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Bonus Chapter

Mia never wanted her wedding to be a show, she wanted the people closest to her be there with her to share the moment she starts the next big chapter in her life. Dave didn’t mind a small wedding either as long as Mia would leave there as his wife. His exact words were ‘We could get married in the jungle for all I care, as long as you say I do and I hear the words now I pronounce you husband and wife’. His mother on the other hand had other plans. When his family heard they wanted to get married everyone was happy for them, but his mother opposed it. Mia really did see it coming, she tried to stay out of it as much as she could. Mia still remembered the day she returned home and overheard Dave and his mother arguing.

“Alessandro she is not the right woman for you. I do not approve of this marriage. I thought it was just a fling, that's why I didn't say anything before. She ran away from her house, from her family when they needed her. She can do the same to you. Run away when you need her the most.”

“I know her ma, she won’t do something like that. And if I wasn't serious about her I wouldn't have brought her home on Christmas.”

“How do you know that? How can you say with a hundred percent certainty that she won’t run for the hills the moment you need her? What if you create a family together and one day she decides she doesn’t want it any more. What will you do when she leaves you? People like her can’t be trusted. Did she ever tell you she abandoned her parents when they asked her to do one thing for her? They gave that girl everything she ever wanted and when they asked her to listen to them she just ran away. She disrespected her family and I don’t want you to be associated to someone like her.”

“Ma, she told me about her parents. She has her own demons she fights and she shared the most of it with me. I am sure that there are things I still need to learn about her just like there are still things she needs to learn about me. And that’s totally fine because that’s how we grow. I know eventually things will change and I hope it will be for the better. I didn’t make this decision on an impulse or without thinking it trough. She means a lot to me and I know that I mean a lot to her. I love you ma but I also love her and I won’t let go of the people I love.”

“Well then you have to choose. Her or me?”

“Ma I just told you I love you both, you can’t make me choose between you two.”

“No Alessandro, it’s simple if you decide that she will be in your life I won’t stand by and see you ruining your life. I am giving you one last chance to listen to me. Let her go.” There was a heavy silence that hung in the air. None of them spoke. “So? Have you reconsidered your answer?”

By the look in his face Mia could exactly tell what his reaction was going to be. O god please don’t let it be what I am thinking. Why doesn’t she see that no matter what he chooses he is the one who will get hurt in the end?

“Ma I love you, but I can’t let her go.” NO NO NO NO Dave don’t do this. Mia thought.

“I see you have made your decision. You no longer need me in your life.” She turned around and walked away. After a few minutes he also left the house leaving Mia alone with her thoughts. She never wanted to come between family. This isn’t right.

Dave returned home around three a.m. that night. She woke up when he bumped into the table knocking it over. “Hey. I hope I didn’t wake ya.” He was drunk. He walked over to the bed and crashed on it. He hugged her and fell asleep holding her tight. This continued for a couple of days and she couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to act happy around her, but Mia could see in his eyes that he was hurt. She went over to his parents’ house and confronted his mother.

“What are you doing here?” Mia could feel his mother’s anger in her words.

“Mrs. Salvatore may I have a word with you?” she nodded. And Mia walked in. “I know what happened between you and Dave.”

“Are you here to rub it in that he choose you over me?”

“No not at all. The man I love is miserable right now because you made him choose between his mother and his love. He loves you a lot and needs you in his life. And I love him too much to see him this miserable. I know you don’t like me. But for the sake of your son please get over it. I never wanted to come in between family, because I know the importance of one. The choice you laid in front of him was completely unfair. If he chose me he would hate me because I would be the reason he would lose his mom. If he would choose you he would resent you his whole life for keeping him away from his love…. What I’m trying to say is. We both love him and I would do anything to make him happy. But do you want to be the reason of your sons’ unhappiness? Because that’s what you are doing right now. You don’t have to like me but don’t abandon your son.” They were both silent for a while.

“So you are willing to leave my son so I could mend my relationship with him?”

“As much as that would kill me, would do anything to make him happy. He is really lucky to have such a loving family, not everyone is so lucky. I wouldn’t want to keep him away from it all.”

