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Chapter 8: Greece- the first item

When Mia’s eyes roamed over the list one thing caught her eye. Piercing. That seemed intriguing to her. Aria didn’t check it off so she also didn’t get hers yet. Mia thought it would be perfect. This way she wouldn’t have to go through it alone.

“Okay, I want a piercing.” Mia said and Aria smiled at her choice.

“That’s awesome. Starting small that’s smart. Now I have an excuse to get mine too.” Aria said smiling. Then she wrote it down in Mia’s note book. Mia smiled at the first words on her bucket-list.

Aria led Mia to a shop where they could have it done. Mia was surprised with the variety of piercings possible on a human body. She didn’t even know people pierced those things. As she was going through the options she wondered how those people lived with some of them. She brushed those thoughts off when she saw something she liked. Aria stood up from the chair after having hers done. Aria got a nose septum piercing. It was like those cowbell things but it suited her. It was Mia’s turn now. Seeing how the piercings were made Mia started questioning her decision. Before she could back away Aria pushed her in the chair. The lady who did the piercings asked what Mia wanted and she told her she wanted a helix piercing. The earrings Mia chose was a ring with a crown like shape, it would rest on the side of her outer ear shell. The lady smiled at Mia reassuringly but she closed her eyes tightly. Aria even let Mia hold her hand and Mia hold on tightly. When the lady made the initial hole it hurt but for a couple of seconds. She put on the earring and moved to the other ear. When she showed Mia her piercing in the mirror she smiled at her choice. It looked really good. When they were done she gave the girls instructions how to clean it and how to maintain it. They paid for it and left.

“That looks hot. It totally suits you.” Aria said as they walked out. “But the next time I’m not letting you hold my hand. You almost crushed my bones.”

“Thanks and the septum ring looks awesome on you. And I didn’t squeeze so hard okay. So what now?” Mia pretended to be offended but they both ended up laughing at her statement.

“Uhm how about I give you a tour of the area?” Aria asked.

Mia nodded. They wandered the streets the rest of the day. It was the most fun Mia had since... she can’t even remember the last time she had a good time like this.

“So what are you doing Saturday night?” Aria asked out of now where as they were seated on one of the benches to rest their feet a little.

“Uuhhmm probably nothing. Why?” Mia said thinking.

“The WoodWaterWild festival started this week. There will be musical shows and DJ’s and concerts and DJ sets on Saturdays and Sundays. I thought maybe you’d like to join me and my friends. It will be really fun.”

“Uuhh okay. Why not.” Mia literally didn’t have anything else to do. This will give me a distraction from my dreams, at least for a while. Mia thought to herself.

“Great! Let’s have lunch?” Aria clapped her hands and pulled Mia with her as she stood up.

They went to a restaurant and Aria ordered the food seeing Mia had no clue about anything written on the menu. Mia tried to eat but she ended up playing with her food. Aria is really talkative and energetic and Mia enjoyed listening to her. It distracts her a little from her thoughts. Aria has so many stories of the places she has been. Maybe Mia will go there someday.

The girls wandered to so many places in Kavala. They didn’t even notice when it started getting dark.

“So I’ll see you Saturday?” Aria asked.

“Yeah” Mia replied smiling. “Thank you so much”

“For what?” Aria asked confused.

For everything, the distraction, the bucket list, for a little hope Mia wanted to say.

“Just thank you. I’ll see you Saturday around 6? At the restaurant?” she said instead.

“Yes. Bye.” Aria waved and walked to the opposite direction Mia was walking in.

Mia arrived home, showered and sat down on the bed. She was so tired, but she didn’t want to sleep yet. She had such a good day after such a long time. She wanted to savor the feeling before they got tainted because of her dreams. She googled WoodWaterWild festival. It looked so interesting. She fell asleep searching items for her bucket-list. She had a nightmare again. She woke up screaming again. She was getting used to it all but it was still straining her body. The lack of sleep and nutrition took a toll on her body and she looked thinner and paler.

“You don’t deserve to be loved.” This line seems to be the base of the nightmares. That line bothered her her whole life already. She said it to herself in her mind quite often. But hearing her best friend say that made it a hundred times worse. When the person she trusted with everything, every little secret says that, it will have an effect on her.

It was around 4 a.m. Mia showered trying to clear her mind. She stepped out of the bathroom feeling a little lighter and sat down with her laptop. Mia decided she’s done with sitting around and wasting her time in this beautiful country. Her day out with Aria made her see that there are so many things to do. She is going to make the most of her time here. Aria made her realize that there is more to see in the world. She has traveled so many places. She has so many experiences by just checking off the boxes of her bucket lists. There is so much more to do. So much more to see. Mia want to live more, experience more things life had to offer. And feeling sorry for herself isn’t going to help at all.

Mia started by searching for activities to do in Greece. She started filling her notebook with things to do.

·-Visit The Island Of Thassos

·-Philippi Archaeological Site

·-The Castle of Kavala

·-Archaeological Tour of Akrotiri with Wine Tasting & Black Sand Beaches.

