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Chapter 6: The party

These last couple of days blurred into one. Mia didn’t know how she managed to fall asleep but she would still get those dreams and wake up crying and screaming. If the shop hadn’t called her to pick up the dress she wouldn’t have known that it was already Friday.

*At the shop*

Mia put on the dress and it was a perfect fit, she really liked the simplicity of the dress. It was a black two piece dress with a halter top that had rhinestone designs drawn on it and the long skirt had a split going up to her mid-thigh.

While the woman who helped her packed the dress, Mia looked around in the shop for a bit. The other day she really didn’t get a chance.

“Hey these designs are so unique and you have only one per piece.” Mia observed after a while.

“Yeah, I actually designed and made them myself. It’s a hobby, I learned from my mother. She also loved making dresses.” The woman replied. Mia could hear in her voice how proud she is of her work.

“That’s so awesome. You know now that I have your number I’m going to annoy you to make all of my clothes.”

“I will be honored.” She said smiling. There is something about her that makes Mia want to talk a little more than usual. She paid for her dress, as she was leaving Mia saw these beautiful silver earrings on the counter top it looked like it was made to match her new dress so she also bought it.

*The day of the party*

After she took a shower she stood in front of her mirror. The dark circles under Mia’s eyes were getting darker and bigger. She sighed and put more make up beneath her eyes to cover it up. She chose to apply a nude colored lipstick with just a small amount of eyeliner and mascara. She curled her dark blond hair and it cascaded beautifully past her shoulders. Just as she was putting the finishing touches at her look Mia’s mother walked in.

“Are you not ready yet? We need to leave now.” She said without even looking at her daughter.

“I’m ready I just need to wear my shoes.” Mia replied as she walked over to the sofa chair in her room and started wearing her black sparkly heels.

“Okay be down as soon as possible.” She finally looked up to Mia and she could see it on her mother’s face that she disapproved of Mia’s look. Mia’s mother shook her head slightly feeling disappointed. She always expected Mia to do her best to fit in and look like she was part of the richer group, but her daughter always choose simple and inexpensive things. Sometimes she would even question Mia’s choices. Like that good for nothing fiancé of hers. Mia’s mother wondered if Mia was the one person blind enough not to see that he was just using her for her money. Mia’s mother discarded the thoughts and left the room leaving her daughter to finish getting ready.

Mia really hate these kinds of parties, it made her blood boil. Everyone is usually so high on their own pedestals that they can’t even see past their own nose. And it was clear that Mia was not enjoying. She wasn’t goo at small talk and she wasn’t interested in the things the other people were talking about. Mia just took a sip from her champagne flute when her mother approached her.

“Come with me I want to introduce you to someone.” Her mother said in a fake tone. And Mia followed her.

Her mother lead her to a group of people that her father was also part of. There were two older couples. Mia guessed they’re her parents’ age. And there was a younger guy, he was wearing a dark brown three piece suit that fitted him well. He looked bored too but the way his eyes were scanning her body which made Mia feel very uncomfortable. Clearly he is one of those spoilt rich boys who always gets away with anything. And who think that everything in the world is made to please him.

Her mother introduces Mia to Mr. and Mrs. Burke and Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil and Hayden O’Neil. Mia smiled briefly at them.

“Why don’t you kids talk separately while we talk business?” her father said. Mia was confused at his statement. She thought her father wanted her to be here to get better acquainted with the business world. Then why would he send her away?

Mia looked at Hayden and he is still watching her like a lion watches his prey. His gaze was so unsettling to her it send chills up her spine. She shrugged it off as the group of older people walk away leaving the youngsters alone.

“Hey” he finally says.

“Hi” Mia responded nervously.

“You look very beautiful.”

“Uuhhm thanks, I guess.” It’s really hard to accept his compliment and more so to talk to him because he makes her feel really uncomfortable.

