Life of a Falco

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I waste no time as I begin to destroy the enemy ranks, more shouts and confusion ensue as I burn the men, Daniel, the boy, and Brendon soon arrive and assist. The golden legion began to pull back towards the city walls, retreating to the castle. We began to push forward when we started having minor resistance, the card boy and Brendon were taking care of the standard soldiers while daniel and I began handling the special ops. The assassin esque fighters gave me only moments of trouble after I drew the spear daniel gave me, they were under supplied for some reason, I ran three of them through while daniel handled the others. I flew straight towards the castle when I felt a sharp pain come across my back.

I regained my balance and turned to find the same woman who had raided our ship during our time at sea, her red eyes burned with rage, and her red wings moved smoothly in the air. I rushed her, spear at the ready, already preparing a sphere in my other hand.

“Long time no see falco.” She laughed.

“Not long enough,” I retorted “how was your swim?”

“A tad cold.”

“How’d you manage to get here?’

“I’m a demon, how else?”

“Well then, why do you help the king? Not exactly a pirate’s best friend.”

“Fun, and a grudge.”

“And money.”

“That too.”

We continued this conversation for a while, until I decided to close out and knocked her to the ground right in front of Brenden.

“Ello luv, ready for a rematch?” He Mocked the demon as she rose to her feet. They began trading blows when I looked up to find a man in all black armour on the back of a, relatively large, bird. The beast began to grow, then change, Its feathers became scales, it sprouted fore legs and its wings became more bat like. It was now a dragon I remembered two things in this moment, first was what I had the princess had told me when my adventure started, there was a man in all black, with a large, shape shifting beast. And second, was bartholomew.

“BARTHOLOMEW!” I screamed, immediately I heard a roar as the enormous beast came through, quickly dispatching the beast as I landed on his back, along with the man in black. He rushed across the dragon’s spine rushing towards me, I began to block and reflect his swift, powerful blows.

“You’re strong.” I told the man.

“You as well.” replied the man.

I continued to match his blows, I soon found an opening in his strikes and blasted a sphere towards the man’s abdomen. His armour shimmered slightly and the sphere dissipated in my hand. He took a swing with his sword and I created armour around the projected impact area, I was thrown over the side of Bartholomew, but I flew back quickly, landing I had found out that he had an enchantment, encasing his armour, he was nigh immune to magical or physical attacks.

“You’ve noticed my special armour?” The knight mocked as he walked back towards me, ready to strike. I began to think of a new plan as he was assaulting me. That’s when I had an idea and began to build up energy in my right hand, using my left hand and the spear to parry the blows.

“What are you doing using your non-dominant hand to fight me?” I then knocked his sword out of the way and struck into his armour with my right hand, I created a deep indent into his chest while injuring him. He quickly countered by breaking my hand off. I pulled what was left of my arm out and seared it shut quickly.

“How do you plan on beating me?”

“I think I have an idea” I lied running from his strikes. I finally came up with an idea when I was nearly knocked over the edge of Bartholomew again.

“Bartholomew, I need your aura.”


“You will become extremely tired soon.”


I pulled all of my energy and bartholomew’s, who I just made a link with while we were talking. I rushed into the enemy and he stabbed me in the abdomen. I grabbed onto him, and jumped off of Bartholomew.

“We aren’t surviving this!” I then quickly released all of my and Bartholomew’s aura at once, similar to mt aura pulse at the harbor. I used all of my life energy, I was not going to survive this, but none of the men in the army below me or the knight I was holding would either. After the pulse was released the entire field beneath us was gone, and the knight and I began falling into it, when we landed he spoke one more time.

“That was your ace, wasn’t it?”

“I just now came up with it to be honest.”

“That is good, improvisation, you are a good fighter.”

“Thank you, I have one question for you.”

“What is it.”

“Did you attack the princesses caravan a few week ago?”

“No, I have never attacked any royalty.”

“Damn, that’s one last thing I will never know.”

“May I ask you your name?”

“Yes, I am…”

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