·-Santorini Island Tour from Crete.

·-Athenes sightseeing tour


·-dinner in the sky

·-mythological tour

·-Tour the Acropolis

·-Climb Mount Olympus

·-Visit the Delphi

·-Visit the monasteries of Meteora

·-Go spelunking at Melissani Cave

·-Enjoy the myths and legends at Ancient Mycenae

·-Relax on Balos Beach

·-Hike the Corfu Trail

These were just some of the things Mia found as she searched things to do in Greece.

Mia didn’t go out today, she had a splitting headache. She tried to rest but her nightmares didn’t let her. She was hesitant to go to the festival with Aria but Mia already promised her. Mia’s heart wasn’t strong enough to make new connections. It wasn’t strong enough to handle new breaks. But something inside her pushed me to meet these people. It’s not like she will see them after she goes back to America.

Before Mia knew it, it was time for the festival. She wore a pair of black ripped jeans with a sparkly black top with spaghetti straps and a deep v neckline and a pair of black heels. Aria helped her buy an outfit on the day they roamed Kavala, she closed up the house and went to the restaurant. She saw Aria waiting there with a group of people.

“Hi. Finally. I thought you were going to ditch me.” Aria said while giving Mia a hug. “So let me introduce you to my friends. Natasha Hills, Lydia Martin, Lucas Martin (Lydia’s brother), Archer James and Noah Enzo Dubois. And this is my new friend Mia Bennett.”

Mia shyly waved and squeaked out a hi. Her friends greeted her back. One of the guys stepped forward, she thought his name is Noah. “Please call me Enzo. Chérie” he said while he placed a kiss in the back of Mia’s hand. He has a French accent was strangely the first thing that ran through Mia’s head. All she could do was smile because she didn’t know how to react in such situations. He was tall and handsome. His face was well sculpted, he had a strong jawline and a little stubble. His eyes were green colored, he has a mischievous look in his eyes and that smile would make many women swoon. He was wearing a black shirt with the first two buttons open. He looks very well build, he must spend a lot of time in the gym. His skin is sun kissed, he spends a lot of time on the beach. Enzo noticed Mia eying him so he smirked and winked at her.

“My name isn’t Cherie” Mia said after recovering from getting caught, looking confused at him.

“Chérie means beloved in French” he said with a sexy smirk. Mia instantly blushed at his words.

“Stop flirting with her, you’ll scare her off.” One of the girls, Natasha she said in her mind, said while pushing Enzo away. “Don’t mind him, he can’t help being an idiot.” she said laughing while giving Mia a hug. Wow these people love giving hugs. Natasha is a beautiful long girl. She seems to have a warm and loving energy around her. Her hugs seem to have some kind of magic in them. She has a British accent. She wore a pair of glasses which matched her perfectly.

“In fact I can’t remember the last time he had a decent first conversation with a woman he first met.” Lydia said shaking her head. She seems more closed off then the rest of them. Like she is scared to open up to people. Mia knew exactly how she feels. She doesn’t give Mia a vibe that she hated her, maybe she is just careful.

“I can feel the love guys” Enzo said sarcastically. It made the guys burst out in laughs.

“Don’t mind them they are just being themselves. You’ll get used to it.” Lucas said giving Mia a side hug. He looks a lot like Lydia. But warmer. They have a Latin accent.

Archer seems the quietest in the group. He hasn’t said anything to Mia. He just stared at her. When he saw that she noticed he looked away. Strange guy. Their group seems nice.

“I have to ask how did you all become friends?” Mia asked and they all looked at her. Aria approached her, linking their arms together they started walking.

“Uhm actually we all met each other when we were on tour in Brazil. The big group of tourists was divided in smaller ones and we all were in one group. Begin stuck with each other made us closer. It turned out that we have a lot in common. We all like to travel and have new experiences. So we decided to stay in contact and every year we go on a holiday together to work on our bucket lists.” Aria explained.

“So Mia tell us a little bit about yourself” Natasha said.

“Well there is not much to tell. I was born in USA, didn’t go many places. I just graduated not long ago so I decided to travel a bit before I started working.” She said. Mia couldn’t tell them that her best friend and her fiancé broke her heart or that her parents tried to sell her off. Suddenly she got sad thinking about those memories. The group noticed the change in her expression and tried to change the subject.

“So Mia is working on her bucket list and she needs help.” Aria suddenly said. “Her first item was a piercing so we both had them together.” with that the whole group broke out in talks. They seem like a really fun group.

Before Mia knew it they were at the festival. There was music everywhere people were dancing and drinking. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. They had a couple round of shots, it loosened Mia up a little and she started to sway with the music a little, they all went dancing after a while. Mia danced her heart out, for the first time in so long she let all her inhibitions loose and enjoyed the moment. She had a really nice time. By 5 a.m. the group decided to head home, all of them were drunk so it wasn’t wise to walk alone. Lydia and Lucas went together, Natasha and Aria went with Archer so that left Mia with Enzo....

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