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Teenage Spy: A Little Flair

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He leaned down slowly as I closed my eyes. It felt as if time was stopping as our faces inches closer and closer to each other and then...I fell. In the 2 years I've know him, he looked weak, dull, and emotional drain that being a spy was the last thing that crossed my mind. ***** Dinah didn't expect to live the most craziness experience of her life in one week. First she was kidnapped by accident, and now she's dogging bullets for her life with Sam. A kid she would least expect to have this dangerous life.

Adventure / Romance
Didi Den
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(1) spring break

It started with a letter.

When biology was over, I head down to the hall closer to my locker when someone called my name. I turned around thinking it was probably one of my friends, but I didn’t expect it to be my crush who was also the newest kid at our school even though he’s been there for a solid 16 months. He was still new.

He wore a dull blue sweater that looked washed out, while his hoodie covered his messy brown hair, and held stacks of red piece of paper in his hand.

I stopped and walked back to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled up pink piece of paper and handed it to me. It was a flyer just like the perfectly good ones in his hand that read lake party tonight. The same night as the road trip my friends and I were planning.

Unlike the clear red filers in his hand, I saw the time was different. The flyer in mine read 7 o’clock while the red ones were an hour later.

I didn’t say anything but proceeded to walk off, as if I was reading every little thing on the flyer.

He walked behind me.

When I turned around again, he said I shouldn’t worry. That he wasn’t following me, but I wish he was. He turned to walk out the side door when I stopped and watched a bit before getting the courage to talk to him. Clearly, well I hoped that he liked me back and decided to make it more obvious than I had for the past 16 months since I first saw him.

I called him as his hand was almost on the door. He looked back at me and I smiled, looking down. “Sammy?”

He frowned, looking down before back at me. “I know your parents are really strict and all, but since spring break is coming up, I thought-”

“I know what you’re doing,” I said proudly.

He raised a brow, curious. “Is that right. What am I doing?” He scoffed, rolling up the sleeves to his sweater.

“The time change,” I explained

“Oh...ohhhh, yeah. Pshh, what about it?” He asked.

“Yeah. I guess I wanted to say that I know who you are and I trust you.”

His brows curved down with a hint of shock showing through his eyes, but he nodded anyway. Smiling with a brief shock filled one and walked out. “I guess I’ll see you then?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

I ran up the stairs to my locker with a huge grin on my face. In less than 4 hours I’ll be actually all alone with Sam Hensley, and he might actually feel something for me too. Or he could have just asked me to help set up, I was a really nice person back then. Gullible too.

When I got up to the three floors, I skipped to my locker making sure my locker buddy also my friend Mia would see and ask me why I was in such a good mood. And that’s exactly what she did.

“I see someone excited for their first road trip or is it Sammy boy?” She said making kissy noises to me.

“Well, obviously it’s both.”

“What did he do now? Did he smile at you with those pearly whites? Did he say he liked your sweater?” She joked.

I rolled my eyes smiling from ear to ear. “No...he invited me to his party tonight.”

“Cool, but we’re leaving at 8 remember?”

I opened my locker and sucked on my teeth. “Well the good news is that he invited me over like an hour before the party started, so I have like an hour before we leave.”

“Do you want me to pick you up at his?”

“Yes that would be great, love you.” I rushed in for a hug that she happy gave into.

“Just make sure your clothes are packed too when I picked you up, and I’ll cover for you.”

I gave her a bigger hug, which considering I’m not in any way a hugger, said a lot.

So after I grabbed everything from my locker, mainly my spring break homework, I ran out and down to the train. I was home in a good short 20 minutes and the first thing I did was grab my traveling bag. I threw my homework, well what I remembered into my travel bag and the clothes that I laid out already for the trip. Everything else was inside, and I ran down to the living room saying my sweet goodbyes to my parent and my sister, on my way to Mia’s house so my parents thought.

In all of this, it took me a good 2 hours to finish up. When I got to Mia’s house, which so happened to be a couple of blocks from Sam’s house, we sat there and talked while I was in and out the conversation thinking about the hour Sam and I would soon have.

She shattered that hope instantly. “What if he just needed help setting things up?” Mia asked.

I already accounted for that, but he did give me a different colour flyer which she broke my hopes for that too.

“Yeah, he could have given the people who are helping the same colour. ”

And I didn’t feel special anymore. “If there are other people there then I’ll leave half an hour earlier.”

“I’m fine with that. I’m just saying it’s been 2 years, don’t get your hopes up.”

“Why do you have to the sensible reasonable one?” I asked.

“Because I’m dealing with a bunch of crazy, wild, weird children as my friends.”

“Point taken.” I sighed.