She was thinking for a while and then said. “Close the door after you when you leave.” What kind of reaction was that? Mia thought as walked away and head home. Mia tried talking to Dave and told him that his mother would come around eventually. And she did. After more than a week his mother came by and had a chat with Dave. By the time Mia was home they mended their relationship.

She walked over and said “I love my son too much to be the cause of his pain. I still do not like you, but I am willing to put our differences aside for the sake of my son.” Mai smiled at her.

After that she left. Dave looked up to Mia and smiled genuinely after such a long time. She smiled back. He walked over to her and hugged her.

“I know you had something to do with this. So thank you.” He looks into Mia’s eyes and kissed her.

Ever since that day Mia noticed Dave and his mom’s relationship returned to what it was and she started to act less mean to Mia. Sometimes his mother would ignore her presence completely, but she was happy that Dave and his mother mended their relationship. She insisted on planning her son’s wedding and they agreed. Although they disagreed on some of the things she was more than happy to do all the work. She rented a farm house where the ceremony could be held and after that the reception. Everything was so beautiful. There were so many guests from their side. Aria, Natasha, Lydia, Enzo, Lucas and Archer were from Mia's side. Christian, Seven and Camille even joined them. Mia was frequently in contact with her theia Lara and when she told Lara she was getting married the old lady happily congratulated her so many times. Lara also came for the ceremony.

When the day of their wedding arrived Mia was so nervous she couldn’t stop walking in circles in the dressing room. Suddenly her mind was clouded with doubt all she could hear were the fights her parents had. All the things that could go bad in a marriage came to mind. She knew that she loved the man who was waiting at the end of the aisle to death and Mia would go through with this no matter what but she couldn’t seem to calm herself down to walk to the end of the aisle. The girls were inside the dressing room with her, trying to calm her down but nothing was working. Finally Natasha showed up and handed a phone. Mia held it up to her ear.


“Hey.” It’s Dave. Mia was so relieved to hear his voice. His voice alone had the impact to calm her. “I heard my bride started to catch cold feet. You’re not planning to leave are you? Because if you do I will find you and bring you back.”

Mia smiled and felt her nerves calming down. “No, I’m not leaving. It’s hard to find a mad man who will kiss me senseless without even knowing who I am.”

Mia heard him laugh through the speaker of the phone. “Jokes aside how are you, Tesoro?”

“A minute ago I was freaking out but now I’m doing better.”

“Okay. I can’t wait to see you. Now put the phone down and come out already, I am dying to see you. If you don’t come out in 2 minutes I will walk into your room throw you over my shoulder and walk with you down the aisle.”

Mia laughed at his remark. She cut the call. Lydia handed her her bouquet, she took a deep breath and they walked out. The second Dave saw her his face lit up and he smiled so wide it made his dimples appear which made her smile back. Once she stood there with him holding her hand she was so lost in his gaze she didn’t even notice when the ceremony was over. They both said I do, exchanged rings and finally kissed. In that moment the kiss and everything around felt so perfect like it was all meant to be. It seemed like everything finally fell into place. When they parted their lips he stared into her eyes with so much love it made her melt from inside.

After the ceremony they went to the area for the reception party. They greeted their guests, cut the cake and drank champagne. And had their first dance as a married couple. When the anchor announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore her heart skipped a beat. Mia finally had someone to call her person. And she never wanted to let go. They danced the whole night till her feet hurt. After that Dave carried Mia to their honeymoon suite.

He put her down gently and started kissing her hungrily. His wet lips moved to her neck and collarbone and found its way back to her lips. He spun her around and moved her hair to the side and kissed her tattoo, he knew that it’s her weak spot. Mia closed her eyes to savor every kiss. He slowly started opening the zipper of the wedding dress and it pooled around her feet, she heard him suck in a breath when he saw what she wore underneath. Mia turned around and kissed her husband. Every time she thought of him as her husband her insides flipped. As she was removing his clothes he savored the way she looked in her red lingerie set. “Sei così dannatamente sexy e sei tutta Mia. (You look so damn sexy and you’re all mine.)” He said while staring so intensely in her eyes.

