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Chapter 40: Italy- Tattoos and Surfing

“Ready for your first tattoo?” Dave asked while they were driving to his friend to get hers done. And Mia responded with a nervous smile. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be with you the whole time, Tesoro.”

Dave introduced Mia to his friend. Dave and his friend went inside to discuss the details of the tattoo while Mia looked around a bit. She was excited to see what he chose for her, but at the same time she was nervous for her first tattoo. Dave held her hand the whole time. Mia finally got to see it when it was finished. It said ‘and in that moment we were infinite’ under a wave design on her shoulder at the base of her neck.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes it’s very beautiful I love it. Thank you.” Mia hugged him. He paid and they left after the tattoo artist gave her instructions how to take care of it. When they were home she was staring at it in the mirror.

“You’re not regretting it right?” Dave asked leaning against the door frame.

“No. I love it. I was just wondering why you chose those words.” He walked up to her and hugged her from behind placing a kiss on her neck. Right next to her tattooed sensitive skin.

“From the very first time we met I lost myself in those beautiful blue eyes. It was like you woke my sleeping soul from its slumber. I felt connected to you in a way I never felt with anybody else. And I felt those things without knowing anything about you. So you can imagine how I feel now after getting to know you. I feel at peace. Like no matter what comes towards me I can handle it as long as I have you by my side.” Mia turn around and kissed him like there is no tomorrow.

“And the wave?”

“Your eyes reminded me of the ocean. And it kind of matched your personality.”

Their kiss grew more heated. Mia noticed they reached the bed when he fell on his back. She was on top of him straddling him without breaking the kiss. She felt him remove her clothes and she did the same. He trailed his kisses from her lips to her jaw to her shoulder. When he placed a kiss on her newly tattooed skin she moaned, her skin was still sensitive. It drove him wild. He let Mia be on top this time and she rode them both to pure ecstasy. Mia collapsed exhausted beside him and he kept showering her body with kisses till they both fell asleep in pure bliss.

Mia startled awake when she heard something crash. It was weekend and both of them were free. She wanted to catch up on her sleep seeing she didn't get much during the week, but it seemed that he had other plans. She sat up and noticed Dave wasn’t in bed. “Dreamy come back to bed.” She groaned as she fell back on the bed.

“Wake up Tesoro.” Mia opened one eye looked at him and closed it again as she mumbled a no under her breath. He tried two more times but she still refused to get up. He finally picked her up and walked into the bathroom. He turned the shower head on and sprayed Mia’s face. She gasped as she opened her eyes and started hitting him.

“What the hell is wrong with you.” she said while getting him wet too.

“You’re the one who refused to wake up.”

“Impossible man.” Mia shook her head and took a shower now that she was completely drenched. She walked out of the bathroom and saw Dave stuffing a couple of things in a bag. “Care to explain why you woke me up so brutally?”

“It’s weekend so we’re going surfing.” He said with his widest smile.

“What? No. I don’t know how to.”

“Then I’ll teach you.” he threw her a pair of clothes so she could get dressed. He then grabbed his bag, threw her over his shoulder and walked out of the house.

“I can walk you know.” Mia said while he carried her out.

“I know. But I have a perfect view of your ass like this.” He laughed out. He put her in the passenger seat of his car and they drove to a beach. Mia always loved spending time at beaches, today on the other hand she didn’t that much. When Dave was giving her the instructions she understood them but once she was in the water it was a total different story. After endless tries she finally decided to give up.

“Come on, Tesoro. Just give it one last try.” Dave said paddling on his surf board beside her.

“Nope. I’m getting out of the water. It’s useless.”

“Okay just one last time. If it won’t go I won’t bother you.”

“Yeah like those other times it didn’t go.” She rolled her eyes. And turned her surfboard around to try one last time. This time she didn’t put much thought in it. She just let her body move on her own. She embraced herself to feel the impact of the water but she didn’t. When she opened her eyes she saw that she finally did it. Dave was cheering for her from the shore. She had so much fun that she refused to get out of the water, but she had to when it started getting dark. On the drive home she drifted away to sleep and didn’t even notice when Dave carried her to bed.

The days continued as work on the hotel progressed. Mia and Dave enjoyed their time together after work hours.

Before she knew it her birthday arrived. When she woke up that morning she noticed Dave was getting ready for work. He wished her a good morning and told her to get ready for work as they were running late. She felt a little disappointed that he didn’t wish her but returned to getting ready. As they were driving to the hotel site Mia noticed Dave took a different route. She didn’t question it till they stopped at a dock.

“What are we doing here?” Mia asked, but Dave didn’t answer her. He held her by her wrist and pulled her on a yacht. When she climbed in she noticed the deck covered in balloons. Dave hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“You didn’t think I would forget your birthday, right?” Mia grinned widely. “Happy Birthday Tesoro, may all your wishes be fulfilled.” He said as he turned her around and kissed her.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s go change into something more comfortable and take the yacht for a spin.”

Dave brought the yacht to somewhere miles from civilization. Where the two of them would be alone. He anchored the yacht and they had lunch. After lunch they went for a swim. When the evening arrived Dave had a special dinner ready for them and they enjoyed it while watching the sunset. Mia felt really blessed to have her birthday spend like that with the person she loved. She couldn’t help but fall more in love with him. They spend the night there in each other’s arms, losing themselves in each other.

The next day they had breakfast on the yacht and went for a last swim before heading back home.

When they finally reached home they were both exhausted. Mia went to take a bath and Dave unpacked some of the things. When Mia exited the bathroom she saw Dave looking at something inside her jewelry box.

“What are you looking at?”

“Where did you get this?” he was holding the ring Mia found in York Minister in England.

“I found it in a cathedral in England. I was going to give it to the security to give it back to the owners but I forgot. Why?”

“This is my grandmothers’ wedding ring. She gave it to me to give it to my future bride. Looks like the ring chose you for me before I even could. Thank you for taking care of it. I really thought I lost it.”

“Well this time keep it safe.” Mia winked at him.

“I won’t need to this time. My bride will keep good care of it.” he puts it back in the jewelry box. “When the time is right I will put it on your finger.” This time he winks and Mia blushed.

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