Life of a Falco

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

After leaving the room I found myself in a hallway going to left and right. Moments after I had left the room I began to hear voices coming around the corner off to the right. I immediately jumped into the next room,

finding myself in a prison with dozens inmates on either side of me.

"Oi! Birdie!" yelled one of the men. "Let me out!" He commanded.

"Now why would I do that?" I inquired to the man mockingly.

"Because if ya don't it, won't be good for ya health." He threatened. I walked over to his cell, making a spear of aura, pointing it at the man…

I left the room with a new red paint-job, the man who called me “birdie” in pieces on the floor of his cell. After I left I saw no less than seven guards round the corner. I quickly shot a bolt of aura. Realizing my mana was depleted, after my makeover of the cell, I saw two of the men were now unconscious and one more with a broken leg, four left.

Shock from my lack of mana distracted me so I didn’t notice the four tranquilizer darts shooting at me. I was hit, but I had just little energy, I jumped into the torture room and attempted to barricaded the door before I blacking out.

I woke up back in the first room, in the cage over the lava once more feeling the familiar warmth.

"Ah, you're awake." Said the familiar voice of the butterball "Don't even try using your mana, my priests have blocked it." She was right, but I could tell it wasn’t very strong and was fading, soon it wouldn’t have an effect.

"Now, I will just let you fall and burn." said the woman. My cage jerked and then began to lower toward the pit, in true hero fashion, slow motion.

The cage began to become close to the hot liquid. I felt the aura lock fading, and the heat was starting to burn the bottom of the cage when the aura was finally unlocked. I immediately evaporated the binds and burned through the top of the cage flying out using much of my mana leaving me with only 35%. as I escaped, the butterball began rolling away, far from the castle.

I caught her and yelled "Where is the girl!?" The woman punched me and rolled downhill even faster than before. When I had enough energy I hit her with a weak shot of aura. Suddenly her body swelled even further, and exploded with gold. I was able to the gold was pure and collected it. I went back toward the castle, unimpressed with the ordeal. When I got there I found only a large crater where it was. I flew upwards only to find the forest having been burned down in areas, carving the words She’s mine now.
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