It was almost 7 when Mia offered to drive me a few blocks. I told her that want necessary, and walked there listening to some good music when I knocked on his door.


“Hi.” He looked down at my outfit which was the same thing I wore to school. “You look great.”

“You look good too.” And I waited. “Can I come in?”

He opened the door wider, hitting his head on one of the hinges. “I have Arizona green tea, your favourite.”

So far it doesn’t seem the way Mia and I had envision it to be. “How did you know it was my favourite?” I asked.

“Didn’t you tell me?”

“Nope, I think I would remember,” I said walking around the kitchen table.

“Huh, yeah.” he pulled out 2 cups and pour the tea inside. When he handled mine, I took a sip and decided to go for it.

“So why am I here earlier again?”

“I thought we could set everything up-”

“Oh...” I looked away.

“And also to hang out a bit before it gets crazy.” He added.

“Well I can’t stay for long, I have to go back to Mia’s house. Some of my friends and I are doing a road trip.”

He nodded, “so what time?”

“Well, I’ll be leaving halfway before people come.”

Again he nodded, but this time he drank all his tea and ran up his stairs as I waited down drinking my Arizona green tea slowly. I knew it was too good to be true. Yeah, he said I looked good, but I wore the same thing from earlier, and now I had just found out my worst nightmare at the moment was coming true.

He was using me.

Good thing I didn’t get all dressed up, even though I never do.

Anyway, by the time I finished my drink, 2 minutes had passed and I was about to head to the door when he ran down with a box.

“What’s in there?” I asked.

He looked down, then back at me. “it’s just food and stuff. You know to set up around the kitchen.”

“Cool...” I faked grin.

I grabbed the lays potatoes chips, and he slided a bowl across the table towards me where I just threw them in without another word.

“So where are you guys going to anyway?”

“Dillon planned everything actually. Everyone is just in for the wild ride wherever we stop.” I told him.

“So he didn’t tell anyone of you guys where you’re going?”

“That was the plan. Spontaneous drive through the country.”

“And your parents are okay with that?”

I tore off the plastic wrapper surrounding the cups, “yup. They’re not as strict as you thought.”

He scoffed, “you’re telling me.”

After that, it was silent. I checked the time and a good 20 minutes had passed as all we did was get everything in order. I finished up placing everything around the living room and actually cleaned up his room which I will always be pissed off with because I was trying to end this in a nice way.

He came up to his room as I was taking down some of his band posters and he just watched as I struggled. “Don’t worry, as soon as I’m done with this last one, I’m leaving.”


I looked back at him, and he had a serious face on. His head was tilted to the side as a small smile formed at the corner of his lips, “road trip? Ring any bells?”

I throw the tacks on a tray on his desk and placed the poster on his bed. He could take care of the rest.

While I did all of this he stood in the doorway, watching intensity that it scared me.

I walked up to him and he looked down at me. Considering I was only a few inches shorter than him, I just stood there with him too. Staring at his eyes, his bushes eyebrows, and the few freckles around the bridge of his nose.

If his plan was a staring battle, then I was slowly losing. I swallowed my saliva, as I took a deep breath and his lips slowly parted.

“I want to thank you.”

“Well you’re welcome, can I go now?”

I took him by surprise. His lips quickly shut, and he stepped aside slowly running his hands through his hair as the other held a path for me to follow.

I ran down the stairs and he followed shortly behind me. “Dinah?” He called. I turned at the base of the stairs. “I thought...I thought we were having a moment?”

One of my eyes were barely close, thinking about what had just happened. He stood in the doorway and thanked me. “I’m sorry what?”

“I thought you had a thing for me too. I guess I was wrong. And I just shot my shot.” He chuckled, throwing his head down, then up as his hair followed.

And I didn’t think when I basically screamed in his face. “I like you too.”

He blinked repeatedly, putting a hair behind his ear. Then he leaned against the wall changing his stance, with a long-lasting smile. “You do.” Sam pushed his bottom lip out, holding his smile this time.

“Yeah, I like you too. I didn’t get any of that actually. We had a moment.” I laughed to myself, falling back a bit, yeah I was that stupid.

“Yeah, I planned this actually. Invited you an hour earlier so I could build up the courage to kiss you.”

Now I was the one holding my smile in. “Kiss?” I questioned.

I licked the top roll of my teeth and looked elsewhere. My heart was fluttering and pounding like crazy, as I licked my lips. My cheeks couldn’t stop getting higher than normally possible, and I wanted to so badly. Yet I couldn’t move, I just stood there while he took the lead. He got off the wall and stood a few inches away from me, and yet again I took a deep breath.

He leaned down slowly as I closed my eyes. It felt as if time was stopping as our faces inches closer and closer to each other and then...I fell.

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