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Chapter 4: An evening out

The drive was a nice change after spending weeks in the consuming darkness alone. Mia stopped her car in front of Lara’s house. She hadn’t seen her for some time now and she really missed her theía. Mia also wanted to check up on theía’s husband’s ,Uncle Hugo, condition. Uncle Hugo is a really nice man. It’s sad what he has to go through.

Mia got out of the car and saw him sitting in their balcony.

“Hi, Uncle Hugo how are you?” He stood up and gave her a big warm hug. When Mia was just a small girl she used to spend a lot of time with theía Lara and she used to talk about her husband a lot. Uncle Hugo also used to visit Lara and so Mia and Uncle Hugo developed a close bond, just like Mia and her theía had. He adored her and made her call him Uncle Hugo. Lara and Hugo were the closest thing to parental figures she'd experienced. Mia respected and loved them a lot and they also loved Mia.

“How do you want me to answer that question dear?” He said laughing, as they sat down.

“I wanted to call but I thought it would be better to visit.”

“You know you’re always welcome here, dear. You’re practically family.” He said smiling. “You want to play a round of chess?”

“Sure” Mia said smiling.

They had fun. She smiled after a long time. It was always nice to spend time with her uncle Hugo. He taught her how to play chess when she was just a small girl and it became their thing.

“Uncle Hugo stop cheating.” Mia said with sad puppy eyes.

He laughed loudly. “I’m not cheating!”

Lara came outside when she heard her husband laugh. She was smiling, but there was still sadness in her eyes. “I thought I was hallucinating when I heard him laugh.”

“No, it was just me.” Mia said and got up to give her theía a hug. She really missed her hugs.

“When did you come by the way? You didn’t come to greet me.”

“I started talking to Uncle Hugo so I thought I would come after our chess match, which he cheated on.”

He looked so innocently at the two ladies. They all busted out in laughs.

“Come on dinner is ready. Mia will you help me set up the table?” She said while walking inside. Mia nodded and went to help her.

It was really nice to spend time with them. It’s funny that they feel more like Mia’s family than her own. After dinner uncle Huge went to rest and Mia helped her theía clean up the table.

“Okay tell me now. What’s wrong?” Lara said. Mia looked shyly at her. How does she always know what Mia is thinking? “I know that something is wrong so don’t lie to me. I can see it in your eyes. You haven’t been eating or sleeping well.” Mia looked at her, how can she read me so well? My own mother didn’t notice these things about me. Mia asked herself and hugged her. Mia broke down and told her everything what happened. She didn’t even know when she started crying, but she did. After listening to her theía embraced Mia and her heart felt a little lighter.

“O dear. Everything will be okay. You just need some time. You know you need a change of scenery.”

Mia stared confused at her. What would that help? It won’t take the pain away. It won’t change what had happened. Mia said to herself.

Mia sighed.

“I don’t know if that will help.” she replied.

“It will, trust me. If you start distracting your mind, you will begin to feel a little better. I’m not pressuring you, but think about it. If you want a change of scenery, my sister has a house in Greece. No one lives there. It stays empty, but sometimes people rent it. If you want to and if you are ready I can ask her for the keys. You can stay as long as you need.”

Greece sounds tempting but Mia already felt crappy. How much will going to Greece change.

“Just think about it, okay?” She said.

Mia nodded.

“Okay it’s your turn now. Tell me about your worries.” Mia wanted to change the topic.

They talked for some time it felt nice.

“Thank you for coming over. I haven’t seen him so happy for some time now. You brightened up our mood. You can come by anytime you want.” She said.

“Thank you. I will.” Mia left after one last hug.

She drove home and saw her parents’ car so they were home already. Great!

“I’m home” she called out as soon as she stepped into the mansion, not expecting a reaction she started to make her way to her room but halted when she heard her mother talk.

“We’re in the study” she heard her mother say. “Can you come here for a minute?”

So she head over to the study.

“Yes?” she asked when she stepped into the study.

“We have an annual company party next weekend. We want you to come. Since you’ll be joining the business anyway it will be good to form connections.” her father said.

“Yeah sure” she never thought they would want her to go. But then again Mia will be joining the family business and he needs her to know her way. Mia was so thrilled to socialize she rolled her eyes.

“Tomorrow we will go out to get you a dress to fit in.” Her mother said, looking at the outfit she was wearing disapprovingly. “And I hope I don’t need to remind you that you need to behave.”

Mia nodded. No matter what she did it was never enough for them so would she waste her energy.

“If that’s all can I go to my room?” Not waiting for them to answer Mia left the study.

Mia couldn’t sleep, even a long warm bath didn't seem to help her relax enough to fall asleep. Just like the previous nights, everything just kept repeating till her mind was too tired of it and she drifted off to sleep.

She had a nightmare again. Olivia, Christina and Nathan were all saying hurtful things to Mia. Those words made her heart bleed and she started crying.

Suddenly Mia jerked awake. She could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks. “You don’t deserve to be loved” that sentence kept playing in her mind over and over. She felt a stabbing pain in her heart. When she looked at her phone, she saw it was already 4:30 a.m. she wouldn’t be getting anymore sleep.

She dragged herself to the bathroom and stood under the shower for a really long time. She just couldn’t get those words out of her head. Mia closed her eyes and felt the darkness surround her again. What if I feel like this for the rest of my life. Will everyone I know replace me after a while? That seems to be happening a lot to me. Mia thought to herself.

By the time she got out of the shower and went down stairs it was already around 7 a.m. She saw her mother in the kitchen.

“Don’t forget we’re going shopping today” her mother said and left with her coffee. This is going to be a very very long day. Mia said to herself thinking about the day ahead of her.

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