“Sì, tutto tuo per il resto della nostra vita. (yes, all yours for the rest of our lives.)” Mia responded shocking Dave. Dave froze for a while as it was the first time he heard her speak Italian. Mia leaned forward placing a kiss on the side of his neck and sucking it, making sure it would result in a love bite. She bit his skin lightly and he finally snapped out of his daze.

He showered her whole body with kisses. Their bodies moved together in sync like they were made for each other. The whole night was filled with moans, climaxes and I love you’ s. As they laid in the bed exhausted and tangled together trying to control their breaths Mia realized they had to be awake in an hour to catch their flight to their honeymoon destination, which her husband kept a secret. All she knew was that it was going to be a tropical place. Mia tried to get up but he pulled her back into his embrace.

“Where are you going, Tesoro?” he mumbled as he snuggled to her.

“We have to be up in an hour. I want to shower and try to sleep a little. I feel so tired.”

“You can sleep on the plane. Just stay here with me for a while, we can shower after that. We both know you won’t be able to sleep anyways.”

So they stayed there cuddling each other. After a while they both got up and showered. When Mia looked into the mirror her whole body was covered in love bites, no wonder she called him Dracula sometimes. They ate pancakes for breakfast and head to the airport. They boarded the plane and it took off. He made sure she didn’t get to know where they were heading. When they were up in the air Mia started annoying him into telling where they were going.

“Can you tell me now where we are going?”


“Come on babe. Stop being so mean and tell me.”

“No, Tesoro!”

“Don’t make me unleash my evil side.”

“Hahahaha, you don’t have an evil side.” She glared at him angrily.

“So you’re not going to tell me?”


“FINE. No sex for you for the two weeks we are on our honeymoon.” I say with a smirk.

“WHAT!! You can’t do that. You’re kidding right?”


“You won’t be able to hold off that long, Tesoro.”

“Are you talking about yourself?”

“I can control myself just fine.”

Mia smirked and put her hand on his thigh and move her hand up inch by inch. She could see him getting uncomfortable. Mia leaned over and placed a ghost peck on his jaw. And whispered: “Indosso la tua lingerie in pizzo nero preferita che mi hai comprato per San Valentino. (I’m wearing your favorite black lace lingerie that you bought for me for Valentine’s Day.)” Mia noticed him gulp. She backed away and turned her head to the window and he closed his eyes trying to control himself.

After a while Mia felt his hand on her thigh. “What are you doing?” she looked up to him and he was staring at her like a hungry lion looks at his food. His hand moved up in an agonizingly slow speed. He moves her panties to the side and started stroking. Her breaths got heavier. Mia bit her lip to suppress her moans. As he sensed she was getting closer to her climax he stopped. He pressed a peck at the base of her ear and let his lips linger there as he whispered. “Non fare casini con cose su cui non hai il controllo, tesoro! (Don’t mess with things you don’t have a control over, Tesoro!)”

When they finally landed all her anger melted away.

“The Maldives!! You brought me to The Maldives. OMG it’s been on my bucket list for so long.” she jumped on him with her legs around his waist and his hands on her ass and he laughs as he caught her.

“I know.”

“Thank you so much.” Mia kissed him.

“I love you, Tesoro.”

“I love you, McDreamy.”

“So I’m dreamy now?”

“You’ll always be my McDreamy, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still angry with you.”

“I’m sure that anger won’t last long.” with that he led her towards the resort they were staying at. Everything was so beautiful. The villa was so beautifully decorated. “Still angry at me?” he asked flashing his million dollar smile accompanied by his adorable dimples.

“You make it so difficult to stay angry with you.” He pulled her closer and kissed her like there is no tomorrow. In that moment she knew this was the start of their journey together and no matter what comes in their way they will overcome it together.

The whole trip they spent in a tropical bliss. Before they even knew it, it was time to head back home, to start their new lives together.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you liked and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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