“In a couple of months I’ll be taking over my dad’s company......” He kept talking about himself the whole time Mia just tuned out after a couple of seconds. When she felt a yawn come she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

When Mia got out of the bathroom she walked towards the balcony and stood there, staring into the darkness. She needed some time to gather her thoughts. Everything was just so overwhelming for her.

As Mia was enjoying her peace she felt two hands on her belly. Somebody was holding her from behind. She screamed and got out of his grasp.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mia asked angrily. Her heart rate was sky high and she was breathing so fast and unevenly.

“I just wanted to have some alone time with you. I like you. So when I saw you come towards here I thought I should join you.” He said smirking. Then he took a step closer. Mia panicked and started screaming again. Suddenly visions of her dream replayed in her head. She felt her panic attack coming on.

“What are you doing? Stay away from me. Don’t touch me!” Mia felt a tear escape her eyes and her voice trembled.

“Oh come on baby I know you will enjoy it. Let’s have some fun.” Mia felt disgusted with his words. She felt bile rise up her throat and she had to gulp down her saliva to keep it from coming up. Hearing the commotion her parents and some more people walked towards the youngsters. Thank god at least he will stop. Mia thought to herself.

“What is going on here?” her father asked.

“He was trying to force me” Mia said crying.

“So? What is the problem with that?” Father said. What is he saying? Is he out of his mind? “You are getting married to him so what’s the problem?”

WHAT!! MARRIED!?? Mia thought to herself.

“What no I’m not getting married to him.” That statement made him furious. Her mother and Hayden also glared angrily at Mia.

“Yes you are. The O’Neil’s have been old business partners of us and with this marriage you will secure the future of the company. Why do you think we brought you here? Now be a good girl and don’t resist Hayden.” Don’t resist?? What?? How can her mother say all of this so easily? She’s selling her daughter off for the company. Mia should have known they brought her here for their own selfish reasons.

“NO!!!” Mia screamed. “I’m never getting married to him.” Mia started hyperventilating and ran out of there crying. She called a cab and got home. She didn’t realize the heel of her shoe broke off till she got out of the cab. She removed her shoes and left it on the curb. She ran bare foot to her room locked the door and started crying loudly. She screamed till she couldn’t anymore. Why? Why me? Why did they have to do this? Am I that bad? Mia asked herself. She cried herself to exhaustion and fell asleep on the floor.

She had another nightmare but this time she didn’t wake up from it. Instead she heard banging on her bedroom door. Mia didn’t respond to it, she already felt dead inside. So she stood up, took her clothes off and lay on the bed. The darkness was surrounding her again. Mia slowly started excepting it. It felt more like home then her own house. She stayed in her room for a couple of days. Crying, sleeping, having nightmares and screaming. Her whole body ached these last days. The headache never went away. She felt more and more fatigued. Suddenly the lock of the door clicked and it opened banging the wall. Mia’s father and mother stormed in.


“Father you can’t force me to get married to him, please” Mia cried. When she thought all her tears had dried up tears left her eyes again.

“No you listen. You have to. It’s for the company!” her mother spoke up, Mia didn’t feel any love radiating from her mother. “After so many years we finally decide to give you some responsibility and you do this.”

“Please don’t do this. I don’t like it. And the company will survive without them.” Mia’s tears didn’t seem to stop and her throat hurt from all the screaming the past days, her voice barely came out.

“Tomorrow is Friday. We have called them and they are coming over for dinner. I expect you to behave. You will apologize to them and accept their offer.” Her mother said.

“Please mother I never asked for anything in my life. For once just don’t do this. I just broke off my engagement. I am not mentally prepared for any kind of relationship. I’m still broken. Please don’t make me do this.” Mia pleaded but her pleads went unheard. They just left the room. Mia cried, not knowing what to do she wanted to give up but a voice in her head told her to be strong. I won’t do this. I can’t. She said to herself.

Mia dried her tears standing up with a determined look on her face. She knew exactly what to do now. Her mind was already made up and there was nobody stopping her.

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