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Chapter 39: Italy- Christmas holiday's 2

When Mia exited the bathroom Dave’s mother pulled her into the kitchen.

“Listen. I know you can already sense that I don’t like you so let’s cut to the chase. I don’t like you for my son. You don’t deserve him.” that one sentence pierced Mia’s heart. A very small voice in her head always repeated that but hearing it out loud hurt a lot. “I know you’re Rita and Carl’s daughter. I recognized you the moment I saw you.”

“How do you know my parents?” Mia asked confused.

“Your mother is a close friend of mine. I know everything you did. From running away from home to disrespecting your parents. You can fool my son but not me. So stay away from him or I will make your life a living hell. You need to break up with him. I don’t want my son to be seen with someone like you.” The way she looked at Mia showed how serious she was. Mia felt tears prickling eyes but held them in. His mother walked away leaving Mia in the kitchen as she was trying to understand what just happened. Dave walked in and she blinked her tears away and put on a fake smile.

“Hey where did you disappear to? You’ve managed to capture the heart of my whole family. I told you not to worry.” He hugged Mia from behind and placing a kiss at the base of her ear.

“Yeah I guess.” Mia answered absentmindedly.

“Hey is everything okay? Something seems off.”

“Everything is fine Dave.”

“No Tesoro, don’t lie to me. You were crying. Start telling me what happened.” Mia could see in his eyes how much he cared about her. She didn’t want to lose him, just the thought of losing him made her want to cry. Mia broke down in tears right in front of him. He hugged and comforted her. Mia held him tightly. He stroked her back and let her cry her heart out. He carried her to their room and put her down on the bed. Mia fell asleep in his embrace. She woke up after a while. Dave was still holding her. He stirred awake when Mia tried to move.

“Hey how are you Tesoro? I was so worried.”

“I’m fine now. You didn’t have to stay with me you can go spend some time with your family.” Mia smiled and gave him a small peck on his cheek. Mia stood up to change her clothes but he pulled her back to him. And tightly locked her in his embrace so she wouldn’t escape again.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong? And I wouldn’t just leave you like that.”

“I told you everything is fine.”

“No, nothing is fine I can see that something is bothering you. You need to tell me if something is wrong so I can help you through it.” he was silent for a while. “You don’t trust me? You don’t trust me enough to share your problems with me.”

“This isn’t about trusting you. Of course I trust you.”

“Of course it is. If you can’t trust me there is nothing in this relationship. I have proven myself so many times. When will your doubts about our relationship leave your mind? You need to stop comparing what we have to your previous engagement.”

“I’m not comparing it.”

“But you still have your doubts right?” Mia stayed silent. She couldn’t lie to him. There is always a small part in her saying this was too good to be true. “Stop thinking about your past relationship in your current one.”

“I’m not thinking about my past relationship.” By now he was pacing trough the room and Mia was sitting on the bed. She could see he was really worked up about this. “Please go. I need some alone time.”

He looked at her and walked out of the room. Mia sat there for a while trying to sort the mess in her head but she couldn’t seem to get her thoughts straight. She walked to the window and saw his whole family interacting with each other. A smile forms on her lips. This is what’s it like when you have parents who care. Mia fell asleep trying to figure out what to say to him because she couldn’t tell him what happened between his mother and her. She didn’t want to get between their relationship.

The next day Mia didn’t see him. He was busy helping his father with something. She spend most of the day in the room. She didn’t want to face his mother again. The day after that Ainsley showed up and took her shopping so she was out of the house the whole day. Mia was really thankful because she was getting frustrated by staying in that house locked up in their room. The next day both were outside in the garden. She didn’t have the intention to talk to him, because she didn’t know what to say. He was seated on a patio chair and she walked over. He looked sad when he saw her his eyes lit up and he called out to her.

“Tesoro.” Dave exclaimed and he pulled her on his lap. “I know I’ve acted like an asshole, but I miss you.” he buried his head in the crook of her neck. “I shouldn’t have pushed you to open up like that and I’m sorry for my behavior that night. But you do know that we have to talk about these things if we want this to work out. Right?”

“Dave, you’re right we do have to talk about these things.” Mia sighed. “I never really told you that but I never had the best relationship with my parents. They never really cared for me. I was raised by our maid mostly. They didn’t have time for me they were always busy with their company. And when they were home they fought a lot. They are the reason I stopped believing in happily ever after. I knew from a young age what was waiting for me in marriage so that’s why I didn’t really bother. I never even trusted anyone that much. I had my two friends growing up and I told you what happened between us. I had a difficult time trusting my ex. You can see why I have trust issues, why I have difficulty letting people in.” Mia stopped to take a breath. She tried to read his expression but she couldn’t. “But with you. I trust you. My heart trusts you. I never thought I’d be at that level again to be comfortable in a relationship, but you make me want to be ready for that. You are the reason my faith in love has returned. I don’t want .. no I can’t lose you. You mean too much to me.”

