a large lawn in front of the mansion with a beautiful large water fountain in the middle. Dave parked the car in front of the entrance of the mansion and helped her out. Everything looked so beautiful and expensive. The butler opened the door and Dave led Mia inside. Her mind couldn’t keep up with all the exquisite things around her. They reached the living room and two people were there, which Mia assumed were his parents. Dave had a lot of similar features like his father. His mother on the other hand was a long thin woman. Something about her demeanor told Mia she wasn’t someone who is pleased easily. Dave greeted his parents and then their eyes land on the nervous girl standing next to their son.

“Mom, Dad, I like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Mia Bennett.” He walked over to her and reached out for her hand leading her closer to them.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Salvatore.” Mia extended her hand with a polite smile on her face to his father and he smiled back. She smiled and relax a little. She then turned to Dave’s mother unsure what to do exactly. Because she was looking at Mia from head to toe disapprovingly. Mia’s nervousness rose up again. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Salvatore.” Mia extended her hand, but his mother dismissed it. She send Mia a fake smile and turned back to Dave.

“You should have told us that you were bringing a guest Alessandro, I would have had the guestroom prepared.”

Dave grabbed Mia by her waist pulling her closer to him. “That’s fine, she will sleep in my room.” As if this situation couldn’t get any more awkward Mia started blushing at his words. Mia was sure his mother hated her right now. “We’re going to get settled now. I’ll see you guys later.” Dave turned around and left the living room pulling Mia with him. They walked up the stairs. This house kept surprising Mia. It was spacious, had large windows, multiple exquisite chandeliers. The marble floor complimented the walls and the oak furniture matched the drapes. Every item was perfectly placed and nothing seemed out of place. Even though Mia was in awe with everything there was one thing she couldn’t oversee. It lacked the element of a home. It didn’t feel like you were welcomed into your home. It felt cold and lifeless. Like while walking through the halls you would be afraid that you would bump into something and ruin the placement. Mia was all too familiar with mansions like this seeing she grew up in a same cold empty household. But where her house was always cold and empty this mansion told another story. The way there were scratches on the wall and the floor told that this mansion wasn’t always this empty. It once held life and wasn’t this cold. They passed several doors and on the wall besides them there were markings of a child growing up. Each year had an addition to the collection.

“Why did you say we would stay in one room? I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a guestroom.” Mia whispered while they were walking.

“We already sleep in one room at my house so what’s the difference?”

“The difference is that your parents are here. And I want to do everything I can to make them like me.”

He halted and held Mia by her shoulders, he looked straight into her eyes. “I love you Tesoro. And I’m used to sleeping with you. In fact I can’t sleep without you anymore. So don’t plan on leaving me, it would be so difficult to find someone else.” He hugged her and she melted into his embrace. Then they walk into his room. Their bags were already there. Even his room was so breathtaking. Mia stood there admiring his room and when her eyes landed on him he was admiring her. “Sei qualcos’altro, lo sai? (You’re something else, you know that?)” He smiled and shook his head. He walked over and kissed her. He always seemed to find a way to leave her speechless. He broke up the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. “Why are you so worried about my parents liking you? I told you not to worry. They just need some time to get to know you.” Mia sighed and nodded. “So do you want to rest or should I give you a tour of the house?”

“A tour sounds nice, I’m afraid I’ll lose my way in this mansion.”

Dave showed Mia where he grew up. His face lit up when he talked about his childhood memories. It was such a sweet sight. During dinner that evening things were the same. His mom ignored Mia but his dad seemed nice.

The next day was thanksgiving and everyone in the house was busy doing something. Mia walked in to the kitchen and saw his mother preparing the food. She was surprised with that sight. His mother didn’t seem the type that would cook. Mia walked over.

“Can I help with something Mrs. Salvatore?” she looks up to Mia. But looks away without saying anything and continued with her work. Not wanting to angry her more Mia walked away. As she was walking aimlessly around the house Mr. Salvatore saw her and asked to join him in the garden. They had this beautiful garden in the back, it was so peaceful and relaxing.

“Don’t worry about my wife, dear. She is very protective when it comes to the kids. She’s always been like that. Don’t let her scare you off.” He said.

“Thank you.” Mia smiled at him. And they talked about random things for a while. It was nice talking to him. She walked inside the house again and heard Mrs. Salvatore talking angrily at one of the maids. Apparently they forgot to buy a dessert. Maybe this is Mia’s chance to bond with Dave’s mother a little.

“Uhm I didn’t mean to pry Mrs. Salvatore but I overheard you conversation. If you don’t mind I would love to prepare a dessert for this evening.” Mia look at her unsure of how she was going to react. His mother thought about it for a while and then she finally agreed. Mia made pumpkin cheesecake. She still had some time to kill so also made a couple of Oatmeal Cookie batches. She learned the recipe in Mexico from Lydia. Mia hope they’ll like it. After she was finished she cleaned up and went up to her room to get changed for dinner.

When Mia entered the room she was greeted with a wonderful sight. Dave was walking out of the shower with just a towel around his waist. Mia stared shamelessly. He smirked when he saw her.

“You know, you’re allowed to do more than just watch.” He winked and started walking closer to Mia making her back up against the wall. “You look delicious.” He placed his hands on either side of Mia’s head locking her between himself and the wall. He leaned in and licked her cheek. Mia started to laugh because it tickled.

“What are you doing? Stop!” He pulled away.

“Whatever that is, is delicious.” He said licking his lips. Mia touched her cheek and there was cookie batter there. She looked up to him and he was staring back so intensely with his mischievous coffee brown eyes. Mia bit her lip. His eyes traveled from her eyes to her lips and back. “Don’t bite your lip, mi rende difficile controllarmi (it makes it difficult for me to control myself.)” Mia looked at him in confusion but didn’t stop. He leaned in pushing Mia more against the wall and claimed her lips. Suddenly he bit her bottom lip.

“Ouch. Why did you bite me so hard?”

“I told you not to bite your lip. The next time I won’t give you a warning.” He winked and Mia pushed him away. She took her things and went into the bathroom to get ready. By the time she was done he was sitting on the sofa, busy on his laptop. When he saw her his eyes roamed her body from head to toe. “Are you planning on keeping me in our room the whole night? I swear I won’t mind peeling that dress off you and taking you right against the wall behind you.” Mia gulped. He stood up and walked closer to her. He pulled her in for a long sensual kiss.

“We can’t be late. I don’t want to give your mother more reason to hate me.” He takes a deep breath.

“We’re continuing this after dinner.” He said before giving her a peck on her nose.

Dave laced her fingers with hers and they walked downstairs. His sister, Ainsley, and her husband, Liam, just arrived. His sister had the same personality as Dave but she looked a lot like her mother. She’s so sweet. Mia liked talking to her. After a while Dave’s little brothers arrive, Axel and Aidan, they were twins. And as charming as their big brother. Mia got along with everyone except his mother. Everyone enjoyed dinner and Mia even got some compliments for the dessert she prepared. But his mother was still distant.

After dinner they moved to the garden in the back yard with their wine. Everyone was chatting amon each other. Mia had to go to the bathroom so she walked into the house. When she exited the bathroom Dave’s mother pulled her into the kitchen.

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