Life of a Falco

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I was confused, outraged, where did the castle go! In my rage I hadn’t notice the two, small, pale creatures creep up behind me. I was hit in the head with a metal object and knocked unconscious.

I woke up some time later in what I assumed was a sort of cave, unable to see anything or move without resistance.

"Wills de master be happi?" I heard one creature say.

"I’s hopes sue! He be scaries..." Replied the other.

Creating an aura sphere I destroyed the bag I had been in and knocked the creatures to the ground. While both of the creatures were the ground I looked around the cave we were in. The cavern was large, multiple crystals lined the walls around hole, seeming to go deeper. Suddenly, I heard a rough voice echo through the cavern.

"Where is my food!?!?!" Said the deep voice, booming, eccoing through the cavern.

"Axhed! Aden! I grow tired of waiting and will not hesitate to...." The voice cut off, continuing a moment later "Oh... Well a falco. How did you happen upon me? Do you have food?” I soon realized what was making the noise, the hole surrounded with the crystals moved as though it was a pair of lips and a set of teeth.

"Well? What is it? You dumb? Or deaf?"

"Neither, just interested, Here, eat these." I said as I grabbed the unconscious creatures throwing them into the hole.

"I know this taste, those two imbeciles have got themselves killed haven’t they, are you my new minion then?"

"Why would I be?" I inquired the pit.

"I pay, well." The thing said. Interested, I stayed put.

"Continue, I'm interested." I responded.

"Here, this will handle for this meal." He said, the mouth shooting out a clunk of raw gold.

"I agree, what do you want next?" I asked interested in the quest.

"A dragon youngling, an egg." It said "Now go, I've heard of one of the beasts to the west, his litter should be hatching soon.” The wall of the cave opened to the west and I took my leave, exiting the cavern.

After a few minutes of flight, I landed at a small village. I could feel something was off the moment I landed. I was certain I had seen humanoids as I flew in. That was when I noticed them, hiding in the shadows, blending in. I would never have noticed them, if not for my aura vision. First, one came out, then another. Eventually they all were in the light, surrounding me. They were human, a tribe, and they were scared.

"oowa powa!" said one, I looked through my tomb I found a translator.

"The God of rain!" it translated "Please, the drought! Give us rain!" He pleaded to me.

Out of pity for the people, I flew to the ocean a few miles away and made a large plate of aura to lift up some water. I flew back to the village and disipated it, causing rainfall.

"Hail the God of rain!" Yelled the man.

"HAIL!!!" Echoed the remainder of the human in worship.

"Please Lord, create a flowing river for our survival." He requested reverently. Amused with the prospect of being a god, I flew back to the ocean once more.

This time I created a concentrated beam incinerating the earth in my path. I continued to make a trench until I ripped straight through the expanse of land. Now the river flowed from one ocean to the other.

After completing the river, I flew back and celebrated with the tribe. I decided it would be best to stay the night and continue in the morning given it was becoming dark. I requested a place to sleep and was brought into a house where I rested.

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