He leaned back and stared into her eyes. “I’m sorry for doubting you. I should have given you your space that night. I really want this... us to work.” He pulled her in for a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you” Mia whispered back in between the kisses. They both froze for a while. That was the first time she said that to him. He smiled and kissed her again.

“Say it again.” He said as he placed a kiss on her throat.

Mia stared into his coffee brown eyes and smiled. “I love you”

The next few days went by uneventfully. They spent the first Christmas there and returned to Dave’s house on the second Christmas. Thankfully Mia didn’t have any more encounters with his mother.

On their way home Mia noticed that he took a different route.

“Uuuhh Dave, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.” He winks and places his hand on hers.

“Is that why there was a sudden work emergency I wasn’t aware about?”

“Guilty” he said with his billion dollar smile accompanied by those beautiful dimples. Mia rolled her eyes in response. They finally stopped in front of a cabin. It was so beautiful there. Mia explored the cabin. It’s cozy and large, she even wondered if they were in a cabin or a villa. It had 6 big rooms upstairs with a bathroom. The area downstairs was divided in a large kitchen with storage rooms and a living room. there was a large sliding door that lead to a beautifully decorated patio. And the door in the front lead to a porch where you could also sit and watch the beautiful scenery. They crashed on the couch. Both of them were so tired from the trip that they fell asleep there. When Mia woke up the next morning she was greeted with a delicious aroma of coffee. She walk into the kitchen.

“Good morning. McDreamy.”

“Morning. Did you sleep well Tesoro?”

“Mhm” Mia hugged him as he continued to make breakfast. After a while they both were seated on the front porch with their food. When they finish he walked in for a while and returns. He handed her a small jewelry box.

“Merry Christmas, Tesoro. I love you.” smiled and looked at the box.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.” and she did. There was a beautiful ring in it. It had a simple design with small diamonds here and there. It was something exactly for her. “Don’t worry I’m not proposing. This is a promise ring. I promise I will always be there for you and try to give you space when you need it.” he took the ring out and placed it on her ring finger. “I promise to love you even if we fight.” He placed a kiss on her nose. “And I promise I will replace this promise ring one day with a real engagement ring.” His lips captured hers and Mia put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Everything was so perfect in that moment. A minute ago she was freaking out that he was going to propose. But now she realize if he would ever propose she would say yes. In his words ‘People will always talk so why waste our life thinking about them, isn’t it time for us to do what we love most?’

Their kiss grew wilder. He picked her up with her legs around his waist and walked in the cabin. His hands roamed her body and his kisses were hungrily placed all over. Mia got lost in this feeling. She was enjoying the sweet assaults on her body. And her body was shamelessly craving for more. They were so lost in each other and the high of it they lost track of time and fell asleep from exhaustion. When Mia woke up again, her head was resting on his chest and his arms were hugging her body. He was already wake. He kissed her forehead. Mia was tracing one of his tattoos with her finger.

“Something on your mind Tesoro?”

“Uhm yeah. How did you decide you wanted a tattoo?”

“Uhh I don’t really know. I was in high school when I got my first one.” He pointed to one on his upper arm. “After that I just started to add to the collection.”

“Is there any specific one you have an emotional attachment to?”

He thought about it for a while and then started talking. He pointed at a moon shaped tattoo.

“I got this one after my grandmother died. I was really to her and she adored me. Every time I used to sleep over at her house we would watch the stars and the moon. She always said if she ever passed away I could look at the moon and think of her. Talking to her helped me through a lot of difficult times. I got this tattoo to remind myself that she’ll always be there even if I can’t see her.” His words made Mia feel so happy from inside. She knew that he doesn’t let people see his vulnerable side, but that he is comfortable enough with her to discuss this made her heart swell.

“That’s sweet.” Mia placed a kiss on his cheek. They just sat there cuddling and smiling.

“Why the sudden interest in my tattoos?”

“I’ve always found them cool. And when I saw yours it looked really hot. Lately I was thinking how one would look on me. But I’m too nervous to get one. Does it hurt?”

“A tattoo would look really sexy on you.” He winked and her cheeks blushed. “It does hurt but in the end it’s worth it. If you want one I can ask my friend to do it for you.”


“Mhm. I get mine done by him. So what are you thinking about getting and where?”

“I don’t have a clue. It’s something permanent and I don’t want to regret my decision. But I was thinking getting around my collarbone or on my shoulder.”

“Smart. It is one of the places that doesn’t hurt that much. How about this I get to choose your tattoo. You won’t get to see it till it’s completely done.”

“Uhm okay.” Mia agreed nervously.

“Don’t worry I’ll get you something you’ll like.”

They spend the rest of the year at the cabin. It was such a bliss just the both of them without any disturbances. It was the most romantic getaway any one had ever planned for Mia. When the time arrived for them to leave. Neither of them wanted to go. But they had to. The next day the work on the hotel would begin again and they needed to be there.

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