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Chapter 5: Good riddance

Mia opened the fridge in her kitchen trying to find something that would appeal to her. She promised her theía she would try to eat. Yesterday at her house was the first time Mia ate well in a long time. It nauseated her but still she ate. She didn’t have an appetite so she just poured herself a glass of orange juice and went upstairs. She crashed on her bed turning on the TV staring at some random show that was playing. Around 10 a.m. her mother came into the room.

“You are not ready yet? I told you we were going shopping today. Get ready and come downstairs.” She said and then left.

Mia groaned and got up, she changed her clothes and went downstairs. Her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen.

“Let’s get this over with, please.” Mia said in an uninterested tone.

“Watch your tone!” her mother scolded her and Mia rolled her eyes.

“I saw that. I don’t want this behavior of yours at the party. Did you understand?” She glared at Mia.

They went to so many stores, Mia already lost count. Endlessly trying on dresses that were either too heavy, too sparkly, too vulgar or just plain painful to wear. It didn’t interest her anymore so she just tried everything her mother recommended but Mia didn’t like any of them. Her mother was clearly getting irritated by now, but Mia didn’t care. These dresses are not comfortable and they were not worth the price. I don’t want to waste money on things that I won’t enjoy. Mia said to herself. She always had everything available at her fingertips but that didn’t mean she abused that power. Her parents always bought expensive things for her which she didn’t even like most of the time and they just remained in her closet collecting dust. But she learned the value of money since she was a small girl. Her theía Lara instilled Mia with how to handle money responsibly. She told her to always put something on the side for a rainy day, ’you never know when you might need it and you’ll be thankful you did this that day’ she always used to say. Mia always bought only what she needed and put aside what she didn’t use in a private bank account only she knew about. That account was her piggy bank, she never took money out of it. Her theía also taught her not to spend money on things she didn’t need. So she was very picky with what she bought.

They were walking to the next overly expensive shop. When Mia’s eyes landed on a black two piece dress in the display window of a small shop. She went in and asked for that dress in her size. Mia’s mother finally noticed she wasn’t walking behind her anymore so she decided to join Mia in the small shop. The sales lady said that was the only one they had so she took it out of the display window for Mia.

Her mother said “why are you in this shop, it is so middle class.”

She rolled her eyes at her mother. “Mother I like that dress. I am going to buy it, problem solved. Then we can finally go home. My feet are killing me and I have a really bad headache.”

She just glared at Mia. Her mother was sitting on a chair in the store clearly irritated. “I don’t know why you are wasting your time on this. You could have gotten a better dress at the other store.”

’No. I like this one and it’s not up for discussion.”

The blouse was a little loose, but the sales woman said she could have it altered for Mia. When they arrived home Mia was so exhausted she fell asleep as soon as her head hit her soft pillow. Mia had the same dream she had the previous nights. She heard Olivia say those words again. ‘You don’t deserved to be loved’ ‘You deserve much worse.’ She kept repeating those words over and over again. Mia woke up sweating and with tears on her cheek her breaths were so frantic she had to count back from ten to calm herself. Sobbing she walked into the bathroom and stood under the shower. She just stood there letting the warm water calm her body. Her whole body ached and the warm water seemed to help a little. The headache was also worse than before. Was it normal to feel this empty inside? She thought to herself and got out of the shower, she put on a tank top and sweatpants. She sat down on the bed and turned on the TV hoping there was something good on.

By 7 p.m. Mia was brought out of her train of thoughts by the fire alarm. What the hell is going on? She asked herself as she made her way to the place the noise was coming from.

She walked into the kitchen and there was smoke everywhere. Something smelled burned, she started couching. Her mother was in the kitchen attempting something to make the alarm stop but she clearly failed. There was no fire, just lots of smoke. Mia rolled her eyes and opened the windows so the smoke could get out. After that she disabled the fire alarm.

“Why are you trying to burn down the house mother?” Mia asked finally looking at her mother. She was looking so sadly at the thing she was cooking. Which resembled coal now.

“I tried to make dinner. Because my daughter thought it is perfectly fine to give the maid vacation time. Maybe we should fire her and employ another maid. I don’t even know why we just have one maid we can hire a whole crew.” she said coldly.

“First of all mother I didn’t know that you would be home, because you rarely are. I’m alone most of the time and I don’t need a whole crew of maids to cook for me, I can take care of myself. Second she deserves to spend some time with her dying husband, because she works so hard she doesn’t get to spend time with her husband. And you will not fire her. She will be back. And go do whatever you want. I’ll make dinner.” She looked astonished at her daughter. She was used to her daughter talking back and taking the side of the maid but never like this, she never saw this much passion in her daughter’s eyes. The speech her daughter just gave left her speechless. Mia never spoke to her mother like this, but she couldn’t hear anything against her theía.

When she left Mia searched the pantry scanning for the ingredients trying to figure out what to make. She saw supplies to make pasta so she made that, some chicken and a salad. Mia always enjoyed cooking, it calmed her down. When she finished cooking she went up and called them. It was strange for Mia having dinner together with her parents after such a long time.

Her parents enjoyed the food, while Mia played with the food on her plate. She didn’t feel like eating or hungry. When they finished her mother said “I didn’t know you could cook so well.”

Her father looked shocked at Mia and her mother, but didn’t say anything.

“Where is your fiancé? You two were always attached by the hip when we were home.” Her mother said after a while. Those words stung Mia in her heart and her eyes started to water, she took a deep breath and answered her mother.

“He is not my fiancé anymore. We broke up.”

“Good riddance.” She said. Mia glared at her. Her mother cleared her throat. “I mean I never liked him, his intentions didn’t seem that good. There was something off about him. I wondered when you would see it. Thank goodness you came to your senses on time.”

Mia looked up to her parents their expressions they seemed happy that her engagement broke off. They didn’t even ask why. They didn’t ask how Mia was feeling. They just looked content. Was I the only one who was blindsided by Nathan? Mia thought to herself. After they left the dining room Mia cleaned up and put the leftovers in the fridge.

She went to her room and tried to sleep but she kept twisting and turning in her bed. When she finally fell asleep she had that dream again. She woke up screaming and crying, her breathing was so fast it seemed like she couldn’t breathe anymore. Crying she hugged her knees. What was that? She asked herself. Have you ever felt so sad it physically hurt? Mia cried herself to exhaustion till her eyes were heavy and she fell asleep.

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