Life of a Falco

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Chapter 3

chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of metal hinges clanging together and immense heat surrounding me. I looked around myself to see I was in a cage hanging, from a ceiling over a pit filled with lava. I was attached to a metal chair which was welded onto the floor of the cage.

“Hello” I heard a deep, rough voice say from the platform on the wall ahead of me. My attention snapped towards the voice to see a small ball of a man with a minor, scruffy beard. “You’ve finally woke up” he continued “Now how about you tell us why you were with the princess?”

The spherical man continued “Well, you're being quite rude.” He said.

“Why don't you tell me some things, like where I am and who you are?” I retorted “I am queen of this small kingdom.” ‘She’ said to me

“Queen??? Wait you’re a woman?” I said confused.

“OF COURSE I AM!!!” She bellowed “Can't you see my beautiful hair and face?!!”

The butterball said “All I see is the hair on your face, sir.”

“That is it! Send him to my son!” the… woman, said sharply.

After a few minutes of winding through the narrow passages, remaining in the cage, I was dumped into a dark, cold room and attached to a stretcher by some sort of machine. I looked over to see a man in only dark clothing.

“Nice cape, where’d ya get it?” I said to the brute “Executioners are us?” the man, in a deep voice, said “No… The Execution Emporium…” He replied

“could you mark it on a map for me? It’s a very nice cloak.” He opened a bag and took out a map. After scribbling on it, he threw it to the side.

“Now lets see what my mother has sent me.” he said turning on a light “ah, a falco, very stretchy species.” He said reaching into his bag of tools.

After an hour, feeling like an eternity, of him trying to make me scream, he gave up and left the room, this was when I let it out, breathing heavily and moaning slightly.

I looked around to see a distinguished oil lamp, which just out of reach. Deciding there was only one option, I already could no longer feel my right arm, so I yanked my arm as abruptly as I could, pulling it out of the socket and breaking my hand. After that I slid it out of the confines, grabbing the lamp I pouring the unlit oil onto my other hand and feet. After I slipped my limbs out of the holds I heard a door slamming, the man coming back. I hid next to the door, and when he entered I jumped him. I decided to tie him to the stretcher I was just on doing all of the tortures he had done to me, and then a few more. I then left the room, ready to leave this prison.
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