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Chapter 41: Italy- Home

*One year later*

They didn’t even realize how fast the time passed. Mia and Dave both were so lost in their own world they lost track of time. Before they knew it the opening date of the hotel was nearing.



“What are we going to do after the opening of the hotel?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I had a two year contract after the opening I have to go back to America. I have to go back to my work. I have a commitment there I can’t just leave.”

“What. No. I’m not letting you leave.” Pulling her closer. Placing a kiss on her temple.

“That’s why I’m asking what are we going to do?” She asked looking up. He looked like he was contemplating something.

“We are going to enjoy the opening and after that we’ll talk to your boss.” Mia nodded. “Let’s just sleep now.” she snuggled up to him and was lulled to sleep by the steady heartbeat she could hear from where her head rested on his chest.

The date of the opening finally arrived. Everyone enjoyed it. There were many influential people present. Everyone praised the hotel and how it looked. Even Mrs. Salvatore didn’t bother Mia that much. Everything went well. After everyone left Dave took her to the rooftop. It was beautifully decorated. There was a projector and it projected a photo of the Eiffel tower on the wall.

“What is all this?” Mia asked smiling at the view.

“I actually wanted to take you to Paris and spoil you, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” Dave got on his knee and held the ring up. “Mia Bennett I love you. I have been infatuated from the first moment I saw you and knowing you just made me fall madly in love with you. My heart already belongs to you and I am offering you my soul. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. No matter what I always seem to find myself drawn to you. Since I’ve met you I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. You make me want to be a better man, a better human being. Whenever I think about my future now a days, all I see is you in it. Without you my future is incomplete. I can’t even imagine how my life will be without you and I’m not planning on finding it out. So will you marry me and make me the happiest man in this world.”

I started crying at his words. “Yes yes yes. I love you” He put the ring on my finger and kissed her.

“I love you too.”

Not long after Dave proposed they got married. They went on a honeymoon in Maldives. It was a month of pure romantic bliss. When they returned Mia continued working. Her boss was planning on opening a branch in Italy and he put Mia in charge. She managed most of it now. She had a feeling Dave had something to do with her job. When she questioned him he just smirked and kissed her till she forgot what she had asked him.

Every year she traveled with her friends, even Dave joined them and he got along so well with the group. Mia missed spending time with them. They were the ones who made her see she should let people in sometimes. And how to know when to let people in and when not. They also helped her through the rough times in her life and she was grateful for them. No matter how far Mia wandered off to now she had someone to come back to. Now she had a home to come back to and she knew she would never let her husband go. She longed for someone to call her own and she finally has that.

These past years Mia has been so many places, met so many people and seen so many things. It made her realize that she had been trapped in her own bubble for so long that she neglected the beauty around her. She had been so focused on one thing that she ignored the simpler things in life. The walks on the beach where you can calm yourself. The sunsets that make you realize every ending is a beautiful beginning. The variety of cuisines that make you miss the place you’re visiting. Just because things don’t go the way you planned them doesn’t mean that everything in your life is wrong, it means something better is coming into your life. Sometimes you need to need to take a step back to let everything fall into place before you can continue. Everything happens for a reason you just need to look hard enough.

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